Definition of Expertise:

  1. Experience or knowledge in a specific field.

  2. A person's reputation is based on education, training, or experience in a field that is thought to have knowledge of a field or subject.

Synonyms of Expertise

Competence, Adeptness, Mastership, Competence, Technical mastery, Horsemanship, Cleverness, Grip, Deftness, Skilfulness, Dextrousness, Adroitness, Factual base, Artfulness, Private knowledge, Knowing, Knack, Mastery, Capability, Polyhistory, Facility, Cunning, Wit, Art, Skill, Ingenuity, Intimacy, Intelligence, Aesthetics, Skill, Style, Privity, Judgement, Friandise, Deep knowledge, Facts, Gastronomy, Technic, Technique, Craft, Seamanship, Polymathy, Technics, Handiness, Diplomacy, Experience, Encyclopedic knowledge, Workmanship, Technical brilliance, All-knowingness, Prowess, Pansophy, Grace, Data, Connoisseurship, Efficiency, Finesse, Proficiency, Artistic taste, Ability, Datum, Dexterousness, Resource, Tact, Practical ability, Ken, Expertness, Corpus, Omniscience, General knowledge, Marksmanship, Expertism, Address, Profound knowledge, Self-knowledge, Expertness, Command, Skillfulness, Familiarity, Craftsmanship, Tactfulness, Artisanship, Dexterity, Practical knowledge, Cross-disciplinary knowledge, Savoir-faire, Prowess, Virtu, Extensive knowledge, Dilettantism, Acquaintance, Brilliance, Information, Resourcefulness, Coordination, Proficiency, Knowledge, Capacity, Epicureanism, Artistry, Epicurism, Ingeniousness, Technical skill, Readiness, Airmanship, Control, Quickness, Ratio cognoscendi, Virtuosity, Timing, Bravura, Savvy, Special knowledge, Know-how, Wizardry

How to use Expertise in a sentence?

  1. The chef demonstrates his culinary skills to the group, allowing them to prepare different dishes step by step and taste the finished product.
  2. Technical knowledge.
  3. When you are looking for a specialist therapist, you need to be selective about your therapist's credentials and do research to make sure they have experience dealing with the situation.
  4. When I was interviewed for a job last week, they asked me where I had experience and what I could do.

Meaning of Expertise & Expertise Definition

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