How to Make Your Roof Energy-Efficient?

Nowadays, making your home energy efficient is one of the most popular topics for home renovation. However, an energy-efficient roof can help you to stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Additionally, reducing your electricity bills and giving relief to your pocket.

Most people replace windows and doors to make their home energy efficient. But it is vital to consider your roof because your roof takes the full brunt of the sun’s heat every day. If you are deciding to repair or replace your roof, then here are some best tips of roof repair Vaughan to make it energy efficient.

1.Select light colours

Selecting the light colours on your roof makes a big difference in the amount of heat that enters your house. However, using dark colours such as black or violet, absorb the heat from the sun and throw it inside your home. So it will increase the hotness inside. But light colours such as white or white will reflect the heat from the sun and not transfer it to the interior.

Therefore, while renovating your roof, try to apply the light colours to make your roof more energy-efficient.

2. Improve insulation

Most of the houses do not contain enough insulation under the roof. It is vital to have a look at the insulation system under the attic. However, the insulation system under your roof can prevent heat from entering into the interior of your house.

Moreover, it will maintain a temperature inside that is different from the outside. So start working on the insulation system inside your roof.

3. Use an alternative to asphalt shingles

You can use an alternative to asphalt shingles is the best method to make your roof more energy-efficient. There are some roofing materials such as clay or metal tiles that can add unique value as well as improve energy in your house.

Using these materials can reflect heat from the sun instead of absorbing it, helping you to maintain the right temperature in your house. So now select the best roofing material for your home.

4. Apply a cool roof coating

Cool roof coating is the other best way to make your roof more energy-efficient. It lightens up your roof by giving a finishing layer of cool roof coating. As the final step of a roof replacement, this layer is easy to apply. However, if you don’t want to replace your roof, then putting this layer on your existing dome is also the best option.

Therefore, start investing in a cool roof coating.

5. Improve the ventilation

Improving the ventilation can help to throw out the heat from your interior. You can use active systems like a fan that can turn at a specific temperature so that they only turn on when needed.

However, the most energy-efficient roof is going to be the best option in some heat getting into your attic. So now decide to start improving the ventilation of your house.

6. Re-roof sustainably

Putting a new roof on your existing dome is the golden opportunity to perform things sustainably. If you are deciding to replace your roof, then try to use green and cool roofing material to create a more energy-efficient roof.

However, selecting the right material can result in a 30% decrease in your home’s energy needs. You can use reflecting roof materials like asphalt shingles to make your roof chilling. Moreover, the elastomeric rooftop coating can extend the lifetime of your roof by reflecting heat and saving energy.

Final thoughts

Increasing the energy efficiency of your roof can give relief to your daily electricity bills. However, selecting the right roofing material can maintain the temperature of your interior from outside. So if you are deciding to replace your roof, then make sure to use some cool roofing materials to create a more energy-efficient roof.