Who is Connie Kline?

Connie Kline is the ex-girlfriend of Jamie Foxx. She is also the mother of two children that are Corrine Kline and the other name is unknown.
Connie Kline

Basic information of Connie Kline :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle:

1- Full name Connie Lee Kline
2-Height 5’6” (1.85 metres)
3- Birthday January 20, 1969
4-Nationality American
5-famous for Ex-girlfriend of Jamie Foxx
6-Age 52 years
7-Marital status single
8-Zodian sign aquarius
9-Mother Name Not known
10- Father Name Not known
11-Sister name Not known
12-Weight 77 kgs
12-Ethinicity Caucasian
13 -Qualifications bachelors
14- Color of eyes Blue
15-hair color Black
16-occupation Podcaster,Airforce veteran
17-Net worth 1 million USD
18-Religoion Christianity
19- mother – in -law name Anna Bishop

Connie Kline was brought into the world on 29 March 1972 . She like every Aries person is very intelligent. Her mother give birth to her in California USA. She is a 47-year-old . she previously served in US Air Force veteran and she is also have done some bookkeeping job. Despite of all this she is always seen by the public and her fans as someone that is the ex of Hollywood star Jamie Foxx, who was a famous actor also. Connie Kline was also the mother of a girl whose name is Corinne Foxx.

Assets and net worth of Connie Kline :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face:

Connie Kline’s total assets is near $1 million. She is said to have this much net worth because she from the past have been serving in the Air Force for a very long time. She also did some duty on emergency conditions also on the boundary making her total assets amount of Connie Kline to a greater amount. Due to this much total assets of Connie she has also bought a dark maroon Mercedes and 5,000-square-foot apartment that was close to Los Angeles, California, which was given to her by Jamie Foxx. Making her total assets goes up to 1 million USD. No doubt her net worth is not less than Wayne Brady’s Net Worth

Searching of Connie and exposed in public:

Connie Kline spent some of her days in her country America in California. She is American and she also have WHITE ethnicity. due to her being away from the media no one from the past didn’t know who Connie Kline is . it wasn’t known to the media who the mother of Jamie Foxx’s first child Corinne Foxx was. As per the RadarOnline.com, after searching of her on media, the media people discovered who she truly is. She appeared and waas exposed on media in November 2016, when media see her in public in a movie premier. She was spotted to be close by anther celebrity in Simi Valley. She was seen driving a dark Mercedes vehicle. It appeared later to public that the Mercedes belongs to Jamie Foxx. After she was being exposed to public and asked about her about not being available to public. She said that there was some reason as to why she never came in public .

Career and Job of Connie Kline:

Connie Kline’s first stared her job as that was also a dream career of her . She enrolled in USAF when she was five years of age. her little girl Corrine have also chosen army as her career and she posted a picture on Veteran’s Day on 11 November. Her job is to do some paperwork in her office. She is now doing a job as a preparer of papers for CK Financial. Her dream career is completed in an organization situated in Simi Valley, California. Despite of pursuing her dream career, her job also includes doing certain ventures of the Knights of Columbus association. In addition, as indicated by her IMDB profile, Connie also chooses acting as her career and she was also featured in the video “The Fantastic Voyage” back in 1998. In 1998, she also shows her great acting skills in the film called “Score (US)”.

Connie Kline’s children:

Connie Kline was seen in public when she was dating the Hollywood star called Jamie Foxx . they both were seen together in different places in 1993. Connie Kline has 2 daughters as of 2021. One daughter Corrine Foxx from dating Jamie Foxx and another daughter whose name Is not known. Corrine is the proud child of her mom Connie Kline. She is intelligent and also the eldest of all the children of Connie Kline. She was brought into the world on February 15, 1994. Let us see the brief bio of this child of Connie Kline.

Connie’s elder child, Corrine
1- Full name Corinne Marie Bishop
2-Height 5’8” (1.88 metres)
3- birthplace and Birthday 15 February and California, America
4-Nationality American
5- Occupation Actress, model
6- website link foxxtales.com
7- children 0
8-Age 27

Following are the films in which Corrine Foxx worked in:
1- 47 Meters Down: Uncaged: she acted as Sasha in this film. This film was made to public in 2019.

