Definition of Associated:

  1. Being joined or accompanied by another object or thing. For example, a résumé is often associated with a cover letter when an individual applies for a job.

  2. Having worked with or had a special relation with. For example, two partner companies can be associated with one another because of the business they conduct together.

  3. (of a person or thing) connected with something else.

Synonyms of Associated

Accessory, Accompanying, Accordant, Affiliate, Affiliated, Agreeing, Allied, Assembled, Associate, At one with, Attendant, Attending, Banded together, Bound, Bracketed, Cabalistic, Coacting, Coactive, Coadunate, Coincident, Collaborative, Collateral, Collected, Collective, Collectivistic, Collusive, Combined, Combining, Common, Communal, Communistic, Commutual, Concerted, Concomitant, Concordant, Concurrent, Concurring, Confederate, Confederated, Conjoined, Conjoint, Conjugate, Connected, Consilient, Conspiratorial, Cooperant, Cooperative, Coordinate, Copulate, Corporate, Correlated, Correlative, Coupled, Coworking, Enleagued, Federate, Federated, Fellow, Gathered, General, Hand-in-glove, Hand-in-hand, Harmonious, Implicated, In cahoots, In common, In league, In partnership, In with, Incorporated, Integrated, Interlinked, Interlocked, Interrelated, Intimate, Involved, Joined, Joint, Knotted, Leagued, Linked, Married, Matched, Mated, Meeting, Merged, Mutual, Of that ilk, Of that kind, Paired, Parallel, Parasitic, Partners with, Popular, Public, Reciprocal, Related, Saprophytic, Simultaneous, Social, Socialistic, Societal, Spliced, Symbiotic, Synchronous, Synergetic, Synergic, Synergistic, Teamed, Tied, Twin, Twinned, Undivided, United, Uniting, Unseparated, Wed, Wedded, Yoked, Related, Connected, Linked, Correlated, Analogous, Similar, Alike, Kindred, Corresponding

How to use Associated in a sentence?

  1. All of the athletes endorsements were dropped after the scandal because no company felt comfortable having their products associated with a criminal.
  2. Two associated events.
  3. I didnt want her to be associated with all of those bad memories, so I avoided the subject with her.
  4. I didnt want her to be associated with all of those bad memories, so I avoided the subject with her.

Meaning of Associated & Associated Definition