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Natural guardian,

Definition of Natural guardian:

  1. A natural guardian typically makes day-to-day decisions for a minor child. However, the appointment of a guardian or conservator is subject to probate law. A parent is usually a guardian, except when there is a divorce. However, a guardian is not always a parent. Someone other than a parent may be appointed guardian via a parent’s will or by a court. Courts generally only appoint a guardian if a parent is deceased or deemed unable to care for a child.

  2. A natural guardian, in legal terms, is a child’s biological or adopted mother or father. In a divorce, either or both parents may be granted legal custody with guardian rights. A natural guardian is empowered to make a wide range of decisions for a minor child. These decisions include medical and financial matters that legally require a parent or guardian’s consent.

  3. A parent, which includes a father or mother of a minor recognized by law as the guardian. Appointed guardian is the opposite of the natural guardian. The appointed guardian is assigned by the court or in a will to look after a child and make decision on the childs behalf. This role is especially crucial in making decisions that minors do not have legal right to decide on such as medical decisions.

How to use Natural guardian in a sentence?

  1. Failure to provide for a child can cause a natural guardian to lose custody of that child to a guardian appointed by a court.
  2. A natural guardian is a child’s mother or father, biological or adopted.
  3. While a natural guardian has the legal right to make many decisions for a minor child, the guardian also has responsibilities.

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