2- Safety: her role in this film was of Kaycee Stone. This film was completed in 2020.

3-All-Star Weeken : in this movie she played her role as a Suyin . This film was released in 2021.

Music videos and drama of Connie’s Corrine Kline :

Dramas of Corrine Kline
Drama Role name
1- David Blaine: Real or Magic Corrine Kline
2-Sweet/Vicious Rachel Abrams
3- Audience Thelma
4-Carpool Karaoke Corrine Kline
5-Pharrell Williams: Happy Corrine

Relationship of Connie Kline in public:

their relationship came in public in 1995, when she was caught in public . she after exposing in public came with great news with the birth of her little girl, named Corinne Marie Bishop, on 15 February 1994. It is expected that may be there is some other daughter of Connie that is being hid by the public.
Eric Marlon Bishop, known to public as Jamie Foxx, was brought into the world on 13 December 1967 he has a funny personality therefore as guessed he is Sagittarius. He was born in Terrell, Texas USA, to Louise Annette Talley Dixon and Darrell Bishop. He was raised by his mother’s mother that were called Mark Talley and Esther Marie. He began playing the piano at five years old, .s he at the age of 5 was a musician at New Hope Baptist Church. Jamie went to Terrell High School. Upon registration in those musician classes, he joined the United States International University to get his degree in Musical and Performing Arts Composition.

Before turning into a Hollywood star, Jamie career revolved around being a professional comic. He made his name in media career in 1991, when he was picked to do acting in the Fox improv show that was called “In Living Color”, while his first film debut in his career came in 1992, when he was featured in the film whose name was “Toys”. His proper career began in 1996, when he began acting in his own films . his career first featured film was “The Jamie Foxx Show”. This movie was first made came into the public in 2001.

Rise, career and Oscar Award of Jamie Fox:

In 2001, Jamie played “ Drew Bundini Brown “ in his first career drama “Ali”. This was coordinated by Michael Mann. After three years, her rise in career began when Max Durocher created a Mann’s film – that was called “Insurance” . Ithis film Jamie played his role and this movie further make him rise to the success. This film was an action movie. This was also the first hit movie of his career for which he was included in the Academy Award in the Best Supporting Actor class. During the 2001, Jamie did his first lead role of his career in the film “Beam”. In this film he first time in his career acted with the best artist named Ray Charles. He got Academy Award for Best Actor, in addition to different honors including a BAFTA and Golden Globe Award for Best Actor. His other career and jobs during the 2000s include Detective Ricardo Tubbs for the 2006 . this film gives him his career second last award called Golden disc awards. His movie called film “Miami Vice”; Curtis Taylor Jr also got various awards. in the year 2006he acted in the parody drama. For this drama he got 2 awards also another movie for which he got awards are “Beauty queens”, and “ Nathaniel Ayers” in the 2009 . he also got award on “The Soloist”.

The 2010s: Continued Success in career

Jamie Foxx’s success continues till 2012, when he played the lead actor role in Quentin Tarantino’s . His every movie was brought him a huge success and his movie named “Django Unchained” received huge success. His back-to-back moves including his movie in which he depicts the role of Electro/Max Dillon in the 2014 film called “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”. His career movies include film “Robin Hood” (2018), in which h played a role of little John. He in his career also did play a role in the film “Just Mercy” (2019) as a ‘Walter Mcqillern’. He in his later days of his career also did play a role as chief maker for the Fox game show “Beat Shazam” (2017-present).

Career and Studio Albums

Jamie Foxx is also a pop star and have delivered five music albums. His first album collection, “Peep This”, became public in 1994, however with not much popular then he expected . The name of the albums is :

  1. Peep this
  2. Unpredictable
  3. Intuition
  4. Hollywood: A Story of a Dozen Roses
  5. Best Night of My Life
albums , sales and released date
1- Peep this July 19, 1994
2- Unpredictable December 27, 2005
3- Intuition December 16, 2008
4- Best Night of My Life December 21, 2010
5- A Story of a Dozen Roses May 18, 2015

Collaboration with another artist:

