How to Get a Boyfriend

Do you need a date for an upcoming school dance? Or maybe there’s a family event, and you’d love to have a boyfriend to accompany you. There are many reasons that you might feel like you need a boyfriend quickly. Fortunately, there are some ways that you can meet a nice guy and start dating him within a few weeks. It will require some effort on your part. You’ll need to be confident and create opportunities. But overall, remember: don’t start dating someone you don’t like just to have a boyfriend. It’s important to be patient with yourself and wait for the right person to come along.

If you are confronted with the prospect of yet another single holiday, birthday, party, event, or new year, you might want to ramp up your guy-finding game.

Not everyone wants a boyfriend, of course, but if you do, there are plenty of ways to get a boyfriend and snag yourself a gem.

Don’t worry about how long it takes, or where or how you find them. You don’t need a fairytale meeting and nobody is going to care about the story of how you met, so cut yourself some slack.

Rather than sit around and wait for Prince Charming to break down the door and rescue you from your sullen lifestyle, get out there and create a life any guy would want to be a part of!

Here’s how you can get a boyfriend and have an awesome life in the process.

Finding the Right Guy

  1. Build your confidence. To meet a guy quickly, you’re going to need to put some effort into finding the right person. One of the best ways to attract someone is to show that you like yourself. Take some steps to boost your confidence. If you like yourself, it’s more likely that other people will, too.
  • Practice. If you’re nervous about talking to a guy you like, figure out your game plan ahead of time.
  • Try rehearsing what you want to say in front of the mirror. This will help you feel less nervous when you are with your crush.
  • Pick an outfit that makes you feel good. Wear something that makes you happy. For example, if red is your lucky color wear your favorite red sweater to school tomorrow.

Figure out what you want. There might be a special occasion coming up that makes you feel like you need a boyfriend fast. Sure, it will be great to have a prom date, but remember, you don’t want just any boyfriend. Take some time to list your dating priorities.

  • Make a list of the qualities that interest you. Do you want someone who is funny? Write it down. Should he share your love of scary movies? Put it on the list.
  • Don’t forget to include characteristics such as kindness and treating you with respect.

Be outgoing. You need to get be prepared to talk to people if you want to find a boyfriend fast. Practice being outgoing. It’s a helpful trait to have when you are trying to make a connection with someone.

  • Be ready to participate in any conversation. If the guy you like is talking about soccer, don’t be afraid to say, “I think soccer is cool, but I don’t know much about it. Can you tell me some of the important things to know?”
  • Smile. This tells people you are confident and ready to chat.

Ask your friends for help. Your social network can be a great resource when you’re looking for someone new to date. Try asking your friends to help you out. And don’t forget to mention your deadline

  • You could say, “Sarah, you have lots of guy friends. Can you think of someone you can set me up with for this weekend?”
  • If you have someone in mind, you might say, “Steph, I think your friend Colin is cute. Can you ask him if he wants to go to the movies with a group of us on Friday?”

Socialize. If you want a boyfriend fast, you need to put yourself out there. This means you need to be very social. Try to say “yes” to every invitation you receive.

  • Maybe your friends invite you to go see a movie, but you don’t feel like seeing that film. Go anyway! You never know who will be in the group.
  • Mix and mingle wherever you are. If you’re at your little brother’s soccer game, don’t be afraid to say “hi” to the cute guy sitting next to you.

Use social media. If you’re a young, social person you likely have several social media accounts. Try using technology to your advantage! You can connect with someone you already know on several platforms.

  • Use Facebook. Go ahead and friend the smart guy from your English class!
  • Did you meet someone at a party recently? Ask to follow them on Instagram.

Making a Connection

Use body language. You can use physical signs to show a guy that you are interested in him. This can open the door to flirting and conversation. And then hopefully a date!

  • Lean closer when he is speaking. This will help show that you are interested.
  • Try a light touch during the conversation. If he makes you laugh, react by gently placing your hand on his for a moment.
  • Avoid standing with your arms crossed. This is a signal that you are not interested.

Try flirting. If you want the guy to ask you out, flirting is a great way to let him know that you like him. Take some time to practice you’re flirting technique. The next time you meet someone, you’ll be ready!

  • Try gently teasing him. You might say, “Wow, you’re really into video games. Do you ever have time to do anything else? Like go to the movies?”
  • Laugh. When he says something amusing, make sure to react positively.
  • Use a light tone of voice. Make sure not to speak to loudly or too intensely.
  • Don’t forget to smile and make eye contact!

Start a conversation. Don’t be afraid to make the first move. If you notice a guy you like, approach him. Try making small talk and see where it goes.

  • Ask a question. You could try, “I’ve never seen you here before. Do you go to school nearby?”
  • Comment on something going on around you. For example, “Wow, the music they’re playing is awesome. Do you like hip-hop?”

Find common ground. Once you have started the conversation, it’s time to go more in depth. Try to find something that you have in common. This will help you find ways to connect with him.

  • Maybe you notice that he is wearing a Chicago Bears hat. You could say, “I don’t know much about the Bears, but I love football! Maybe you could tell me about your favorite team.”
  • If reading is your passion, ask him what his favorite book is. Promise to read it and then bring it up next time you see him.

Plan a date. Once you two have connected, it’s time to take the next step. You don’t have to wait for a guy to ask you out. Be confident and ask him to do something!

  • Try saying, “It seems like we are both into movies. Do you want to go see the new Marvel movie with me on Friday night?”
  • You can also put some of the planning on him. You could say, “I’m free Friday night. What should we do?”

Building a Relationship

Have fun together. After you’ve found a guy to date, you can focus on connecting on a deeper level. One of the best ways to bond with your new guy is to focus on fun. Look for ways to have a good time together.

  • Make sure to laugh. Try watching a funny movie together, or telling each other jokes.
  • Don’t be afraid to be playful. If you pass a park, ask if he wants to push you on the swings.

Spend time with each other. When you’re building a new relationship, it is important to spend quality time together. Make sure to make time for your new boyfriend, and ask the same of him. Be creative!

  • Study together. Doing homework or quizzing each other for an upcoming test is a great way to get in some quality time without neglecting your responsibilities.
  • Take turns picking an activity. Try alternating making the plans for your Friday night date.

Try new things. Experiencing new things is a great way to connect. Look for fun activities that neither or you have tried before. For example, you could try taking a dance lesson together.

  • You could also try learning a new sport. Maybe the two of you could try to figure out tennis together.

Respect each other. When you are dating a guy, make sure that you treat him with respect. Likewise, he should also treat you with respect. This means listening to each other and being kind.

  • Make sure to show up on time when you have plans. Expect the same from him.
  • If a guy doesn’t treat you with kindness, he is not worth your time.