Definition of Regarding:

  1. More.

  2. Concerns. He told me that Apple's website has a lot of information about its various computers and iPods.

Synonyms of Regarding

Concerning, Anent, Re, Respecting, With reference to, As for, As for, Speaking of, In regard to, In relation with, With respect to, About, About, With respect to, Referring to, In regard to, On, With regard to, Of, In connection with, As respects, As to, Apropos of, In re, Touching, Apropos, Concerning, As to, In respect of, In connection with, Relating to, Upon, In respect to, In point of, Pertinent to, As regards, On the subject of, Relating to, Relative to, Apropos, In reference to, As regards, Re, With regard to, Pertaining to, In relation to, Respecting

How to use Regarding in a sentence?

  1. Your final letter for the above proposal.

Meaning of Regarding & Regarding Definition

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