In 2005, Jamie began working to collaborate to produce a song with Kanye West and other famous hip jump people all around the world and before his all time hit pop song “Unusual”, which beat the US Billboard 200 . he collaborated with many different artists of all the genre. His third collection, “Instinct”, was delivered in 2008 and beat the Top US R&B/Hip Hop Albums and arrived at the three on the US Billboard 200 and billboard also. . He delivered his fourth collection, “Greatest Night Of My Life”, in 2010, which crested at No. 6 on the US Billboard 200 graph, while his fifth collection, “Hollywood: A Story Of A Dozen Roses” (2015), arrived at No. 1 on the Top US R&B/Hi Hop Albums and No. 10 on the US Billboard 200 in the first week and on 5th position on Australia , India and Russia top charts in the second week.

Corrine Foxx – daughter of Jamie and her education:

Corinne Marie Bishop registered from Sierra Canyon High School, and afterward done her bachelor’s in science from Public Relations at the University of Southern California (USC). His daughter corrine is very intelligent and have a high IQ. His daughter Corrine is associated with the department of public relations in the same university she graduated from.S he was a sharp student from the start. While in secondary school, Corinne was a cheerleader . she has also been a model and have appeared on front page on “American Cheerleader” edition in 2011. After graduation in 2016, Corrine went to Howard Fine Acting Studio, and afterward went to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Corrine is also rumored to complete her master’s degree from Harvard university. No doubt , being the daughter of Jamie fox- an actor and singer her education was never interrupted. She also completed her education from Sierra Canyon High School, University of Southern California( USC) and Harvard school. She has also educated herself some martial arts from American Academy of Dramatic Arts. She also studies from Howard Fine acting school.

Profession as a Model of Corrine Foxx and Acting Career of Corrine:

At 20 years old, Corinne began her profession as a model. She has done modelling with LA Models. She was also as a model endorsed by and with One Management in New York. She was selected for them as a model in London, England. She has demonstrated her modelling skills for famous and global brands as D&G, Ralph Lauren, Wet’n’Wild, and Kenneth Cole. In 2016. she did model in Kanye West’s music called “Yeezy” at New York Fashion Week. She also did model for the Spring 2018 assortment of Sherri Hill.

Corinne have done acting in her dad’s sitcom “The Jamie Foxx Show” in 2000. In 2013, she played her role as an actress in the music video for Pharrell Williams’ song that was laos a hit song “Cheerful”. In this song she did her acting and this featured her in the 2014 short video “The Worst Yoga Teacher Ever”. After two years, Corinne did some more acting and this movie was featured in some episode of the MTV shows “Sweet/Vicious”, after which she was named as the 2016 Miss Golden Globe in acting . She also did some acting in some scenes and some episodes of Sasha in the blood and gore movie “47 Meters Down: Uncaged” in 2019. It is also rumored that she will also do acting in her dad’s second sitcom called “at the helm of Top pick Weekend". This movie in which she will act is under creation. In addition, during 2020, Corinne did her acting in one of her careers hit drama called “Wellbeing”.

Connie Kline Job and age:

She worked at the secondary schools of North Carolina and Manhattan. She is dating Grammy champ Jamie Foxx. Jamie Foxx is a Singer, Songwriter, Comedian, Record Producer. Their relationship bond was hard like rock, they are also parent to a beautiful girl name Corinne Foxx. These days, her job is as a bookkeeper at CK Financial, which offers charge administrations to its clients. She likewise gives suitable guidance to her customer and encourages them on how to avoid issue with the IRS. Connie Kline have been working in us air forces since 1992. She has served the US army for 25 years.

Connie is right now 51 years of age . She every time evades paparazzi, and we don’t know why, even her ex and Corinne Foxx have both accepted the spotlight. In spite of the fact that Corinne also posts about her mom in a social media platform , she also once in a while posts photo of her. It appears to us that Connie likes to carry on with her life out of the public eye .

As of 2021, Connie Kline also have done some modelling as her job along with some singing and acting .She also have acted in the film called 47 Meters Down: Uncaged in 2019. She also did act in many films . she also acted in some action movies. She’s additionally showed up her acting skills in a few TV shows. But after her separation from Jamie Foxx, she’s living off her life as an influencer, She also did post about her life during the pandemic in 2020 and this podcast begins with a name called” Am I Doing This Right?

