Definition of Position:

  1. A persons point of view or attitude toward something.

  2. A situation or set of circumstances, especially one that affects ones power to act.

  3. A place where someone or something is located or has been put.

  4. Put or arrange (someone or something) in a particular place or way.

  5. A proposition laid down or asserted; a tenet or assertion.

  6. A particular way in which someone or something is placed or arranged.

  7. An investors net holdings in one or more markets at a particular time; the status of an individual or institutional traders open contracts.

  8. Market commitment or exposure of an investor or trader in commodities or securities, expressed as the amount of owned items (long position) or owed items (short position).

Synonyms of Position

Situation, State, Condition, Circumstances, Set of circumstances, State of affairs, Case, Location, Place, Situation, Spot, Site, Locality, Locale, Scene, Setting, Area, Point, Anschauung, Parthian shot, A priori principle, Abode, Address, Affect, Affectivity, Affirmance, Affirmation, Allegation, Allocate, Angle, Angle of vision, Announcement, Annunciation, Answer, Apostrophe, Appointment, Apriorism, Area, Arrange, Arrangement, Aspect, Assertion, Asseveration, Assign, Assumed position, Assumption, Attitude, Autarky, Averment, Avouchment, Avowal, Axiom, Azimuth, Basis, Bearing, Bearings, Belief, Bench mark, Bent, Berth, Billet, Bimetallism, Blood, Bracket, Branch, Cachet, Capacity, Case, Caste, Categorical proposition, Category, Celestial navigation, Character, Circumstance, Circumstances, Clan, Class, Climate of opinion, Collocate, Color, Comment, Common belief, Community sentiment, Conceit, Concept, Conception, Conclusion, Condition, Connection, Consensus gentium, Consequence, Consideration, Contention, Crack, Creed, Data, Dead reckoning, Declaration, Deploy, Determine, Dictum, Dignity, Disposal, Dispose, Disposition, District, Division, Duty, Echelon, Economic self-sufficiency, Emotion, Emotivity, Emplace, Emplacement, Employment, Engagement, Enunciation, Establish, Estate, Estimate, Estimation, Ethos, Exclamation, Exposure, Expression, Eye, Face, Feeling, Feeling tone, First principles, Fix, Footing, Foundation, Frame of reference, Framework, Free enterprise, Free trade, Frontage, Function, General belief, Get a fix, Gig, Governmentalism, Grade, Greeting, Ground, Group, Grouping, Head, Heading, Hierarchy, High place, Hole, Home in on, Hypothesis, Hypothesis ad hoc, Idea, Importance, Impression, Inclination, Incumbency, Install, Interjection, Ipse dixit, Jam, Job, Judgment, Kin, Kudos, Label, Laissez-faire, Laissez-faireism, Latitude and longitude, Lay, Leaning, Lemma, Level, Lie, Lieu, Light, Lights, Line, Line of position, Locale, Localism, Locality, Localize, Locate, Location, Locus, Lot, Major premise, Managed currency, Manifesto, Mental attitude, Mental outlook, Mention, Mind, Minor premise, Modality, Mode, Moonlighting, Mystique, Navigate, Noninterference, Nonintervention, Note, Notion, Nullification, Observation, Occupation, Office, Opening, Opinion, Order, Orientation, Outlook, Part, Party line, Party principle, Pass, Personal judgment, Philosopheme, Philosophical proposition, Phrase, Pickle, Pigeonhole, Pilotage, Pin down, Pinpoint, Place, Placement, Placing, Planned economy, Plight, Point, Point of view, Policy, Polity, Popular belief, Pose, Position, Position line, Position paper, Positive declaration, Post, Postulate, Postulation, Postulatum, Posture, Power structure, Precedence, Predicament, Predicate, Predication, Premise, Prestige, Presumption, Presupposition, Prevailing belief, Price supports, Principle, Proclamation, Profession, Pronouncement, Proposition, Propositional function, Protection, Protectionism, Protest, Protestation, Province, Psychology, Public belief, Public opinion, Public policy, Pump-priming, Put, Put in place, Quality, Question, Race, Radio bearing, Rank, Rate, Rating, Reaction, Reference system, Reflection, Regard, Region, Relation, Remark, Respect, Role, Rubric, Say, Say-so, Saying, Second job, Section, Sectionalism, Sentence, Sentiment, Sept, Service, Set, Settle, Side, Sight, Site, Situate, Situation, Situs, Slant, Sphere, Spot, Stage, Stance, Stand, Standing, Standpoint, State, Statement, Station, Stature, Status, Stead, Strain, Stratum, Subdivision, Subgroup, Subjoinder, Suborder, Sumption, Supposal, System, Tenure, Theorem, Theory, Thesis, Thinking, Thought, Title, Triangulate, Truth table, Truth-function, Truth-value, Universe, Utterance, Vacancy, View, Viewpoint, Vouch, Way of thinking, Where, Whereabout, Whereabouts, Word, Zero in on, Argument, Claim, Plea, Submission, Allegation, Put, Place, Locate, Situate, Set, Site, Stand, Station, Posture, Stance, Attitude, Pose, Point of view, Viewpoint, Opinion, Way of thinking, Outlook, Attitude, Stand, Standpoint, Stance, Posture, Angle, Perspective, Approach, Slant, Thinking, Policy, Thoughts, Ideas, Sentiments, Feelings

How to use Position in a sentence?

  1. The first is that inconsistency is readily avoided by a little care in the formulation of the sceptical position.
  2. The man was in the right position for a promotion and would go to the boss and ask if he could be promoted earlier than scheduled.
  3. Traders were covering short positions.
  4. The distress call had given the ships position.
  5. Putting people in the right position to succeed is one of the most important jobs of any manager for his company.
  6. The companys financial position is grim.
  7. The position I chose to hold was based on extensive analysis of information that is relevant to the specific case.
  8. He pulled out a chair and positioned it between them.
  9. He moved himself into a reclining position.
  10. I’ll never accept his position on censorship.

Meaning of Position & Position Definition