Teeth Whitening Dentist

Sparking shine with a confident smile is dream of every one.people visit dentist for making their teeth whitening and spend much to enhance their beauty.teeth are essential for making our look flawless,just imagine the beauties of world without teeth.how would you feel???


Surely you will feel uncomfortable and uncomplete without teeth,so why not a dentist that can restore our oral beauty.past two decades saw a diversity that not only make over and beauty products are necessary,but also attaining a healthy life style with proper care of body essential.

In America the dentist are much busy in doing their job of teeth whitening that according to an estimate in last five years they made around $11 billion dollars per anum.Not only the media persons and actors use this but also it got popularity among masses.

What a teeth whitening dentist can do???

A teeth whitening dentist can drag you out from a situation where you feel embarrassment in front of people because of teeth that are pale due to red wine, excessive smoking, chewing tobacco,tea coffee etc.th le stains are so prominent that it’s impossible to remove them without taking help of dentist.

Now You will thought about the toothpaste with exaggerating advertisement,or in the name of smokers etc.

They effect ,but a little .in other words your requirements are more than it.so it’s time to visit dentist.they have multiple options according to your teeth type,jaws senstivity,your buget.

In office teeth whitening dentist

There are certain ways to get rid of plaqued teath, bleeding gums,bad smell all such methods are possible in office because effective machinery is used in assistance with medicine and injections.one of the most popular method is teeth bleaching method,in this method we can bleach out teeth in one sitting or in two sessions of procedure.the method is quite easy and simple and widely used by the customers who are suffering from pale teeth.

Some other conventional and non conventional method are used also for example dental trays,dental strips, scaling and root planning.now we will see this methods in details.

In office teeth whitening and bleaching
This is as simple as you can imagine,you have to do nothing but to take appointment from a renowned doctor,by renowned we mean a experience doctor that can proper guide us about the pros and cons of this method.And guide us according to type of our teeth structure, senstivity level,the number of sessions we already have taken.

Let’s see the main steps of teeth bleaching procedure.

1: apply the gingival resin

This is the most important step after consulting your dentist,the application of resin like tube through injection.sometimes people consider this method a injecting method but it’s quit different, because we just put a barrier on the gums and teeth root so they may not damaged by the bleaching agent or UV rays.
So we apply this solution and after some time it becomes hard,then next process started.

2: photopolymerization

In this step the bleaching agent is used to bleach the teeth effectively.Normaly dentist assure you to whiten your teeth two shades lighter.which is above normal and a great success in the 45 minutes.uv rays are used to this process for 30 seconds.they are sharp waves that goes into micro pores of teeth and stimulate them for further process.

3: chosing right amount of bleaching agent

The third step is chose the right amount of bleaching agents like hydrogen peroxide that is a key element of bleach either in case of face ,hair,or teeth whitening.when we are using this in home next normally 3% to 15% of hydrogen peroxide is used but in office, dentist take the more amount of this like 25% to 40%.It also depands upon the customer requirement of greeting more lighter as shades,the senstivity unit a person can bear.Many levels of bleaching agent are present we have to chose right quantity in right time.

4: Mixing the gels through syrings

The bleaching agents are then mixed through syrings without needle.the benefits to mixing the injections in this way is that the bleach do not wasted and you can point the right place.Now it’s time to apply this gel form on the teeth without touching gums.

Normally these gels are red or yellow in color and we apply these on the teeth one by one and wait for 20 minutes.After 20 minutes we again mix them on the teeth so the gel do not slip from the right place.after ten more minutes we do the next process.

5: washing teeth and using salvia ejector

A band inserted in the mouth so our gums and lips do not disturb by this and mouth remain open without discomforting our muscles.the of protecting pad easily grip the lips and make it easy to wide open the mouth.

Now for removing gel ,you could not properly rins your mouth and teeth through conventional way.So the dentist have a little water spray pope and other is salvia ejector pipe so patient do not disturb.Make sure to rins it thoroughly.bleaching particles if left over may harm you.

6: application of second gel

Now it’s time to apply second gel to make the bleach more effective.once again dentist will mix the gel and apply it on the surface of teeth.after that you can wash your mouth and your process hase been done.it must be kept in view that if dentist find that third bleaching session is necessary then he may repeat this but normally two sessions are enough.

Sometimes scaling is also done with bleaching but if your teeth are free from plaque and tarter then you are not asked.
Now compare your teeth with shade card,it is two shades lighter.

Things to keep in mind while bleaching

Above we discussed the bleaching method in detail through step by step method.but it’s a complex method to some extent that’s why if your teeth are senstive ,do not try this bleaching method because it may harm you more than beneficial.

If you are satisfied enough for two sessions of bleaching do not force the dentist for doing third one.

