Definition of Accomplice:

  1. A person who helps another commit a crime.

  2. One who is voluntarily and intentionally a party to a crime, either as a principal or as an accessory.

Synonyms of Accomplice

A party to, Abettor, Accessary, Accessory, Accomplice in crime, Ally, Assistant, Associate, Coconspirator, Cohort, Collaborator, Colleague, Confederate, Conspirator, Copartner, Cotenant, Fellow, Fellow conspirator, Henchman, Partaker, Participant, Participator, Partner, Party, Shareholder, Sharer, Socius criminis, Abetter, Accessory, Partner in crime, Associate, Confederate, Collaborator, Fellow conspirator, Co-conspirator

How to use Accomplice in a sentence?

  1. An accomplice in the murder.

Meaning of Accomplice & Accomplice Definition