Definition of Persevere:

  1. To be persistent and overcome a set of obstacles. Obstacles could include physical barriers (He persevered through his pain, and finished the race.), criticism (Despite the taunts that he could never finish school because he wasnt smart enough, he worked hard and persevered, and graduated with honors.), or discouragement (Although his first attempt at the project was a failure, he persevered until he found a better solution.).

Synonyms of Persevere

Abide, Abide with, Balk, Bear, Bear with, Beat the game, Beat the system, Bide, Brave, Brook, Carry on, Carry through, Cling to, Come through, Come up fighting, Come up smiling, Continue, Decide, Die hard, Endure, Get along, Get on, Go on, Go on with, Hang in, Hang in there, Hang on, Hang tough, Hold out, Keep at, Keep at it, Keep driving, Keep going, Keep on, Keep trying, Keep up, Last, Live through, Lump, Lump it, Make out, Manage, Never, Never say die, Not accept compromise, Not budge, Persist, Press on, Proceed, Put up with, Resolve, See it through, See through, Stand, Stand fast, Stand firm, Stand for, Stand out, Stand pat, Stick, Stick it out, Stick to, Stick to it, Stickle, Stop at nothing, Suffer, Support, Survive, Sustain, Take no denial, Take up with, Tolerate, Triumph, Weather out, Weather the storm, Win out, Win through

Meaning of Persevere & Persevere Definition