Amazon Software Development Engineer Salary

Amazon Software Development Engineer Salary is around $121,931annually. However, the average wage of Amazon software developers varies according to country.

Structure Of Amazon Software Developer Salary

An Amazon Software Development Engineer Salary Structure is a pay scale that determines how much an individual can make as an employee. This type of pay scale puts employees into three different tiers, each level being more and more highly paid as the individual progresses up through the ladder.

As a newbie engineer, one’s salary would be determined by their seniority level in their respective company, determining their hourly wages.

This salary structure was designed to encourage constant improvement and better oneself by rewarding employees hard work. An ideal candidate for this position would have a Bachelor’s degree or higher in computer science.

The annual mean salary of Amazon Software Engineer that one can expect to make as an Amazon Software Development Engineer is between $100,000 and $115,000 per year.

As a Software Developer for the Amazon company, an employee is expected to make effective use of their time in the workplace by being able to articulate processes and share their thoughts with other people.

An Amazon Software Development Engineer Salary Structure is broken down into two different parts: salary and bonus. One can expect compensation to be paid out on a bi-weekly basis and consists of two additional bonuses.

The bonus portion of the salary includes both the base bonus amount and the performance bonus amount.

The base bonus amount that an employee can expect is determined by the individual’s previous performance within the company, and it is given out in addition to their regular pay.

For example, an employee who has performed very well in the past could expect a bonus of $1,000 on top of their regular salary. If they happen to keep up high-quality work throughout their tenure with Amazon, they can be looking at receiving significant bonuses such as $5,000 or more per year.

The performance bonus amount is also based on past and present performance within the company. It is distributed according to how well an employee does regarding their projects.

For example, one that has worked on a team project and has been well-received by their colleagues would have a greater chance of succeeding in the future as well.

The salary structure that Amazon employees receive is broken down into three different levels: Senior Software Engineer, Software Development Engineer, and Software Development Engineer. These levels determine the pay of an individual’s job within the company, with each group putting an employee more and more highly paid as they advance through the ladder.

An employee who starts on a junior role in the company must undergo considerable training, including lectures from senior developers. This training can take up to four months to complete, allowing both students and software developers to learn from each other.

The salary scale that new employees can expect as an Amazon software development engineer will be between $70,000 to $100,000 per year.

An employee who advances through the company and obtains a more senior position can expect to earn an average of $100,000 to $115,000 per year.

The salary of an average Amazon software development engineer depends on the experience and type of job they are doing within the company. As one advances further along in their career with Amazon, they get compensated more and more highly for their work.

To become a software developer for Amazon, employees must have at least a Bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field.

Software development engineer salaries can vary widely depending on their qualifications and experience. They will receive high wages if they have a master’s degree, experience or certification associated with their job title. The median Amazon Software Development Engineer salary in 2016 for developers/engineers was around $100,000+ with the top 5% earning about $180,000 or more.

The job security of Software Development Engineers is good. However, it’s one of the jobs that require constant updates and improvements, so it requires flexibility to seek new challenges if needed.

Generally speaking, Amazon Software Development Engineer Salary is good because they are technical people who excel in innovative solutions and solutions to complex problems. Their work is primarily considered extremely important and could lead to a company’s rise in revenue.

As a Software Development Engineer, you can expect to work in an office environment with other people who are also Software Development Engineers. In some cases, there is no internal communication for two workers to know what the other is working on.

This can cause misunderstandings between team members, so they must talk about their progress on the job. People who pursue this career will be working with customers who have concerns about a software product and will not want last-minute changes made to it. If a change causes problems, then that software development engineer will be required to find solutions or solutions after which they can propose solutions or solutions.

Key Responsibilities of Amazon Software Development Engineer

One of the most attractive careers for a novice in the tech industry is Amazon web services. That’s because it has vast job security, with over 2 million employees worldwide and billions of dollars in revenue.

Employers from all industries are constantly on the lookout for qualified candidates who have a passion for software development and can take knowledge to new heights. If you have this type of mind, you could be an Amazon Software development engineer.

The primary responsibility of this position is to develop innovative solutions that helps the company remain at the top of their game and deliver on their promises.

Using their expert knowledge, they will develop new products, update existing ones and also ensure that software interfaces are compatible with different devices like smartphones. This can include activities such as:

Technical Analysis

Software development engineers will have to analyse various facets of a product like size, storage control and other features.

They must ensure consistency in all aspects of the development to function optimal. Software design: it involves developing algorithms to improve customer products. It is also used to provide excellent performance from a product. They have to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of their solutions.


it involves creating a functional model which is the same as available specification and using software engineering techniques to test the solutions thoroughly.


It involves using various programming languages and tools like building automated tests for bugs. They also ensure that source code is bug-free.


they collaborate with customers or technical support agents to find solutions for different issues in a product. They solve complex problems on the spot so that new features can be implemented without delays.

Report Writing:

it involves writing reports after all activities are finished in order of priority by Amazon’s policies and procedures. They also do test cases for new features and software changes. This job description has been prepared based on work performed by the company’s team and is not intended to be exhaustive of all possible outcomes."

Job role Salary
System engineer $113,011 per year
IT secure specialist $106,143 per year
Full-stack developer $113,011 per year

What Are The Qualifications For The Amazon Software Engineer position?

The Amazon software development engineer will be required to have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in computer science or similar discipline a minimum of five years’ experience in developing software using sign languages.

There is no mention of possessing any other specific skill or expertise. Although, it is required that they are good with their coding and take knowledge to new heights. It also mentions that they must have a working knowledge of large companies and their processes, concepts like engineering and management, customer support etc.

