How often can you bleach your teeth?

How often can you bleach your teeth? You can bleach your teeth once a year according to the experts. It also depends on your teeth’ condition. Teeth whitening procedures should be taken according to the instruction of any dentists. Maintenance after teeth bleaching is the key to long-lasting results. After all the procedures have been done, you must continue some necessary retouches at home to sustain the results.

What is the difference between teeth whitening and teeth bleaching?

What is teeth bleaching? Before discussing further, let me tell you what teeth bleaching is. Teeth Bleaching is a process used to brighten your teeth without any complications. In this process, there is no cutting, etching, or removal of your dental enamel. Most people think that teeth whitening and bleaching are the same; therefore, they are misleadingly interchangeable but there is a slight difference between them.

  • Teeth whitening :arrow_right: The pocedure to bring back the natural color of your teth that hides out due to extrinsic stains.

  • Teeth Bleachng :arrow_right: The procedure to brighten up your teeth besides the natural color of your teeth. It doesn’t necessarily mean to have stained teeth. You can do it just to make your smile more beautiful and brighter.

:writing_hand: SUMMARY
You can whiten your teeth once a year or according to the expert’s advice. Teeth whitening refers to regaining your teeth naturally while teeth bleaching refers to brightening up your teeth beyond the natural color.

Here’s are some pros and cons of teeth bleaching:


In this section, you will some of the benefits of teeth bleaching:

1. Improve your dental health:

Maintaining dental hygiene not only makes you look good and attractive but also prevents you from several diseases. Bleaching is among one the ways that help to improve your dental hygiene.

2. Make you more confident:

Of course, if you have yellow teeth, you will feel shy and less confident. But instead of becoming introverted because of the thoughts that people judge you, you can go for teeth bleaching procedures.

3. Attract people’s attention towards you:

A smile plays an important role in your everyday life. It draws people’s attention towards you and shows how friendly you are. And a perfect smile owes to perfectly brightened teeth.

4. Strengthen your self-esteem:

It can overcome your despicable behavior due to stained teeth and makes you more social and happy. It also improves your communication skills.

5. Make you more photogenic:

If someone looks attractive in photos then they are called photogenic. The best way to look photogenic is simply by having a beautiful smile. And it helps you in that case as well.

6. Make you fastidious(a person with good hygienic measures):

Taking care of personal hygiene is essential to protect yourself from many diseases. Having stained or yellow teeth makes people think that you don’t care about your dental hygiene. So it is better to opt for this procedure to improve your hygiene. It ultimately proves beneficial to your mental health as you will not feel left out.


If you are wondering, do bleaching or whitening procedures damage the teeth? So the simple answer to this query is NO. It is considered safe if it is not done frequently or you do it according to the expert’s advice. But there are some temporal effects that you may experience within 48 hours of the procedure (which is normal).
Here are some side effects of teeth bleaching that you should know before going for it.

1. Increase tooth sensitivity:

The most common effect that you may observe after the procedure is increased teeth sensitivity after consuming hot or cold things. If it lasts for days or becomes severe, it is a matter of concern and you should consult with the doctor. Otherwise; it will be fine on its own.

2. Effect on dental enamel:

The biggest risk you take while going for this procedure is that it may affect your dental enamel if it’s done by an expert. Overuse of bleaching products at home damages your dental enamel as it contains Hydrogen Peroxide that diffuses in enamel to break down chromogens

3. May cause blistering:

In this process, a chemical named Hydrogen Peroxide is used. It is a strong chemical if it is overused or an improper quantity of it is used, it causes burning of the lips.

4. May cause inflammation:

It doesn’t happen usually if the course of action is done by an expert. It only happens due to the presence of cavities or cracks due to which chemicals leak out and causes inflammation of the lips or gums.

5. May cause stomach pain or sore throat:

During this treatment, you should try not to swallow the whitening gel as it may cause problems like nausea, stomach pain, or sore throat. The gel contains excess Hydrogen Peroxide which can be dangerous.

6. May cause allergic reactions:

Go for this procedure after consulting your doctor. It is considered safe yet if you are allergic to any certain chemical, you should inform your doctor so that he can inform you about any necessary precautions.

7. Only for extrinsic stains:

These treatments are helpful to regain your teeth 'natural color. But it is limited to extrinsic stains only if your stains are intrinsic (caused due by any medication or if it is inherited.)

:writing_hand: SUMMARY
Teeth whitening has some benefits as well as some side effects. It improves your self-esteem, makes you hygienic and attractive. But it may cause lip burning, digestive problems and may affect your dental enamel.

How long does teeth whitening last?

Professional teeth whitening lasts a minimum of three months to a maximum of more than 2 years or sometimes even for 3 years. It usually depends on habits and care. If you don’t stop smoking or have a high caffeine intake, then it will not last for long.

Therefore, it is recommended that you should do some touch-ups at home after taking professional treatment. This helps you to make your teeth as bright as a pearl but it is temporary, unfortunately.

For long-lasting results, here are some very helpful tips:

● Stop high caffeine intakes like coffee or tea

● Avoid smoking.

● Minimize your cold drinks intake

● Brush your teeth two times a day

● Minimize the intake of starchy foods like pasta

How do dentists perform in-office teeth whitening?

Teeth bleaching or whitening that is performed in the dental clinic is called in-office teeth whitening. Dentists mainly use two approaches to whiten your teeth.

1. Teeth whitening with syringe:

In this, they apply hydrogen peroxide with a syringe and leave it for a while. Then, rinse it properly.

2. Teeth whitening with laser:

This is a new and more effective way to brighten the teeth. Firstly hydrogen peroxide is applied and then the teeth are exposed to laser light like LED or Halogen. It is proven that a laser is a more effective way to whiten teeth and it gives better results than the one without a laser.

