Definition of Idea:

  1. A thought or suggestion as to a possible course of action.

  2. A thought or collection of thoughts that generate in the mind. An idea is usually generated with intent, but can also be created unintentionally. Ideas often form during brainstorming sessions or through discussions.

  3. An opinion or belief. My idea is that a telephone call is more personal than email, represents an opinion of which method of communication is more personal.

  4. An impression or notion that tries to portray the overarching scope or outline. Give me a general idea of how much the project will cost, refers to the fact that the supervisor needs a general estimate of how much the employee believes the project will cost.

  5. The aim or purpose.

  6. (in Platonic thought) an eternally existing pattern of which individual things in any class are imperfect copies.

Synonyms of Idea

Plan, Design, Scheme, Project, Proposal, Proposition, Suggestion, Recommendation, Aim, Intention, Objective, Object, Purpose, End, Goal, Target, Purpose, Point, Aim, Object, Objective, Goal, Intention, End, End in view, Design, Reason, Use, Utility, Sense, Motive, Abstract thought, Act of thought, Admonition, Advice, Advising, Advocacy, Affective meaning, Aim, Ambition, Animus, Apprehension, Approach, Approximation, Arrangement, Aspiration, Assumption, Attack, Attitude, Awareness, Bare suggestion, Bearing, Belief, Blueprint, Blueprinting, Brainwork, Briefing, Calculation, Cast, Caution, Caveat, Cerebration, Charting, Climate of opinion, Clue, Cogitation, Coloring, Common belief, Community sentiment, Conceit, Concept, Conception, Conceptualization, Conclusion, Connotation, Consensus gentium, Consequence, Consideration, Construct, Consultation, Contrivance, Conviction, Council, Counsel, Creative thought, Dash, Denotation, Desideration, Desideratum, Design, Desire, Determination, Device, Direction, Disposition, Doctrine, Dream, Drift, Effect, End, Enterprise, Envisagement, Essence, Estimate, Estimation, Ethos, Excogitation, Excuse, Exhortation, Explanation, Expostulation, Extension, Eye, Fancy, Fantasy, Feeling, Figuring, Fixed purpose, Force, Foresight, Forethought, Function, Game, General belief, Gist, Gleam, Goal, Grammatical meaning, Graphing, Ground plan, Guess, Guidance, Guidelines, Half an idea, Hazy idea, Headwork, Heavy thinking, Hint, Hortation, Hypothesis, Ideation, Imageless thought, Impact, Implication, Import, Impression, Inkling, Instruction, Intellection, Intellectual exercise, Intellectualization, Intendment, Intension, Intent, Intention, Intimation, Judgment, Layout, Lexical meaning, Lick, Lights, Lineup, Literal meaning, Long-range plan, Look, Mapping, Master plan, Meaning, Mental act, Mental image, Mental labor, Mental process, Mentation, Mere notion, Method, Methodology, Mind, Monition, Motive, Mystique, Nisus, Noesis, Notion, Object, Objective, Observation, Operations research, Opinion, Organization, Outlook, Overtone, Parley, Perception, Personal judgment, Pertinence, Philosophy, Picture, Pith, Plan, Planning, Planning function, Point, Point of view, Popular belief, Position, Posture, Practical consequence, Prearrangement, Presumption, Pretense, Pretext, Prevailing belief, Principle, Procedure, Program, Program of action, Project, Proposal, Prospectus, Public belief, Public opinion, Purport, Purpose, Raison detre, Range of meaning, Ratiocination, Rational ground, Rationale, Rationalization, Reaction, Real meaning, Reason, Reason for, Reason why, Reasoning, Recommendation, Reference, Referent, Relation, Relevance, Remonstrance, Resolution, Resolve, Sake, Schedule, Schema, Schematism, Schematization, Scheme, Scheme of arrangement, Scintilla, Scope, Semantic cluster, Semantic field, Sense, Sentiment, Setup, Shade, Shadow, Sight, Significance, Signification, Significatum, Signifie, Sip, Smack, Smattering, Smell, Sneaking suspicion, Soupcon, Span of meaning, Spark, Spirit, Sprinkling, Stance, Stated cause, Straight thinking, Strategic plan, Strategy, Striving, Structural meaning, Study, Substance, Suggestion, Sum, Sum and substance, Sup, Suspicion, Symbolic meaning, System, Systematization, Tactical plan, Tactics, Taste, Tenet, Tenor, The big idea, The big picture, The idea, The picture, The whatfor, The wherefore, The why, Theory, Thinking, Thinking aloud, Thinking out, Thought, Tincture, Tinge, Totality of associations, Touch, Trace, Transferred meaning, Unadorned meaning, Underlying reason, Understanding, Undertone, Vague idea, Value, View, Viewpoint, Warning, Way, Way of thinking, Will, Working plan

How to use Idea in a sentence?

  1. I took a job with the idea of getting some money together.
  2. When trying to figure out how to make an income while laid up with a broken leg, writing seemed my best idea .
  3. The idea of linking pay to performance has caught on.
  4. For example, the Form or Idea of a horse is intelligible, abstract, and applies to all horses.
  5. The tech company members had decided on an idea and now were brainstorming on how to further that idea and bring it to fruition in the real world.
  6. He had a brilliant idea regarding increasing sales in his company but it took the marketing team a number of months to implement it.

Meaning of Idea & Idea Definition

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