Amazon also provides a list of skills and experience required from their interviewers before being hired as an Amazon software development engineer. The list includes:

If a Software Development Engineer is proactive, innovative and creative enough to suggest an alternative solution rather than merely implementing something that is offered by someone else, they will be interviewed more often, and they will have better chances at getting promotions.

Being the most innovative person in a team of software development engineers is not an easy task. That’s because this position requires one to know how a particular technology works, how it can be improved and what other issues (if any) may arise if it is modified.

If a candidate’s knowledge is only average and doesn’t possess the skills or willingness to go the extra mile, they will only receive average salaries. Some minor glitches could occur in products during development, but they can be fixed easily.

Summary A genuinely talented software engineer will be able to correct those mistakes before they do cause any issues when released to the public.

How To Prepare for Amazon Software Developer Interview

An Amazon Software Developer Interview is an essential and in-depth process. It can determine whether or not you’re selected for an offer. If you want to optimise your chances of making it to the next round, there are a few things you need to do first: prepare yourself, be confident and understand the challenges.

The good news is that Amazon makes it easy for potential employees like you! Today we will go through the most common challenges by looking at sample questions from previous interviews. To help you ace your interview with ease, we’ve compiled three preparation tips for each one of them.

1. Technical Interview Questions:

This section includes both whiteboard and coding questions, with a shared focus on algorithms and data structures. As a software developer for Amazon, you will most likely have to implement these techniques in your day-to-day work, so understanding the theory of each one is very important to succeed in an interview. The best way to learn them is by practising.

2. Whiteboard Coding Questions:

During all your interviews and everyday work, you will be given many coding problems to solve in your local environment. It is excellent to write code in real-time, but it is not the only way to learn how computer programs work. By practising through exercises, you’ll be able to translate the theory you know into a real-world problem. This way, you will have a general idea of what you need to write and when, without losing time with useless details.

3. Data Structures & Algorithms: Let’s get started!

The best way to learn data structures is by doing. By coding and solving problems using them, you’ll better understand how they work and how they can be used to solve real-world problems.

Summary: Algorithms are not too different; the only difference is that you won’t need the code to implement them.

Frequently Asked Question

Here are some questions that people ask

1. Why should I be a software development engineer?

There are many reasons you should consider becoming a software development engineer. Still, the most important reason is that it’s one of the fastest-growing jobs in the U.S., and after 15 years, this job has likely had more than its share of upside — meaning your potential earnings have probably seen an impressive amount of growth. If you’re looking for a full-time or part-time job with opportunities to advance your career, then it’s time to take action and prepare yourself for a successful future with Amazon SDE.

2. What kind of work will I be doing?

Amazon SDE is widely known for having the best software development process around. The SDEs analyse our customers’ needs and write computer programs to fulfil their needs. The engineers in the Amazon customer experience (CX) team are responsible for building tools that make it easier for customers to buy products from Amazon’s websites, mobile apps and websites across devices. Many of the solutions are created from scratch, but many projects involve working closely with enterprise technology leaders to solve complex business problems.

###3. What do I need to get started?
Even if you’re already a software developer, you will want to brush up on the needed skills for Amazon SDE. If you’re new to the world of software development, then take some courses and then apply online. Also, before using, check with your college or university’s career services office – they can tell you what classes or certifications are required to get an Amazon SDE job.

4. How Do I Prepare For a Software Development Engineer Job With Amazon?

The best way to prepare for an Amazon SDE Job is to study the following topics: Data Structures and algorithms, computer science fundamentals, high-level language concepts. It’s also good to know about business models and e-commerce basics.

5. What communities can I join to develop ties with people in the same field?

There are many communities where you can learn more about Amazon SDE. The best place is probably the Facebook group that includes thousands of people interested in becoming software developers at Amazon. This group is called Amazon Software Development Engineer Interview Questions and Answers. Another great thing about this Facebook group is that many experts are willing to answer questions about the job. Some of these people are currently working as Amazon software development engineers.

Other than Facebook, there are other places where you can meet with Amazon SDEs and professionals who worked in this field before. One of them is, where you will find groups like Bay Area Software Developers focused on Java and software development in general. You can check out all the groups at the end of this article, but the most active community is probably

6. How much does an Amazon software development engineer make?

The median hourly pay for software developers was $50.67 in May 2015, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, with a median salary of $102,280 per year. Annual pay for software developers varies with experience, location and skills.

7. How much does an Amazon software development engineer earn annually?

This depends on the city where the job is located. For example, according to the website, an Amazon SDE in Austin will earn $116,000 annually, one in San Francisco will earn $120,000, and one in Seattle will bring home $141,000 a year (based on 1,932 salaries). In New York City-Manhattan (one of the most expensive cities globally), a new Amazon SDE can expect to make a salary of $105K per year.

8. Should I focus on salary or skills?

The correct answer is “both.” You should always consider both, but in the long run, it will be your skills and abilities that will make you money, so first focus on skills and then think about salary. The truth is, an Amazon SDE job pays pretty well to begin with.

9. What are the prerequisites for an Amazon software development engineer?

The best way to become a software development engineer at Amazon is to have experience coding in Java and Python. There’s a good chance you already have some of these skills if you’re looking for a job as an SDE because both languages are popular among computer programmers.

10. What do I need to apply for an Amazon software development engineer job?

To apply for an Amazon SDE job, you should prepare your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile before applying. Amazon is looking for people with the following experience: Java, PHP, HTML5/CSS3, Python/Ruby/Perl. NET. It’s also a good idea to submit your GitHub profile, and you will look much better if you already have some open source projects on it.


The average salary of an Amazon software developer differs from country to country. However, on average, a software engineer earns around $121,931.