Definition of Title:

  1. The position of being the champion of a major sports competition.

  2. The name of a book, composition, or other artistic work.

  3. (in church use) a fixed sphere of work and source of income as a condition for ordination.

  4. A right or claim to the ownership of property or to a rank or throne.

  5. Union of the legal rights of ownership, possession, and custody, evidenced by a legal document (instrument) such as a bill of sale, certificate of title, or title deed. A legal title empowers its holder to control and dispose of the property and serves as a link between the title holder and the property itself.

  6. Give a name to (a book, composition, or other work).

  7. A name that describes someones position or job.

Synonyms of Title

Call, Entitle, Name, Dub, Give something the title of, Designate, Label, Tag, Describe something as, Style, Term, Christen, Baptize, Name, Subtitle, Absolute interest, Acknowledgments, Adverse possession, Alodium, Appellation, Appellative, Appurtenance, Argument, Authority, Back, Back matter, Banner, Banner head, Baptize, Bastard title, Benefit, Best seller, Bibliography, Binomen, Binomial name, Birthright, Blood, Book, Bound book, Bracket, Branch, Burgage, Byword, Call, Caption, Caste, Catch line, Catchword, Category, Championship, Christen, Claim, Clan, Class, Classic, Cognomen, Colony, Colophon, Coloring book, Common, Conjugal right, Contents, Contents page, Contingent interest, Copyright page, Crown, Cryptonym, De facto, De jure, Dedication, Define, Definitive work, Demand, Denominate, Denomination, Dependency, Derivative title, Desert, Designate, Designation, Divine right, Division, Droit, Drop head, Dropline, Dub, Due, Easement, Empty title, Endleaf, Endpaper, Endsheet, Entitle, Entitlement, Epigraph, Epithet, Eponym, Equitable interest, Equity, Errata, Estate, Euonym, Faculty, Fee fief, Fee position, Fee simple, Fee simple absolute, Fee simple conditional, Fee simple defeasible, Fee simple determinable, Fee tail, Feodum, Feud, Fiefdom, Flyleaf, Folio, Fore edge, Foreword, Frankalmoign, Free socage, Freehold, Front matter, Gavelkind, Grade, Great work, Ground, Group, Grouping, Half-title page, Handle, Hanger, Hardback, Having title to, Head, Head up, Heading, Headline, Hold, Holding, Honorific, Hyponym, Identify, Imprint, Inalienable right, Index, Inscription, Interest, Introduction, Jump head, Justification, Juvenile, Juvenile book, Kin, Knight service, Label, Lay fee, Leaf, Lease, Leasehold, Legal claim, Legal possession, Legend, Level, Limitation, Limp-cover book, Magnum opus, Makeup, Mandate, Moniker, Motto, Name, Namesake, Natural right, Nickname, Nomen, Nomen nudum, Nominate, Nonbook, Notebook, Novel, Occupancy, Occupation, Opus, Opuscule, Opusculum, Order, Original title, Overline, Ownership, Owning, Page, Paperback, Part, Percentage, Picture book, Pigeonhole, Playbook, Pocket book, Position, Possessing, Possession, Power, Prayer book, Predicament, Preface, Preliminaries, Preoccupancy, Preoccupation, Prepossession, Prerogative, Prescription, Presumptive right, Pretense, Pretension, Privilege, Production, Proof, Proper claim, Proper name, Proper noun, Property, Property right, Property rights, Proprietary rights, Psalmbook, Psalter, Publication, Race, Rank, Rating, Reason, Recto, Reverso, Right, Right of entry, Rubric, Running head, Running title, Scarehead, Scientific name, Screamer, Secret name, Section, Seisin, Sept, Serial, Set, Settlement, Signature, Sketchbook, Socage, Soft-cover, Songbook, Specify, Spread, Spreadhead, Squatting, Stake, Standard work, Station, Status, Storybook, Strain, Stratum, Streamer, Strict settlement, Style, Subdivision, Subgroup, Subhead, Subheading, Sublease, Suborder, Subtitle, Superscription, Table of contents, Tag, Tail, Tautonym, Tenancy, Tenantry, Tenure, Tenure in chivalry, Term, Text, Title page, Tome, Trade book, Trim size, Trinomen, Trinomial name, Trust, Type page, Underlease, Undertenancy, Use, Usucapion, Verso, Vested interest, Vested right, Villein socage, Villeinhold, Villenage, Volume, Work, Writing, Ownership of, Proprietorship of, Freehold of, Entitlement to, Right to, Proprietary rights to, Claim to, Championship, First place, Crown, Belt, Medal, Prize, Trophy, Cup, Shield, Plate

How to use Title in a sentence?

  1. The title of the land was the subject of the lawsuit between the homeowner and a new business that wanted to move in.
  2. Davis won the world title for the first time in 1981.
  3. The man gave his good friend the title to his boat after he sold the boat to him last week.
  4. A song titled “You Rascal, You.”.
  5. When buying a new car or property you will be handed over the title to make sure that it is now officially yours.
  6. The author and title of the book.
  7. Leese assumed the title of director general.
  8. A local family had title to the property.

Meaning of Title & Title Definition

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What is The Definition of Title?

  • Written evidence, such as works that demonstrate ownership or legal control.

  • Title means: Proof of ownership or property rights.

  • Title refers to Immovable property, usually legal property of real estate or automobiles.

  • Meaning of Title: Property rights The owner of the building who recently owned it.

Meanings of Title

  1. The name of a book, compound, or other work of art.

  2. A name that describes a person's job or profession.

  3. A place to become a champion of major sports competitions.

  4. Property, position or throne rights or claims.

  5. (When using the church) A fixed work area and a source of income that is a condition for setting up.

  6. Give a name (book, composition or other work)

Sentences of Title

  1. Become a Lease Managing Director.

  2. Davis won his first world title in 1981

  3. A local family owns this property

  4. A song called "You Russell, You".


What is The Meaning of Title?

  • Title can be defined as, Written evidence such as: B. Documents proving legal ownership or control rights.

Meanings of Title

  1. A name that describes a person's position or profession.

  2. Position to be the champion of big sports competition

  3. Claim ownership of a property or position or throne.

  4. (In ecclesiastical use) as a condition for setting a fixed area of ​​work and source of income.

Sentences of Title

  1. The store owner's family has a certificate of ownership.

  2. A report entitled Lost Land

Synonyms of Title

holding of, laurels, accolade, keeping of, tenure of, honour, custody of, subject, control of, charge of, bays, palm, guardianship of, possession of, clepe


What is The Meaning of Title?

The definition of Title is:

A simple definition of Title is: Property rights Tenders for real estate with fair ownership of your property.

Meanings of Title

  1. Title or claim ownership of any property or position or throne.

  2. (In church use) as a condition for setting a fixed area of ​​work and source of income.

Sentences of Title

  1. Davis first won the world title in 1981.

  2. A report entitled The Lost Land