Definition of Capricious:

  1. Illegal decisions are made voluntarily, not because of business. See also

  2. In view of sudden and unexpected changes in mood or behavior.

  3. Dictatorial and contradictory.

Synonyms of Capricious

Inconstant, Indemonstrable, Infirm, Unstable, Deviatory, Wishy-washy, Vacillating, Unreliable, Wavery, Snatchy, Impetuous, Short-lived, Iffy, Systemless, Veering, Effervescent, Unjoined, Incalculable, Indiscriminate, Giddy, Restless, Unconfirmable, Infirm of purpose, Of two minds, Spineless, Harebrained, Transitory, Deviative, Fleeting, Irregular, Notional, Fading, Planless, Shapeless, Fickle, Dicey, Inconsistent, Unordered, Inadvertent, Nonsymmetrical, Unorthodox, Halting, Unverifiable, Gratuitous, Amorphous, Immethodical, Thoughtless, Staggering, Disproportionate, Nondurable, Dubious, Unforeseeable, Disarticulated, Heteroclite, Dying, Senseless, Nonsystematic, Arbitrary, Scrappy, Flying, Mutable, Unsteady, Varying, Broken, Insubstantial, Ambivalent, Disjunct, Intermittent, Spasmatic, Unstable, Nonstandard, Evanescent, Inchoate, Irresolved, Volatile, Ununiform, Unmetrical, Unstaid, Unsettled, Motley, Variegated, Different, Vicissitudinous, Flighty, Alternating, Scatterbrained, Ambitendent, Fickle, Corruptible, Unenduring, Unreasonable, Unsymmetrical, Inconstant, Arbitrary, Catchy, Unresolved, Humorsome, Haphazard, Mercurial, Wavering, Rough, Intermitting, Temporal, Various, Spotty, Unrestrained, Petulant, Perishable, Freakish, Double-minded, Irresolute, Ambiguous, Casual, Ragged, Erratic, Formless, Skeptical, Unfixed, Fence-sitting, Flaky, Chancy, Diversiform, Motiveless, Divergent, Patchy, Fantasied, Quirky, Unsystematic, Fugacious, Undivinable, Wobbly, Discontinuous, Agnostic, Hesitant, Roving, Fluctuating, Unmethodical, Inconsiderate, Guttering, Jerky, Unsure, Rambling, Unreasoning, Crotchety, Jagged, Choppy, Undurable, Uncontrolled, Unreflecting, Variform, Unclassified, Ungraded, Unequal, Undependable, Straggly, Whimsical, Irresponsible, Disorderly, Wanton, Mortal, Irregular, Fragile, Wandering, Changing, At loose ends, Deviating, Disconnected, Fantastic, Mercurial, Unrhythmical, Temperamental, Fence-straddling, Transitive, Desultory, Hit-or-miss, Wayward, Unsorted, Unprovable, Unequable, Lurching, Fugitive, Uncertain, Afloat, Careening, Maggoty, Impulsive, Momentary, Changeable, Shifting, Diversified, Disordered, Promiscuous, Unpersuaded, Frivolous, Dispersed, Nonuniform, Unsteadfast, Frail, Temporary, Polysemous, Equivocal, Brittle, Dizzy, Aimless, Unpredictable, Meaningless, Erose, Volatile, Fitful, Vague, Undisciplined, Fitful, Mazy, Unthinking, Wavy, Mugwumpish, Nonpermanent, Vacillating, Unorganized, Fluctuant, Nonconformist, Changeful, Adrift, Unguarded, Passing, Changeable, Eccentric, Uneven, Wobbling, Indecisive, Vagrant, Divaricate, Spasmodic, Inconsistent, Spastic, Incoherent, Flitting, Unaccountable, Straggling, Erratic, Sporadic, Misshapen, Heedless, Doubting, Hesitating, Vagarious, Orderless, Variable, Undirected, Kinky, Fast and loose, Fly-by-night, Unregular, Deciduous, Variable, Random, Pluralistic, Cranky, Ticklish, Reasonless, Spasmic, Deviable, Shuffling, Ephemeral, Touch-and-go, Shifty, Undecided, Flickering, Vicissitudinary, Lubricious, Moody, Careless, Herky-jerky, Mugwumpian, Unarranged, Fanciful, Unthoughtful, Transient, Impermanent, Uncalculating, Undetermined, Unstable as water, Unconvinced

How to use Capricious in a sentence?

  1. Shifts and often brutal governments.

Meaning of Capricious & Capricious Definition