In-office whitening can last for 3 years but with some necessary precautions like avoiding smoking and high caffeine and cold drinks intake. In-office whitening can be done with the help of syringes or lasers.

How can you do teeth whitening with braces?

Yes, you can do professional teeth whitening if your braces are removable but if it is not you should wait first. In-office teeth whitening is possible only for lingual braces.

In this, your upper teeth are covered properly and then strong whitening agents are used to remove stains. It may take more than one visit for satisfying or desired results.

Celebrities that have done teeth whitening:

The reason behind the ‘Hollywood smile’ of many celebrities is also this awful whitening treatment. There is a list of celebrities who have done teeth whitening procedures.

● Tom cruise

● Geri Horner

● Victoria Beckham

● Juddy Murray

● Philip Schofield

● Cheryl Cole

● Nicolas Cage

● Miley Cyrus

● And many more…

Teeth whitening treatment at home:

You can also do teeth whitening at home. It is a cheap process but it is not as effective as the professional one. But still, it works out and makes your teeth brighter than before.

1. Teeth whitening with strips:

You can purchase these strips easily from a nearby pharmacy shop. It contains a chemical named Carbamide peroxide. It is an effective way to restore your yellow teeth. These strips contain a relatively low concentration of whitening agents. Therefore, it is not better than in-office teeth whitening. So, if your teeth are in very bad condition then it is recommended to go for a professional one as it will give more noticeable results.


:small_red_triangle_down:It is safe, fast, and easy.

:small_red_triangle_down:It is a cheap and affordable method.

:small_red_triangle_down:It shows drastic changes within days.

:small_red_triangle_down:It removes stains from the tooth surface.

:slightly_frowning_face: Side effects:

:small_red_triangle_down:It causes tooth sensitivity most of the time.

:small_red_triangle_down:In many cases, it causes inflammation of the lips and gums.

2. Teeth whitening with trays:

After the in-office teeth whitening, dentists usually provide a take-home-tray kit. It is made according to your mouth size. This tray contains fewer stronger agents and it is only for touch-ups at home. You can see the results after 2 or 3 days. These trays are filled with whitening agents like Hydrogen Peroxide.

:slightly_smiling_face: Benefits:

:small_red_triangle_down:It can be customized.

:small_red_triangle_down:It is designed to prevent leaking into gums. Thus, minimizing the risks of inflammation.

:small_red_triangle_down:It is safer and faster and helps to achieve your desired shade in no time.

:slightly_frowning_face: Side effects:

:small_red_triangle_down:Overuse increases the risks of severe teeth sensitivity.

:small_red_triangle_down:You may feel lips burning if whitening agents leak out (which is extremely rare as these trays are made according to your mouth size and also have enough space to fill chemical.)

:small_red_triangle_down:If you swallow the chemical, it can cause digestive problems like nausea or stomach ache, or maybe a sore throat.

3. Teeth whitening through brushing:

Last but not least. It is known to everyone and no one denies that brushing your teeth regularly has a drastic effect on your dental health. Brush your teeth twice a day and especially after eating any sweet item like chocolate, cake., etc. This will help you to brighten your teeth.


:one:Does bleaching damage the tooth?

No, it doesn’t damage your teeth and it is considered safe. It is also more effective than whitening at home. It is done under experts’ supervision and they make sure that the process is more beneficial and less harmful.

:two:Is it worth it to get your teeth whitened?

Yes, it’s worth it. There are several benefits of teeth whitening It improves your physical and mental health, boosts up your confidence, and draws people’s attention towards you.

:three:Is laser whitening painful?

No, it is not painful at all. It may cause sensitivity but for 24 hours only. After this, you should avoid intake of extremely hot or cold items. But don’t worry! It fades out eventually and you will feel normal.

:four:How long do tooth whitening procedures take?

It typically takes only one and a half hours. It sometimes takes two to three sessions to achieve the expected shade. You should start seeing the results of laser whitening treatment the same day.

:five:Can teeth be whitened permanently?

No, it is not permanent. You can whiten your teeth through teeth bleaching but only for a maximum of 3 years. It is a short-lived process but can last for a long time by taking necessary precautions as well as by changing your lifestyle and habits.

:six:Can yellow teeth become white?

Yes, yellow teeth can become white through teeth bleaching or whitening as discussed above. Sometimes, teeth become yellow or stained due to over-in take of colas, coffee, or tea. But you can restore your teeth 'natural color through bleaching.

:seven:How much does professional teeth whitening cost?

The average cost of professional teeth whitening is 700$. It also depends on your teeth condition and can also exceed 1000$. Professional teeth whitening is at a costlier side but it provides more noticeable results than teeth whitening with strips.

:eight:What is the price of teeth whitening home kit?

The average cost of a teeth whitening kit is usually more than 250$. But before buying, you must check the ADA seal on it and also be aware of the ingredients used in it. You should make sure to purchase it from a trustworthy brand to avoid any complications.

:nine:Can you whiten your teeth with braces?

Yes, if your braces are lingual or removable, you can go for a professional one. But if it is not, you should wait. You can use whitening strips from nearby pharmacies or take-home-tray from clinics.

:keycap_ten:Does the teeth whitening process cause pain?

It is usually considered a painless process. But slight negligence can lead you to pain like if the whitening agents leak out, or you have any cavities or cracks, or if you swallow the whitening gel or peroxide, it can cause lips burning, gums inflammation, and digestive problems respectively.

:woman_office_worker:To conclude:

These treatments are extremely beneficial if it is taken through a well-known or trustworthy clinic. In-office whitening is surely more effective than whitening at home. But remember that it only works for extrinsic stains. And if you keep smoking and do not change your lifestyle, then it is useless to go for this procedure.

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