How to Repost on Instagram Quickly?

Why doesn’t Instagram give a ‘share’ button to the public? Instagram developers are deliberately not adding a repost function on Instagram . The goal is to protect the copyright of images or videos for commercial purposes, for example, a photographer or content creator. Then what if we want to repost on Instagram without being penalized?

How to Repost on Instagram Quickly?

There are two ways if you want to share pictures or videos of other users directly from Instagram.
You can do this by sharing images via Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp applications . Or by sending an image or video post via Instagram Direct Message to specific followers.

Then what if you want to share with more than one person? It’s long and makes it annoying right . Take it easy, you can do several ways to repost on Instagram below

How to Repost on Instagram

Here, I will share with you 6 ways to repost on Instagram, either via third-party applications, screenshots, to Copy-Paste the URL link.


Come on …

Repost application on Instagram

The first way I recommend is to use the repost application on Instagram. Using the repost application on Instagram is easy and can be used on all supported devices , so don’t be surprised if this method is the most used by most Instagram users.

To repost photos or videos on Instagram, you can use applications such as InstaRepost or the Repost for Instagram application.

How to Use These two applications are almost the same, therefore you may find it difficult to operate this application …

If you still don’t know how, here’s the tutorial …

First, open the Instagram application, and look for photos or videos of other people to repost.

Click the three horizontal gray dots on the top right of the post. When you click, there will be several options available, just select “Copy Share URL”.

Minimize the Instagram application and open the application that I mentioned above.

The repost app that you have installed will automatically detect the link that you copied on the previous Instagram application and you can choose to repost immediately or save it in your gallery for other purposes.

Repost & Regram is a third party application and does not cooperate with Instagram and is to be used to repost photos and videos.

This app mimics your normal Instagram feed …

… This allows Instagram users to like and repost as many posts as they want.

Another addition to using the repost app on Instagram is that it retains the original author and their title, making it easier for you to give credit where it belongs.

If you don’t want to add a credit title to the original content creator then this application is not suitable for you.

Use the Screenshot feature to capture images from content posts

If you don’t have enough RAM and Memory, just use this second method …

… using screenshots.

If you use iOS, you can take a screenshot by pressing the home and power buttons simultaneously.

For Android devices, how to take screenshots varies, depending on the Android device and your smartphone vendor …

… But, usually, screenshots can be pressed by pressing the volume button and the power button simultaneously.

If it’s successful, you can post it back on Instagram by selecting it from your gallery.

You can use your filter and give a caption according to your wishes …

I suggest that you better use the original caption of the original content and mention the name of the content owner’s account.

Tag the owner of the original photo in the post as a form of your responsibility …

Repost by copying and pasting the URL of the Post Share

If this method is clear you can’t do it to repost on Instagram . But to repost from Instagram to other social media. The method is really easy .

  1. Open the post you like

  2. Click the three gray dots icon in the top right corner.

  3. Select Copy URL

  4. Post on your destination social media .

This way, you don’t have to worry about crediting the content owner anymore . Because you are already connected to the post. You just need to give a caption and be free to post it!

Repost on Instagram with Embed

Do you want to repost an Instagram post on your blog or website?

You can do this on a computer or laptop by using the post embed code. access the web page, log-in to your Instagram account.

  1. Find the post you want to share.

  2. Click on the three dots icon in the lower right corner of the post and select Embed.

  3. You have the option to include the original text for repost on Instagram …

  4. just delete it by unchecking the box you don’t want to use the original caption.

  5. Click on the “Copy Embed Code” button.

This method can be used in almost all types of CMS blogs and you don’t need to worry about copyright issues because how to copy the embed code has a link to the author so it doesn’t violate copyright.

Go to the blog and insert the embed code where HTML is received.

If your blogging platform has a preview option, use it to see what an Instagram post will look like before publishing.

This is to prevent link errors or broken links when the content has been published.

Repost on Instagram for business

If you want to post content that is already on Instagram for business purposes, you have a special option.There are several applications such as Iconosquare and Websta, one of which features can be reposted on Instagram. Iconosquare, formerly known as Statigram, is an analytics company that tracks Instagram activity and data for business purposes.

Meanwhile, Websta follows the same repost method on Instagram.

Both apps can be downloaded on your smartphone or opened in a web browser, although Iconosquare charges a monthly fee.

Screengrab via Websta to Repost on Instagram

  1. Got Website?

  2. If you have, here’s a tutorial for reposting on Instagram with Websta

  3. Open Websta …

  4. Click on the Instagram post you want to share

  5. Click the “…” button at the bottom right of the photo,

  6. Select “Send to my email”.

  7. The photo of the content that you selected will be sent directly to the email inbox.

  8. download photo content to a computer or smartphone.

  9. Save the photo by clicking on the little arrow in the lower right corner

  10. Upload to your Instagram account like a regular post …

  11. Don’t forget to still give credit to the original owner of the post in the caption.

  12. The repost process on Instagram is almost similar to other applications and goes straight to the point.

  13. You just copy the URL of the original Instagram post and open the Buffer app.

  14. Once opened, the application will recognize that you have a link that is saved to the clipboard …

  15. … Automatically, this application will ask you if you want to send Instagram to a private account.

  16. Buffer will then auto-populate the post with the original caption and let users choose when they want to schedule their posts.

Instagram doesn’t allow auto-posting, so the app works by letting users know when it’s time to post their photos. Users can also manually select the time and profile to send to.

Download Content with DownloadGram

If you just want to take Instagram photos to post yourself or as a memento, this is the right choice. DownloadGram extracts a photo of a post and will download it directly to your computer or device. Like this way . Just copy the URL of the Instagram post that you are interested in Click the “Download” button then click “Download image” to get a photo

After that, you can immediately upload it to your Instagram account and type a caption. Don’t forget to credit the original post creator . And if it’s a professional account, you have to find a way to support their creative endeavors.


This is how you can repost on Instagram . Don’t forget to always follow the developments and updates on Instagram so you won’t miss it. You can access Instagram tricks, Instagram updates to businesses on Instagram in full on