Definition of Regards:

  1. Best wishes (expressed with congratulations).

  2. Full of anxiety (about something)

  3. Gaining or showing respect, attention and / or appreciation For example, a salesperson sees his customer as more important than anything in a normal office, such as a paper clip.

  4. Look or think in a certain way.

  5. The formal end of an email or letter that defines and considers the sender of the letter or email.

  6. Anxiety or worry about something.

Synonyms of Regards

Size up, Gauge, Concern, Have a bearing on, Value, Best, Think, Consideration, Felicitations, Attention, Account, Pertain to, Involve, See, Kind regards, Mind, Affect, Heed, Look on, Notice, Refer to, Consider, Judge, Kindest regards, Assess, Interest, View, Sympathy, Compliments, Care, Best wishes, Be relevant to, Make of, Thought, Take for, Apply to, Greetings, Find, Good wishes, Deem, Love, Appraise, Count, Put down as, Sum up, Weigh up, Contemplate, Belong to, Estimate, Concern, Bear on, Reckon, Rate, Treat, Have to do with, Appertain to, Cover, Have relevance to, Salutations, Interpret, Touch, Respects, Adjudge, Evaluate, Think of, Be pertinent to, Have reference to, Hold

How to use Regards in a sentence?

  1. If only these things were mine, I could easily pick them up.
  2. Dear Sir or Madam, Regarding your loan application, I apologize because your loan application was rejected.
  3. Send my greetings
  4. My heartiest congratulations to my friend, because I really appreciate our relationship and it means a lot to me.
  5. He saw London as his base.
  6. The court must pay attention to the welfare principle.
  7. At the end of a delicious dinner, I congratulate the host and his beautiful wife.

Meaning of Regards & Regards Definition