Definition of Need:

  1. In general: the driving force that forces you to work to your satisfaction. Basic survival needs (common to all), needs to be met, cultural, intellectual and social needs (which vary from place to place and from one age to the next). Others are satisfied with the need. Needs are finite, but, on the other hand, desires (which arise from desire or desire) are infinite. See also classification of terms issue.

  2. Express a need or responsibility.

  3. Anything that is wanted or necessary.

  4. Demand (something) because it is important or very important.

  5. Circumstances need help or lack of basic necessities, such as food.

  6. Be necessary

  7. Circumstances in which something is necessary or special action is needed.

  8. Marketing: The human action machine whose marketing seeks to identify, encourage and satisfy and around which advertising activities should be arranged.

Synonyms of Need

Duty, Fancy, Demand for, Poverty, Pinch, Neediness, Required, Imperfection, Needful, Cry for, Bare subsistence, Demanded, Be compelled to, Have need to, Obligatory, Be under a compulsion to, Paucity, The needful, Penury, Basic, Deficit, Sexual desire, Indigence, Requisite, Want, Necessity, Exigency, Stress, Want, Wish, Have got to, Yearn, Shortage, Be obliged to, Needs must, Impoverishment, Compulsory, Requirement, Libido, Thirst, Concupiscence, Bare necessities, Must item, Intellectual curiosity, Requisite, Indigence, Be necessary, Wish, Prerequire, Starvation, Ought, Be under an obligation to, Arrearage, Impecuniousness, Destitution, The necessary, Hand-to-mouth existence, Shortfall, Take doing, Lack, Drive, Be obliged, Run short of, Lust for learning, Needed, Drought, Clamor for, Defectiveness, Have occasion for, Charge, Hanker, Require, Claim, Prerequisite, Necessity, Committal, Ardor, Starve, Lacuna, Be forced, Dearth, Outage, Have to, Emergency, Deprivation, Empty purse, Defalcation, Wish fulfillment, Must, Essential, Covet, Mandatory, Necessity, Have to, Wantage, Right, Be poor, Indispensable, Sine qua non, Will and pleasure, Be pinched, Thirst for knowledge, Be indicated, Pleasure, Long, Call, Beggarliness, Beggary, Mind, Shortcoming, Passion, Prerequisite, Constraint, Crave, Devoir, Requisite, Grinding poverty, Exact, Be in for, Hiatus, Necessities, Urge, Wanting, Curiosity, Fantasy, Demand, Want, Mendicancy, Incompleteness, Demand, Want doing, Neediness, Fundamental, Use, Trouble, Miss, Missing link, Essentials, Discontinuity, Imperative, Called for, Commitment, Bare cupboard, Famine, Hardship, Go on welfare, Desire, Desideration, Ask, Hope, Poorness, Distress, Penury, Be in want, Have, Requirement, Horme, Privation, Pine, Poverty, Demand, Insufficiency, Deficiency, Necessaries, Cannot help but, Necessitousness, Requisition, Needfulness, Ullage, Requirement, Exaction, Hunger, Extremity, Cannot do otherwise, Eagerness, Omission, Destitution, Absence, Scarcity, Privation, Break, Essential, Prerequirement, Occasion, Interval, Cry out for, Should, Pleasure principle, Necessary, Will, Desideratum, Obligation, Pauperization, Deprivation, Be hurting for, Impecuniousness, Moneylessness, Gripe, Call, Difficulty, Gap, Homelessness, Defect, Need to, Pauperism, Call for, Need for

How to use Need in a sentence?

  1. I need help now
  2. Animals generally need a variety of food and reproductive resources to survive and thrive as a species.
  3. Help us in our time of need.
  4. I want to categorize these potential costs according to needs or requirements. I found this useful for the budget.
  5. The basic human need for food.
  6. I should say more
  7. Your daily needs
  8. Sometimes, your company really needs a product, but don't worry or you won't get the right price.

Meaning of Need & Need Definition

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Dice 10000
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Work plan
Anymore or any more
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What is residual income
Butchers apron
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Counting cards
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Is japanese hard to learn
Wolf for sale
Framing corners
How to lose 20 lbs in 2 months
Shunt electrical
How to become a human resource manager
How to get dried paint out of clothes
How to become a radiologist
Limit laws
Chief engineer
Html italics
Garage door vent
Goth girl
How to replace a breaker
Calphalon Dishwasher Safe
How to calm a cat in heat
Cost volume profit analysis
How to delete google profile picture
Chinese chess online
How to remove caulk
Locksmith school
Sx medical abbreviation
Work from home accounting jobs
How to quote a poem
Academic language
How to end an email to a teacher
How do you lose weight in your face
How do you make dry ice
How to curl long hair
Where can i make a copy of a key
How do flies reproduce
Inseam measurement pants
Emt salary florida
Asvab scores for navy
Communication engineering
How to prep a room for painting
Narration change
Give jane money on paypal
Blank word document
How to make clothes
Homeschooling in nj
Sawing logs
How to ride a bike
Orphanage near me
Why am i so sensitive
How To Become A Famous Singer
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Next radio
Partition definition
How to clean bathroom sink drain
How to build stair stringers
What to wear to an amusement park
Fable examples
Writing a press release
Pepsi vending machine
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English alphabet pronunciation
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Can you weld stainless steel
Cpm formula
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Gi bill definition
How are diamonds cut
Lightning spell coc
Cracked tv screen
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