After bleaching your micro pores of teeth are open ,so do not drink liquid that contain stain items like red wine, coffee, chocolate,tea should be avoided moreover frizzy drink are also more harmful in such case when your teeth and gums are already senstive.

After two to three days you can take your normal diet.

When this process can be repeated…??

Teeth bleaching step depands upon your diet and some time your genetic.if genetically your teeth quality isn’t good then of course it won’t help you more,but if you are taking good diet and avoiding food that are harmful for teeth and restrained your self from soft drinks you may drag this bleaching longer but it’s frequent sessions are not allowed because to some extent they damage the teeth enamal.so it is suggested that repeat the bleaching process once after two years.

Is bleaching method painful???

You can’t say this method involves pain but definitely when we are going to clean our teeth through bleaching it will involve some senstivity that is very common,besides this we also use gel to protect gums so that the sensitivity level remain low and you can easily go through this process without pain.

Teeth whitening trays

This is the second method used by dentist to whiten teeth.in this method we also use 10% of carbamide to clean teeth.First step is to visit your dentist he will make a mold like your teeth structure ,this mold is called tray.

Once tray mold is ready according to your gum now second step is to fill the tray with carbamide.we will not fill it with lot of quantity rather we will pour only little droplet on each teeth place ,then we will fix it on the teeth and let them stay in the same position for 6 to 10 hours or over night.this process should be repeated on consecutive days in case of any senstiviy occur.

How to repeat process while you have one tray??
The ans is simple just remove the tray.For next use ,use a cotton bud and rinse them well for next application.dont worry these trays are designed to use continuously.they are precise fit.Dentist made it according to your teeth pattern that’s why they easily adjustable and customized.

Teeth whitening strips

The third method used by dentist is teeth whitening strips.Theycare easy to use and quick application and removal.the steps are so simple for young ones too.simply remove the sticker and place them on the teeth avoiding gums, because these strips also contain bleaching agents.you have to use them continous 14 days for best results.

In the first step we prepare teeth for this,such like apply the gingival barriers,then photopolymerization for 30s .after that we will select the percentage of hydrogen peroxide that we will use for teeth whitening according to teeth structure and need.

Then application of bleach through injection,the Mixing of medicine through syrings are essential.
We applied this mixture for 20 minutes to work, additional ten minutes are also required for mixing the gel on the tooth so it may work effectivly.

With the help of salvia ejector the medicine is removed and rinse the whole mouth,once again the process is repeated for maximum results.after two sessions if there is need of third session it can be done with proper assistance.
This process cost is $650 to $1000 which is economical to some extent but overall it’s expensive.

The second step dental teeth whitening method is teeth whitening trays that are adjustable to teeth and are form according to your teeth structure.the small amount of medicine is poured in tooth and applied on the tooth for at least more than six hour.this is also a repeated process.

The third step is teeth whitening strips that are not a permanent solution but effective,this method can be used for two weeks.
Laser tooth whitening is also in practice but it’s rare.

Summary: Above we discussed all the methods that are used by dentist to restore the teeth whitening that has been lost due to our eating habbits,junk food,frizzy drinks,tea, coffee,wine. The first step that we discussed was the method of teeth bleaching through uv waves and hydrogen peroxide.25% to 40% hydrogen peroxide is taken.


People also ask

1:How much does it cost to whiten your teeth at a dentist?
Ans:it would cost about 600$ to 800$.

2: How long does it take for a dentist to whiten your teeth?
Ans:it would take two sessions of teeth whitening process.one the basic process and second for touch up session.

3:How do you get rid of yellow teeth overnight?
Ans: simply apply baking soda and apple cider vinegar mixture for 3 minutes and then rins with water.


We discussed in detail the teeth whitening.in office teeth whitening steps are those steps that can be done in office.because certain machineries are required . DIY methods are also in practice but in office procedures gives better results.

Laser method or bleaching method is quite effective and gives you instant results like in one hour you can get two shades like lighter shade.The teeth are firstly prepare for process by gingival barriers then application of medicine and washing it.it is a costly process but it’s effective but if you are already bleeding gums and senstivity of teeth then you are not suggested to do this.and take a break of two years after once using it.

Teeth whitening trays are customized trays that are made by dentist and easy to put in or out out for a long time of 10 hours.they also give maximum results.they are also called boil and bite trays.when you boil them and put on the gum and slightly press them according to teeth structure.then again fill little amount of carbamide and place them.again it would give awsome results.

Teeth whitening strips are also effective they can be used for two weeks.all such methods are friendly and painless you can chose them, when you need it.the laser mathis is frequently used by actors or the people they directly intouch with others and influencers.

The whitening trays and strips are also called simple ways because they require lot of machinery.many sites provide the UV photopolymerization and teeth whitening kit.in home the amount of hydrogen peroxide is used less than in office.some diy method are also effective for teeth whitening such as charcoal , baking soda ,lemon and salt.