Definition of Department:

  1. Specialized functional area within an organization or a division, such as accounting, marketing, planning. Generally every department has its own manager and chain of command.

  2. A division of a large organization such as a government, university, business, or shop, dealing with a specific subject, commodity, or area of activity.

Synonyms of Department

Airspace, Ambit, Area, Arena, Bailiwick, Beat, Belt, Border, Borderland, Branch, Bureau, Circle, Circuit, Commissariat, Concern, Confines, Constablery, Constablewick, Constabulary, Continental shelf, Control, Corridor, Country, Demesne, Discipline, District, Division, Domain, Dominion, Environs, Field, Ground, Heartland, Hemisphere, Hinterland, Judicial circuit, Jurisdiction, Land, March, Milieu, Ministry, Municipality, Neighborhood, Office, Offshore rights, Orb, Orbit, Pale, Part, Parts, Place, Precinct, Precincts, Premises, Province, Purlieus, Quarter, Realm, Region, Responsibility, Round, Salient, Secretariat, Section, Segment, Sheriffalty, Sheriffwick, Shrievalty, Soil, Space, Sphere, Subdiscipline, Subdivision, Terrain, Territory, Three-mile limit, Twelve-mile limit, Unit, Vicinage, Vicinity, Walk, Worry, Zone, Division, Section, Sector, Subsection, Subdivision, Unit, Branch, Arm, Wing, Segment, Compartment

How to use Department in a sentence?

  1. You should always put a qualified candidate at the head of every department so that you know the big decisions will be correct.
  2. The English department.
  3. We had to head down to the marketing department to speak to our manager about how best he wanted us to represent our brand.
  4. I worked in a department store and I really enjoyed my hours as well as the job itself because the people were nice.

Meaning of Department & Department Definition

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