Definition of Mail:

  1. A general term which can be used for either electronic mail (email) or postal mail (snail mail).

  2. To send (either virtually/electronically or physically) a letter, envelope, or package to another recipient.

Synonyms of Mail

PP, RD, RFD, Air-express, Airfreight, Airmail, Armature, Armor, Armor plate, Body armor, Book post, Buckler, Bulletproof vest, Carrier, Carrier pigeon, Chain armor, Chain mail, Chitin, Coat of mail, Consign, Correspondence, Cortex, Covert, Direct mail, Direct-mail selling, Dispatch, Drop a letter, Elytron, Embark, Episperm, Expedite, Export, Express, Feather, Feathers, Forward, Fourth-class mail, Frank, Freight, Habergeon, Hackle, Halfpenny post, Harness, Hauberk, Homer, Homing pigeon, Junk mail, Letter post, Letters, Lorica, Lorication, Mail car, Mail coach, Mail packet, Mail train, Mail truck, Mail-order selling, Mailer, Mailing list, Mailplane, Needles, Newspaper post, Packet boat, Panoply, Parcel post, Pericarp, Pigeon post, Plate, Plate armor, Plumage, Post, Post boat, Post car, Post coach, Post day, Post-horse, Post-office car, Poster, Protective covering, Railway mail car, Registered mail, Remit, Rural delivery, Rural free delivery, Scute, Scutum, Sea mail, Seapost, Send, Send away, Send forth, Send off, Shell, Shield, Ship, Special delivery, Special handling, Speculum, Spines, Suit of armor, Surface mail, Test, Testa, Thick skin, Transmit

Meaning of Mail & Mail Definition

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