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Vocational degree,

Definition of Vocational degree:

  1. Sometimes it is possible to get a bachelor's degree in a program that is also offered as a vocational degree, but not all vocational degrees can be obtained through a traditional four-year college. For example, it is possible to become a paralegal after obtaining a law degree at a university or after completing a paralegal vocational degree; however, few, if any, colleges offer bachelor's degrees in cosmetology.

  2. A vocational degree is either career or trade-specific. It can be lucrative to students because it offers the benefits of less time and expense. Completion of a vocational degree takes about 2 years to complete, allowing the graduate to be hireable at an earlier time than a Bachelors Degree-seeking student.

  3. A vocational degree is an academic certificate awarded to students who have completed the degree requirements for a specific trade or career. Vocational degrees are popular because they typically require less time to complete than a traditional degree program (e.g., associate or bachelor's degree), and upon completion, the student is often ready to begin working the trade. A college undergraduate degree focuses on developing an individual's all-around intelligence and critical-thinking skills, but may not prepare an individual for a specific job. However, vocational degrees offer training for careers, such as medical coding and billing, auto mechanics, cosmetology, electrical work, and legal secretary work.

How to use Vocational degree in a sentence?

  1. Vocational degrees are academic certificates awarded to students who have completed degree requirements for a specific trade or career.
  2. The time to complete a vocational program and what constitutes a vocational degree varies per state.
  3. Because careers and business needs evolve, some workers seek to complete a vocational degree to remain marketable.
  4. Completing a vocational degree program typically takes less time than a traditional undergraduate program.

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