Screw pile foundation

Screw pile foundations are designed with a helix positioned near the pile toe and you can use multiple helix or screws for a foundation. Such foundations can be fixed on the ground with screws, and they can bear heavy load. If you do not have much time for constructing concrete foundations, then you can install screw pile foundations. It will save your time and cost, and you can use hand-held machines to install such foundations such as hydraulic torque drive. You can find such screw pile foundations in many industries, like railways, telecommunications, and civil construction industries. These foundations can bear large tensile and compression loads, and you can use such foundations for building retaining structure. Benefits of screw pile foundations:

Easy to install

Screw pile foundations are easy to install, and they can take less time than concrete foundations. If you want to complete your construction projects within a timeline then you can go for this process. Apart from that, it can reduce low carbon footprint and you can save the environment by choosing these foundations. Saves cost of excavation. You do not need to remove the soil from the ground, and you can save your cost of excavation. You can install such screw pile foundations on uneven ground, and you do not need to remove the soil or dig the ground. If you want to build a foundation on a soft ground, then you can use these screw pile foundations. On the other part, you cannot install the concrete foundation on soft ground because you have to prepare the land by excavating the ground. In the case of screw pile foundations, you do not need to go for such hassles. No need of heavy machinery: You do not need to hire earthmoving equipment and you can install such screw pile foundations with minimum numbers of labours. So, it will save your cost and you can easily finish your job within a week. Saves time taken in construction: You can also use such screw piles for your home and commercial buildings. You want to build your home in a traditional way then you have to dig the ground and transport the building materials from one place to another. Apart from that, you need to use some heavy equipment for the same. It will take more than a year to complete your project. If you are living in a rented house and want to move to your new home as soon as possible then you can install such screw pile foundations. It will give you an immediate access to your new home and you can complete your home within a few months.

  • Eco- friendly: There will be no greenhouse gases and soil erosion, and you can save the environment from the pollution by choosing this process. You can find some cracks on the concrete foundations and you need to seal such cracks. Concrete foundations can get affected by adverse weather conditions. You have to spend a huge amount for maintaining such concrete structure and you can save this cot by choosing screw pile foundations.
  • No drilling: Screw pile foundations cannot create any vibration because there will be no hamming and drilling required for this installation. You can simply use a torque motor to install such foundations on your ground.
Screw Pile Foundations

However, you cannot install such screw pile foundations with your DIY tools and skills. For perfect construction you need to hire the best contractor. In this case, you can search such contractors online and check their reviews to choose the best one who fits in your budget.

Screw pile foundation for cabin


Because huts are often built near lakes or rivers with low soil density, they need a solid, solid foundation to maintain their level, despite ground movement caused by freezing and thawing cycles.
If your cottage’s old foundations are affected over time, we can place screw piles under the structure to expand or strengthen it.
Stability and stability
Screw piles will provide your shed with a solid, solid foundation that will resist ground movement due to soil composition or freeze drying and thaw cycles. Screw piles are also a great solution on flood-prone areas or steep slopes.

Our pile piles, driven under the ground freezing line and secured with a spiral pad under the shafts, are resistant to temperature fluctuations and ground movements. Built on a solid foundation, your cottage will gracefully handle the changing weather conditions of the season.

Quick and easy setup
The number, size and location of piles will depend on the type of structure and the weight of the pile. Our experts will determine the right type of pile for your needs based on the scope of the structure and the soil type. Piles are selected taking this composition into account, as houses are usually built on low density soils.

Screw piles can cause you to completely abandon your digging work, and the machines we use are much lighter than what is required to build a conventional concrete foundation. Our Kubota mini tractors are equipped with grass tires that will not damage your property unlike the heavy equipment required for traditional foundations. Our devices can also cycle and operate in very tight spaces.

As soon as the piles hit the ground, you will be ready to build your cottage. No more delay! However, make sure you have enough insulation for the floor of your country house, as the bottom will be exposed to the elements.

Screw pile foundations uk

Advantages of screw piles

Screw Piles are quick to install - instantly like a foundation. They operate in a wide variety of soil conditions and are very cost effective to set up. Screw piles have relatively low strength and do not interfere with the environment.

Disadvantages of screw piles

While easy to install, screw piles are not DIY, you need special machines to install them.

Supports Helical Pier decks Photo credit: Ascension.
How much does a screw stake cost?
At Rise’s eastern Canadian home - we pay an average of $ 250 per standard spiral pool. The price includes full mounting brackets and a helpful little engineering report at the end. This professional installation gives you peace of mind knowing that the dock is the right size, accepts torque right and will stay on the ground without moving.

Screw Piles - Concrete Piles

Now, some of you may say that paying for a single port is a high price and you think cheap. But consider comparing concrete piers.This is another common port where holes are dug and concrete is poured. Concrete is probably the most common choice for pools, backyard and other harbor applications.

Supports Concrete Pier DeckConcrete DeckConcrete Pier Supports DeckConcrete Image credit: Rise.
When building concrete scaffolding, your material cost will be around $ 70, and your setup time will be between a few days. Installation costs range from $ 30 to $ 230, depending on the machine you need, depending on your soil conditions.

When considering do-it-yourself installation, keep in mind that pouring concrete scaffolding can be very wrong. And how valuable is your time to you? You will need him a lot for this job. All in all, $ 250 might be a reasonable price to pay. That way, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your foundation isn’t going anywhere!

How does screw piles affect the environment?

As with everything we do at Rise, we like to consider the influence of materials and products on the planet, so here are a few points to consider about coil insertion stations. Most of the energy used in anchoring comes from harvesting and production processes and a small percentage of transportation. They are usually made of steel and coated with zinc and require a high heat source. One of the advantages is that the waste from this manufacturing process is relatively low and largely depends on the wiping of the product. In other words, the total embodied energy for Tha Lan was relatively small.

How long does a screw stack last?

Durability and longevity are also critical for the low impact force of the gear position. These products tend to be very time consuming. Of course, their durability depends on the quality of the scaffold and the soil in which it is placed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q: How much does a screw pile cost?

Expect to pay $ 250 to $ 350 for a professionally installed patio stack for a deck. Home additions vary greatly.

Q: How deep is the pile of screws?

It is located 10 to 25 feet below most places. However, if the desired torque is not reached, it may need to be extended further. We have some piles up to 100 feet deep.

Q: Are screw piles cheaper than concrete?

Usually more expensive to use than helical piles. This applies to most installations except decks. For a deck, screw piles can sometimes be more expensive.

Q: How long will the screw stack last?

About 75 years
The life of a pile depends on the type of soil in which the Screw Post is placed and its chemical properties (pH, humidity, etc.). You can expect about 75 years of normal use in an average soil.

Q: How much does the pile foundation cost?

Steel pipe piles have the highest unit cost, ranging from $213 per meter for 81.3cm piles to $819 for 154.9cm piles. The unit cost of PPC piles for a 30 cm PPC pile is lower, ranging from $72 to $197 per meter. $95 to $262 per meter for a 41cm pile.

Q: How Much Does It Cost to install helical piers?

How much is the marina? The cost of a terrace pier depends on the design, size and weight of adjacent structures and soil conditions. Because of these numerous variables, an installed parking pier can cost anywhere from $ 15 to $ 30 per foot, so a typical 20-meter terrace pier can cost between $ 300-600 per person.


Screw pile foundations are designed with a helix positioned near the pile toe and you can use multiple helix or screws for a foundation. Such foundations can be fixed on the ground with screws, and they can bear heavy load. If you do not have much time for constructing concrete foundations, then you can install screw pile foundations. They are easy to install and are used everywhere around the world.

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