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Beige book,

Definition of Beige book:

  1. The Beige Book is a qualitative report. Each of the 12 regional Federal Reserve branches conducts interviews with local business leaders, economists, and other market participants, and contributes a chapter to the Beige Book. Each chapter is then divided into different sections. The report is published two weeks before each meeting of the FOMC—the Federal Reserve body that sets interest rates.

  2. A summary and analysis of economic activity and conditions, prepared with the aid of reports from the district Federal Reserve Banks and issued by the central bank of the Federal Reserve for its policy makers before a Federal Open Market Committee meeting.

  3. The Beige Book is a report produced and published by the U.S. Federal Reserve. The report, referred to formally as the Summary of Commentary on Current Economic Conditions, is a qualitative review of economic conditions. The Beige Book is published eight times each year before meetings held by the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) and is considered one of the most valuable tools at the committee's disposal for making key decisions about the economy.

  4. A report published by the Federal Reserve that summarizes economic conditions based on statistical and economic data. The information used to generate the Beige Book is submitted by each of the 12 Federal Reserve Banks and is reported by district and business sector. Each Federal Reserve Bank president takes turns producing an overall summary that is included in the report, released eight times a year. The Beige Book is one of the most anticipated and scrutinized market indicators because it heralds a change in monetary policy.

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  1. The report is published eight times a year, two weeks before each Federal Open Market Committee meeting.
  2. The FOMC uses information from the Beige Book to make important decisions about the national economy.
  3. Wednesdays Beige Book will be scanned for reports of tightness in labor markets.
  4. Data in the report is compiled by the 12 district banks about economic conditions in their respective economies.
  5. The Beige Book is a qualitative report produced and published by the U.S. Federal Reserve.

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