Definition of Description:

  1. Oral or written exhibitions or the story of a person, object or event.

  2. A detailed description of some or the salient aspects, features or characteristics of something or something that has been seen, heard, experienced or known. See also definition and explanation.

  3. The type, type or class of person or thing.

Synonyms of Description

Character, Recounting, Explanation, Strain, Representation, Anecdote, Feather, Specification, Style, Category, Picture, Category, Character, Species, Illustration, Genus, Reading, Class, Definition, Portraiture, Elucidation, Story, Brand, Representation, Kind, Lot, Account, Type, Style, Report, Genus, Stamp, Narrative, Nature, Mould, Depiction, Variety, Species, Ilk, Shape, Explanation, Grain, Kind, Mark, Denomination, Meaning, Construction, Make, Race, Kidney, Diagnosis, Class, The likes of, Order, Chronicle, Distinction, Number, Tale, Characterization, Line, Way of seeing, Phylum, Interpretation, Tribe, Recountal, Make, Sort, Portrait, Mold, Recital, Breed, Form, Presentment, Portrayal, Breed, Designation, History, Designation, Commentary, Thumbnail sketch, Clan, Interpretation, Grain, Kidney, Manner, Cast, Stripe, Persuasion, Type, Version, Variety, Sort, Color, Ilk, Delineation, Narration, Brand, Blood, Kin, Genre, Label, Statement, Yarn, Memoir, The like of, Stamp, Differentiation, Account, Genre, Record

How to use Description in a sentence?

  1. All kinds of boats.
  2. I am excited about my next interview because I have read the job description that the person being hired is going to work at night.
  3. Doctors are often in a hurry because many patients see a lot of patients every day, but it is always important to rest and give the patient a clear picture of the problem and its solution.
  4. Anyone who sees it can give an idea.
  5. I ask marketers to change product descriptions in sales brochures, because I don't think any new features have been mentioned.

Meaning of Description & Description Definition