Art and its types

Art is a set of different skills like designing, painting, acting and calligraphy. Art is a specific talent a person is gifted with or can conduct with their will. It is considered as an inherited ability of a person, and people who are part of different forms of interest have their connection with the particular state of the art from their childhood. And when at some point in their life they recognize it then either pursue it an as a carrier and if not then do it to pass their leisure time.

Some people are lucky enough to get to know their inner art at an early age so that they can pursue it from a very first time. While some people get to know about their internal capabilities little later and then they look for opportunities from where they can start their journey in the field of art.

The journey of being of an artist is very much dependent upon fate. Because some people are very fortunate when it comes to getting profitable opportunities, and they do not even have to work hard for it. They get in the form of a piece of cake and from their life as an artist starts. But on the other hand, some people are not so fortunate, and they have to work hard in true meanings to get some rewarding changes in their life to start their carrier as an artist.

History of Art

Coming to art and how it got its name art. So in 18 century, when technical skills were observed and named as skills of a person at that time the word art was suggested for technical skills. It was then divided into two categories. In those times, the insect of sculptures and painting was coming out of people, and anybody who could do painting, drawing or sketching was considered as particular person with unique abilities.

The word illustration emerged in the late 18 century, and people used it for something aesthetic and beautiful. And painting was like a common form of art for people, and then they paid attention to designing, making of ornaments and other things like textile designing. It was then decided that art has different forms and shapes, and based on it was classified as fine arts and applied arts.

Fine arts

Fine arts were the name given to talents like painting, drawing, sketching, sculpturing, and writing. And people who were involved in these forms of arts were taking them as a carrier, and they started earning from it.

Applied arts

Applied arts were given the name to textile designing, making of decoration pieces and ornaments. It was named as textile art because it was used over some object to make them look beautiful and different.

Later, when more work was done in the field of art, it was then added in the course of students. It was then a separate subject, and students used to take it as a part of their time. Different art universities were inaugurated to make sure that this field flourishes like every other field, and a person who is an artist should be taken seriously.

Different forms of Arts

Now art is a vast subject, and it has different categories. Some of them are


Acting is a form of art in which a person plays the role of another person by developing their character. It is an occupation in which fictional roles are played on TV screens, in movies or live in front of the audience. And the person who performs the fictional character is called an actor. It is now when of the most successful field as people love entertainment and spending their free time watching movies and different shows.


A calligraphy is a form of art in which a person showcase his or her talent of beautiful handwriting. Muslims did it, and they made beautiful Arabic calligraphy of Arabic verses, and then another artist did it. A calligraphy is an Islamic form of art, but now it is done by other people as well who have a talent of doing calligraphy.


Painting is a talent for using different colours in making something beautiful and artistic. There are various forms of artwork like oil painting, watercolour painting, digital painting and some other types. All of them involve the use of colours for making landscapes, portraits and some unique decoration pieces that you can put on the walls of your houses.


Dance is a specific form of art in which a series of movements are performed over the music. In dance, the steps and rhythmic movements produced by hands and legs are matching the sound of music. It is a popular form of art and is learned after long episodes of practice and hard work.


Signing is an art in which a person produces musical sounds, and the activity they perform is over the tunes of music. It is an act of using your voice to have something in a rhythm that sounds harmonious or soothing.