Human Resources (HR)

Human Resources (HR),

What is Human Resources (HR)?

  • Human Resources (HR) means, Human Resources (HR) is a department of the company that is responsible for the search, selection, recruitment and training of candidates and the management of beneficial programs. HR plays a key role in managing the rapidly changing business environment and the growing demand for qualified employees in the 21st century.

    • Human Resources (HR) is the company's department that is responsible for finding, selecting, recruiting and training candidates, as well as managing performance programs.
    • HR's additional responsibilities include compensation and benefits, hiring, firing and updating the law that may affect the company and its employees.
    • Many companies have abandoned traditional HR internal management functions and outsourced tasks, such as payroll and benefits to external suppliers.

  • You can define Human Resources (HR) as, Time People who work and run a company or organization. Internal services related to recruitment, training, benefits, etc.

  • Human Resources (HR) means: Department or support system responsible for recruiting and hiring employees, tracking candidates, developing and tracking skills, managing benefits, and complying with applicable government regulations.

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