Facts of Connie Kline That Might Surprise You!

  1. She is working for the United States Air Force(USAF) .She worked their since he was 20.

  2. In 1993 Connie Kline and Jamie Foxx meet and later they started dating, but they don’t marry . they both have a daughter tighter.

  3. Connie Kline Hight is 5.6 feet (168 cm)

  4. She started teaching in High School as a science teacher. She also teaches in a school in North Carolina .

  5. She dated a very big personality f Hollywood star , Jamie.

  6. She dated Jamie Foxx in her early age when she was 20 and Jamie was 25 . they both have a very beautiful daughter together. She is unmarried starting at 2021.

  7. She is living with in her apartment in Los Angeles.

  8. She is a professional tax consultant and has been proving her customers her services.

  9. She is a beautiful and multi-talented girl and mother also who was associated with various kinds of jobs that she did in her life.

Likes ,dislikes and hobbies of Connie Kline:

  1. She likes to use blue color contact lenses.

  2. She likes dogs as her pet animal.

  3. She dislikes hiking and high latitude places.

  4. Her hobbies includes reading Best Historical Fiction Books, Life Changing Books and watching her daughter Corrine movies and drama.

  5. She likes to drink apple juice on her breakfast. She once said that she likes to do some Eyebrow Slit

  6. Her hobbies included waking up at 8: 00 am in the morning then doing breakfast at 8:30 am . lunch at 2:00 pm and dinner at 9:00pm.

  7. She like to wear black dresses. She also likes to wear casual clothing at workplace. She also likes to wear 90s Hip Hop Fashion

  8. She spend her holidays in Australia as her daughter posted once on social media that Connie likes to spend holidays in Australia.

  9. Her hobbies also include playing games with her youngest daughter.

Social profiles of Connie Kline:

Connie is not a very social person. Connie have also been a very secretive person. She has a social media profile on Facebook only. Her Facebook profile contains only 123 friends and she have a private account. Previously when her relationship with her ex-husband didn’t came to the public . a social media profiles also exist on Facebook that was public. She a=have on that social media page 9000 likes. Connie Kline also has a social media profile on Instagram . she has only 5 followers and her following are only 2 which shows that she is very less social person. She is on Instagram with the name of “conniekline55”. She has put the picture of her two dogs as her social media profile. Twitter in not the social media platform that interest Connie. Connie is not twitter and also according to the rumor she isn’t interested on creating a profile on that social media platform. She once posted on her social media profile about Cystic Fibrosis Foundation charity . within 24 hours she raised approx. $200 from her social media profile followers also. This Cystic Fibrosis Foundation aims to help the cancer patients as mentioned by Connie Kline on her social media profile on Instagram.
conninekline social media


There are many unanswered questions that fans of Connie Kline needed to know.

1- Has Jamie Foxx ever been married?

NO. Jamie have never been married to anyone. He was although rumored to marry Connie Kline in 1994. Jamie dated Katie Holmes from 15 September 2016 till 15 oct 2020. They separated their paths when Katie Holmes found out herself another boyfriend Emilio Vitolo Jr.

According to the media, if Jamie Foxx have been married to anyone then ethe media and his close friends were the first one to know this . it is rumored that he married the mother of her two daughter that was Connie Kline.

2- What are the names of the daughter of Jamie Foxx and why their mothers name is kept confidential?

Annalise is the youngest daughter of Jamie Foxx and he was born after Corrine Foxx. Her mother’s name is unknown yet as of 2021. According to the media. Jamie have made an agreement with Annalise’s mother . the agreement is that Jamie will provide money to Annalise for her school and other expense if and only if her name is kept confidential.

Jamie also has another daughter named Corrine Kline fox and her mother’s name is rumored to be Connie Kline. Connie Kline first appeared in public in March 2002. Connie Kline also have made a confidentiality agreement with Jamie Foxx.

3- When did Connie’s Kline daughter Corrine adopted his father surname ?

From 1994 till 20013 Connie’s daughter names was Corrine’s bishop but later during end of 2014 and start of 2015 she adopted her father surname ‘Foxx’. She is now called Corrine Kline Bishop Foxx as of 2021.

