Definition of Management:

  1. The act of handling or controlling an object or person.

  2. A director and manager with the power and responsibility to make decisions and oversee the company.

    Leaders can range from one person in a small organization to hundreds or thousands of managers in multinational companies. In large organizations, the board of directors formulates policies that are defined by the CEO or CEO. Some agree that the most important factor in evaluating a company's current and future value is the quality and experience of its managers.

  3. Coordination of company activities to achieve organized and set goals.

    Is management often involved as a productive factor? Machines, materials and money. According to management professor Peter Docker (19092005), the main tasks of management include marketing and innovation. Modern management practice is derived from the study of Sir Thomas Moore (14781535), an English scholar, on the underperformance and failure of some companies in the 16th century. Management consists of the functions that go hand in hand with the company and organization to create guidelines, plan organizational resources, control, and achieve the objectives of these guidelines.

  4. To deceive.

Synonyms of Management

Executive secretary, Supervision, Providence, Wing, Authorization, Paramountcy, Ne plus ultra, Kingship, Ruling class, Top brass, Auspices, Performing, Cure, Board of trustees, Accomplishment, Management, Reign, Parsimony, Austerity program, Watch and ward, Dean, Exercise, Driving, Chancellor, Them, Unwastefulness, Means of dealing, Stewardship, Conduct, First place, Protectorship, Record, Superintendency, Discipline, Safe hands, Height, Operation, Control, Mastership, False economy, New high, Falsity, Championship, Executive committee, Handling, Polity, Direction, Vice-president, Pastorage, Pilotage, Vice-chancellor, Secretary, Zenith, First prize, Control, Intendance, Governing board, Prudential administration, Hegemony, Economicalness, Responsibility, Wardenship, Commission, Enactment, Falsehood, Presidency, Infrastructure, Oversight, Highest, Usage, Deception, Imperium, Executive hierarchy, The ingroup, The brass, Political organization, Managing, Bureaucracy, Ward, Higher echelons, The top, Running, Duplicity, Custodianship, Empire, Officialdom, Chariness, Manipulation, Effectuation, Palms, Frugalness, Directory, Authority, Direction, Leadership, Wardship, Directorship, Bosses, Workings, Higher-ups, Parsimoniousness, Executive officer, Forehandedness, Cabinet, Running, Superintendence, Governing body, Leading, The executive, Steerage, Influence, Thriftiness, Disposition, Lying, Empery, The wheel, Steering, Chief executive officer, Managery, Dispatch, Provost, Using, Treasurer, Transaction, Civil government, The administration, Economic planning, Ruling classes, The people upstairs, Good management, Governing, Austerity, Discharge, Jurisdiction, Board, Practice, Implementation, Guardianship, Sovereignty, The helm, Executive director, Board of directors, Employment, The power structure, Power, Supremacy, Directing, Care, Managing director, Regnancy, Deceit, Guidance, Prudence, Keeping, Acme, Patronage, Ministry, The interests, Cadre, Pastorate, Lead, Primacy, Sparingness, Functioning, Be-all and end-all, Work, Regulation, Economy, Dominion, Executive, President, Thrift, Top spot, Government, Untruthfulness, Working, Tutelage, Perpetration, Directorate, Custody, Effectiveness, Blue ribbon, Carefulness, Rule, They, Performance, Interlocking directorate, Pastorship, The authorities, Say, Regime, Prelacy, Hands, Regimen, Prexy, Prefect, The power elite, Sway, Lordship, Ordering, Executives, Administration, Executive arm, Operancy, The conn, Archon, Officer, Achievement, Chief executive, Most, Husbandry, Dispensation, Falseness, Completion, Administration, Council, Canniness, Governance, Supervision, Action, System of government, Charge, Steering committee, Execution, Directors, Board of regents, Maximum, Occupation, Magistrate, Hierarchy, Frugality, Utilization, Headship, Economy of means, Mastery, Treatment, Form of government, Warden, Tight purse strings, Exploitation, The Establishment, Official, Agency, Command

How to use Management in a sentence?

  1. The management team was fired last year due to losses and new hires were hired.
  2. There is something wrong with running this business because we are never paid on time, we are permanently eliminating products and we do not have a clear picture of our business goals.
  3. I suggested that we contact the management as a colleague cannot solve the problem on his own. Therefore, expert advice is needed.
  4. Manage a herd of deer.

Meaning of Management & Management Definition

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What is The Definition of Management?

  1. A combination of policy and governance areas and people who provide the decisions and oversight needed to meet the owner's business objectives and achieve stability and growth.

Meanings of Management

  1. The process of treating or controlling someone else.

  2. Fraudulent fraud.

Sentences of Management

  1. Deer herd management

Synonyms of Management

directorate , employers , authority , executives , bosses , top brass , executive suite , execs , brass , head , upstairs , front office , person upstairs , micro management , directors , mainframe , administration


What is The Meaning of Management?

  • Meaning of Management: The general area of ​​policy and management, as well as those who make the decisions and inputs needed to achieve the company's business goals and to achieve stability and growth.

Meanings of Management

  1. The process of treating or controlling things or people.

Sentences of Management

  1. Managing the economy

  2. If the company has management, they hide from me.