Definition of Workshop:

  1. Present performances with in-depth group discussions and refinements to explore aspects of production before regular staging.

  2. A meeting in which a group of people engage in intense discussions and activities on a particular topic or project.

  3. The room or building where the product is made or repaired.

  4. Training or seminars in which participants work individually and / or in groups to perform real work-related work and gain practical experience.

  5. Workshop or facility where real physical work (such as machining) is done.

Synonyms of Workshop

House, Discussion group, Seminar, Study group, Establishment, Facility, Loft, Firm, Shop, Company, Working space, Class, Bench, Organization, Sweatshop, Installation, Work space, Corporation, Workbench, Desk, Workroom, Workhouse, Parlor, Workplace, Concern, Works, Studio, Institution, Plant, Beauty parlor, Barbershop, Butcher shop, Agency, Atelier, Work site, Beauty shop, Worktable, Factory

How to use Workshop in a sentence?

  1. This is the subject of a short workshop at Shaw Festival.
  2. Excellent factory buildings and used workshops will be demolished to pave the way for new houses and commercial properties.
  3. For safety reasons, all new employees must attend a 7-day workshop to operate the machinery and equipment properly.
  4. The author's workshop took place on July 25 and 27.
  5. At the film festival, I was happy to hear that he had a workshop with several directors.
  6. Sometimes, you may want to hold a workshop on launching a new product so that people can learn how to use it.

Meaning of Workshop & Workshop Definition