4 What is the name of the ex-wife of Jamie fox?

Her name is Connie Kline.She is currently working in he US army.

5 What is the star of Connie Kline?

Connie Kline star is Aries as she was born in 26 march 1968.

6 What is the profession of Connie Kline?

Connie Kline is the accountant. But after divorce Connie Kline has joined the US army.

7 What is the daughter name of Connie Kline?

The daughter name of Connie Kline is Corrine Fox.

8 Who is the husband of Connie Kline?

Connie Kline dated Jamie Foxx from 1993. In a short time they become the father of Corrine foxx. Jamie Foxx is the stand up comedian.

9 What is the real name of Jamie Foxx ?

His real name is Erick Marlon Bishop. He is also the host and producer of many comedy shows.

10 How many years did Connie Kline worked in US army?

She worked for 5 years in US army. She as of 2021 is the tax Preparer for her Chicago based start up.


No doubt Connie Kline have been successful in keeping her private life apart . none of Connie Kline’s daughter is on the media except Corrine Foxx. After dating and from separating from Jamie Foxx she also dated a famous celebrity, but his name is not known. In the end we have hope that wherever Connie Kline is she must remain happy and contended in her life!

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Who is Connie Kline?

Connie Kline (brought into the world in 1969) is an American High School Teacher orchestrated in the United States. She is by and large standard as Jamie Foxx’s supposed life accomplice. She is in addition an Air Force Veteran. Moreover, she went to various locales for her responsibility.

She came into media eyes when she connected with Jamie Foxx (Singer, Songwriter, TV Presenter, Record Producer, and Comedian).

They were close during the 1990s time span. In any case, no updates are open with respect to their wedding. Jamie is a Grammy grant winning skilled worker. He has made around four combinations.

Furthermore, the top-spread out arrangements are “Capricious”, “Most conspicuous Night of My Life” and “Hollywood: A Story of Dozen Roses”. His best music visits are “The Blame it Tour” and “The Unpredictable Tour”.

Early Life, Parents and Profile

Connie Kline Biography

Jamie Foxx’s sweetheart – Connie Kline.

Connie Kline took birth in the year 1969 (age 50 years, as in 2019) in the USA. She remained in New York and some time later Los Angeles with her mom and father (names not found).

Besides, Jamie Foxx’s right hand dropped from a nearby school. She finished her higher assessments from California’s school.

Particular Life, Boyfriend Jamie Foxx and Daughter Corinne Foxx

Jamie Foxx and Corinne Foxx

Jamie Foxx nearby Corinne Foxx.

She as of late dated gigantic name, Jamie. Moreover, she conveyed a young lady youngster Corinne Foxx in 1994 (Actress and Model). She by then took off in various ways with Foxx. Connie Kline remained as a singular parent for her infant kid. She got cash related help for him.

Later on, James related with a PR official Kristin Grannis. The two of them recognized their parenthood with youngster Anelise Foxx (brought into the world in 2009).

He had a kinship illicit relationship with Tom Cruise’s ex, Katie Holmes. Before long, he additionally connected with Sela Vave (Model, Actress, and Singer).

Some Lesser Known Facts about Connie Kline

Connie Kline Facts

• Corinne made her screen debut in “The Jamie Foxx Show” at 6 years old.

• Furthermore, she served her daddy’s date in as far as possible.

• Jamie Foxx’s loved one has acted in a savagery film “47 Meters Down Uncaged.” (2019).

• She finishing the shooting of the games execution film “Elite player Weekend.”

• On the other hand, she is besides occupied with the shooting of “Security.”

• Connie Kline taught in the helper schools of North Carolina and Manhattan.

• Jamie acted in English films like “On edge”, “I’m Still Here” and “Due Date”.

• His films organized to pass on are “Untitled film” and “Supreme player Weekend”.

• Furthermore, he presented the screen to his youngster.

• He discussed his connecting with wellbeing objectives in “The Ellen Show.”

The untold truth about Connie Kline

The untold truth about Connie Kline, ex-kid mother of prominent American Actor and Comedian, Jamie Foxx.

