Definition of Regards:

  1. Best wishes (used to express friendliness in greetings).

  2. (of a thing) relate to; concern.

  3. Pertaining to or showing respect, concern, and/or esteem. For example, a salesperson regards his or her clients as more important than a common office item like a paperclip.

  4. Consider or think of in a specified way.

  5. Formal closing in an email or letter denoting esteem and consideration from the person sending the letter or email.

  6. Attention to or concern for something.

Synonyms of Regards

Best wishes, Good wishes, Greetings, Kind regards, Kindest regards, Felicitations, Salutations, Respects, Compliments, Best, Love, Consider, Look on, View, See, Hold, Think, Think of, Contemplate, Count, Judge, Deem, Estimate, Evaluate, Interpret, Appraise, Assess, Make of, Find, Put down as, Take for, Account, Reckon, Treat, Adjudge, Size up, Value, Rate, Gauge, Sum up, Weigh up, Apply to, Be relevant to, Have relevance to, Concern, Refer to, Have reference to, Belong to, Pertain to, Be pertinent to, Have to do with, Bear on, Have a bearing on, Appertain to, Affect, Involve, Cover, Touch, Consideration, Care, Concern, Sympathy, Thought, Mind, Notice, Heed, Attention, Interest

How to use Regards in a sentence?

  1. If these things regarded only myself, I could stand it with composure.
  2. Dear Mr or Mrs in regards to your loan application I do apologize that your loan application has been denied.
  3. Give her my regards.
  4. I greeted my friend with the warmest of regards because I cherish our relationships so deeply and he means a lot to me.
  5. She regarded London as her base.
  6. The court must have regard to the principle of welfare.
  7. At the end of the pleasant dinner I gave my warmest regards to my gracious host and his charming wife.

Meaning of Regards & Regards Definition