Top 5 Tips for Amazon Lifestyle Photography

Always make sure the pictures portray the right words about your product. Because the proper Amazon products photography plays a vital role in making the customers mind whether they will make the purchase or not. There are tons of other sellers and online shops that sell all similar products. You will only have a few seconds to influence the consumers’ decision.

Amazon’s lifestyle photography is something that is usually styled in the photographs with other props, on some models, or in your home to give the potential customer an idea of how the product can have a significant impact in their lives. There are plenty of ways to improve product photography. Here we are giving you the 5 most amazing tips that can take the images of your amazon listing to a new level.

1. Keep in Mind Amazon’s Technical Requirements while Shooting

Amazon has a proper set of rules and technical requirements for the products’ photographs in their listing. So, it is better to get an idea about those requirements before starting the shooting process. Otherwise, you will again have to edit the photos as per the guidelines after shooting those. It will be time-consuming and unnecessarily increase the complexity of the process. Amazon’s product photography guideline includes the requirement for the correct filename extension, color mode, naming convention, dashes, spaces, and other additional characters, etc.

2. Try to Add the Maximum Allowed Photos

Amazon allows the uploading of up to eight photographs per product. So, you need to take the maximum advantage of the slots. Try to provide images of the product from every angle and portray different uses of the commodity so that, the customer can get proper of how to use it. Besides, if the product is wearable, you can add a size chart with various size alterations for different regions or countries. It can help the customers to choose the perfect fit for them.

3. Add an Infographic if You Can

Several scientific studies have proofs that the human brain is capable of processing photographs a lot easier and faster than words or any other form of information. It only takes approximately 13 to 80 milliseconds. You can make use of this amazing fact and add some infographics including some of the important specifications of the product. This will be easier for the customer to understand more about the product and decide in favor of the purchase.

4. Include Minimum One Lifestyle Image

Lifestyle photographs help the customer to imagine themselves with the product being used in their real life. This kind of Amazon product photography not only helps them explore different uses of the product but also the aesthetic appeal of the lifestyle photographs persuades the customers towards making the final purchase.

5. Include a Chart Comparing Specs of Similar Products

If the product you are trying to sell has similar counterparts with slight variations, try to make a chart to showcase and highlight the little differences of the products with its similar products from the same family, such as beddings, clothing items, etc. Alternatively, you can also add pictures of similar products from different brands to establish a point of why your products are better than the other ones.

The Bottom Line

Thus, the visual appearance is crucial to draw the attention of the customers immediately. The first impression helps immensely in boosting sales. Once you stop them from scrolling away from your product, then you can proceed to impress them with other methods giving way to higher conversions and profits.

There are many professional services for higher-quality Amazon products photography. If you do not feel confident enough to do it yourself, you should go with the pros.