Tremendous names, particularly those in news sources are

Associated with having a youngster or kids two or three child moms. It is fundamentally a standard practice as some of them feel that its difficult to settle down with one lady. Acclaimed American entertainer and jokester, Jamie Foxx is one of them and one his youth moms is perceived as Connie Kline. The other is Kristin Grannis with whom he had his resulting youngster, Annalise.

Having a child mother is a certain something, keeping her from the substance of the media or public is likewise another. Covering her character is dependably the tricky part yet Jamie Fox camouflaged the personality of Connie Kline who birthed one of his youngsters, Corrine Marie Bishop, for quite a while until she was looked of up some other time by a news media, RadarOnline.

Jamie Foxx and his youngster, Corrine are both gainful in news sources and they are exceptionally commended commonly yet essentially no detail is viewed as Connie Kline who has been off the substance of the media for an incredibly crucial time interval.

Connie Kline

Fans are not simply roused by the movies Jamie Fox acts in, the jokes he breaks, his armada of vehicles, outright assets, they are additionally enthused about considering his own life. In this piece, we will reveal you all that you require to think about Connie Kline

Foundation and Career

Connie Kline was brought into the world on the 26th of March 1969 in California, United States. She is 51 years of age. She’s an immense contemplative person which clearly added to her secret dull for so long.

Connie Kline is a US Veteran. She served in the United States Air Force for a long time. On the eleventh of November, 2016, her little girl, Corrine Foxx sent her a Veteran’s Day welcoming by strategies for her insisted Instagram page.

She made;

“Cheerful Veterans Day Mama :two_hearts: Your courage, enthusiasm and tirelessness vitalize me dependably. You have shown me that ladies can do everything notwithstanding. I’m who I am a prompt delayed consequence of you. Grateful to you for your association. I confirmation to seek after a predominant, kinder, more grounded America for you. :two_hearts:#VeteransDay #Vets #AirForce

Connie Kline

Connie kline began her bringing in control assessment in 1992 which later managed the cost of her with more than 25 years of commitment as an affirmed Enrolled Agent with the IRS. Right now, she fills in as an assessment preparer for CK Financial, an affiliation masterminded in Simi Valley, California. Plus, she two or three experiences in cause work with the Knights of Columbus connection.

Relationship with Jamie Foxx

Connie kline met Jamie Foxx in 1993, they dated now their relationship didn’t keep on going long. Regardless, they invited their youngster, Corrine a year later.

Corrine was brought into the world on the fifteenth of February, 1994. She continued ahead from Sierra Canyon High School, later she went University of Southern California (USC) where she got a degree in Public Relations. She in addition went to Howard Fine Acting Studio and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts comparably as a decent number of acting schools to change her advantage in acting and appearing.

She made her presentation in showing in 2014 at the Bal des débutantes. She has worked with a particularly rumored brand like Ralph Lauren, Dolce and Gabbana, Kenneth Cole, and Wet ‘n’ Wild beautifiers. In 2019, she played Sasha in the abominableness spin-off 47 Meters Down Uncaged.

Connie Kline Net Worth.

She is gotten her cash while working with the US Airforce. She remains in a luxuriousness 5,000-square-foot space close to Los Angeles, California, which was given to her by Jamie Foxx. She besides has a Mercedes-Benz evaluated Jamie Foxx’s name.

Notwithstanding how she is as of now known, Connie Kline truly decides to be off the public’s eye. She esteems a quiet life in her 5000 square foot house close to LA, California.

corinne foxx mom

Colin, whose mother is Jamie’s ex-girlfriend Connie Klein, said she now has a very close relationship with her father, but things weren’t necessarily rosy.

tom kline girlfriend

Brittney Schoenbeck

has jamie foxx ever been married

They tied a knot on November 18, 2006 in Bracciano, Italy. The two divorced and stopped their marriage after five and a half years of marriage. It was Tom Cruise’s third divorce and Katie’s first divorce.

corinne bishop mother name

Connie Kline

corinne foxx net worth

Her net worth is $10 million

who is corinne foxx’s mother

Connie Kline

who is corinne foxx mother

Jamie Foxx

connie lee country singer

Connie Lee was an American screenwriter and songwriter, known for her Blondie films and numerous Westerns (one of the few women working in this genre at the time).

who is corinne fox’s mother

Connie Kline

tom kline net worth

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