Micro blading is a technique to beautify ours elf through increasing density of eye brows, in which we fill pigments in the brow area with fine blades to make fine strokes. Its is technique used by the dermatologist who have asthenic sense to reshape or fill the brow area where there is needed. Some people have need to do this either they are suffering from a decease or they have lighter shade of eyebrows.


What is micro blading

In this process very fine blades are used and dip in pigments that are semi permanent in nature and then apply on the brow area with fine strokes. some people consider it like tattoo making but it is very different from that.

How long does micro blading exists

micro blading exist not for too many years but it lasts nine months to 18 months which is quite good time to set the brows again.

Difference between micro blading and tattoo making

As we said that people consider it like tattoo making but it is quite different from that.

  1. Difference in pigments

  2. difference in color

  3. difference in durability

  4. difference in timing

  5. difference in surface

  6. difference in equipment’s

  7. difference in risks

1. Different in pigments

A very big difference between tattoo pigments and micro blading is that, micro blading pigments are only in natural colors of brown, either they can be light brown or dark brown but in tattoo pigments there are variety of colors.

2. Difference in colors

again tattoo colors have lot of variety and they do ■■■■■■■■■ in the skin depth but the micro blading pigments are light in nature.

3. Difference in durability

normally tattoo last for life time once you make it and they would appear on your skin for a long time but the micro blading the pigments only stay up to one year or less than one year.

3. Difference in timing

micro blading session last for two hours but the tattoo artist take lot of time of time on making multiple tattoo.

4. Difference in surface

Micro blading penetrates on the outer most layer of skin of with a minimum depth but tattoo pigments deep penetrates in the skin.

5. Difference in equipment’s

For micro blading only a very sharp and fine blade is needed with needles in it that help to sketch small strokes on skin but tattoo artist have multiple advance equipment’s.

6. Difference in risks

Micro blading a very minimum risk factor is involved like few drops of blood or some itching and swelling but tattoo involve lot of risks.

Who can take advantage of this technique?

As we told earlier that one who want to beautify herself can take advantage of it but these are the reasons behind

  1. filling the bald area.

  2. covering the scares mark

  3. darken the brow hairs

  4. avoid daily saloon visits

  5. increase the density

  6. changing uneven shape

  7. arch making

  8. saving time

  9. enhancing eye beauty

1. Filling the bald area

One of the best use of this technique is that it is useful in case where you have a bald area of eyebrows where growth of hairs are less.

2. Covering the scares mark

Scar marks on brow area look very bad and destroy your image so micro blading is a best technique to overcome this problem.

3. Darken the brows hairs

If you have very light eyebrows and you love the dark colours then you have the best choice to change brow colour.

4. Avoid daily saloon visits

If you are fed up from going saloon every week so be happy, micro blading will help you to get rid of daily visits.

5. Increase the density

If eyebrows are not proper and you want shape that is not dispersed and increase the density so do try micro blading.

6. Changing uneven shape

Dispersed eyebrows give the bad impact,round shape is not normally liked by people thats why an option of micro blading still present.

7. Arch making

People who love to have arch can easily change their brows and enhance their beauty.

8. Saving time

Micro blading saves your time the normal growth of hair hide under your new shape as many customers like the thick and wide shape.

9. Enhancing beauty

The main purpose of micro blading in anyway is to enhance eye beauty and look gorgeous through your looks.

What is prohibited in micro blading process?

Things that thins the blood are strongly prohibited reason is that some people might have bleeding during this process, blood thinners will not stop the blood emitting so these things are strongly prohibited, if you are planning to do this

  1. quit smoking

  2. don’t use alcohol

  3. prohibited use of aspirin

  4. do not make brows before treatment

  5. you must have at least two hours for first session

1. Quit smoking for some time

Smoking is not allowed while you are planning to start micro blading.

2. Dont use alchohol

Alchohol is also forbidden in this because it mekes your blood thin which may harm your proces.

3. Not to use asprin

Asprin is also a blood thinner thats why it is also not allowed.

4. Do not make brows before treatment

It is suggested to keep the full growth of brows so the experts can see which shape will suit you and where is need of it.

summary: Micro blading is a process in which finest needle like blades are used to fill the pigments through blade in the area that is bald in nature, it is the process in which the scattered, uneven, spread, and thin eye brows are settled through micro blading.

You must have two hours for treatment

Certain steps are involved in micro blading

Step 1 taking appointment from dermatologist

Step 2 mark the eye brows through stencils

step 3 keeping in view the natural style

Step 4 application of cream

Step 5 making eye brows numb

Step 6 micro blading through pigment dipping

step 7 cleaning

Taking appointment from dermotologist

If you have decided to do microblading ,first step is take time from a dermotologist who can assist you about your face cut, need of this process, how frequently you have to visit, style that will suit you, precautions etc.

Mark the eye brows through stencils

Approximately 0 to 5 % difference in eyebrows is fractional but keeping this in side proper stencils and measurements are taken to keep the brows perfect in looking. Then they mark it and the next process is started.

Keeping in view the natural style

If naturally your brows are light and very slim in shape and you want to make them thick then the style that will look natural, would be done for you.

Application of cream

Then a cream that is soothing and will make your brows numb will be applied thoroughly on your brows area, so you don’t feel the little strokes from a blade.

Making eyebrows nub

After application of cream for 30 minutes ,eyebrows became numb and then the actual process is started.

Micro blading through pigments

since we told that in micro blading process blade is dipped in the pigment and make small strokes on the skin,and these cuts are neat enough that you can hardly see the difference between real one and micro blading.


mostly people do not experience bleeding but some have a few drops ,so after the process your brows are cleaned from excess pigments and bleeding.

Some misunderstanding regarding micro blading

Here below are some of the myths about micro blading

Always use natural colors

only the shades of brown ,either they are light or dark are used in brows area but some people say that they look so unreal at first and the shade is close to black which gives fake look.

To some extent Color fades

Don’t worry at all if you are not happy with your immediate color ,it will be faded 20% after first two weeks when all your small cut’s will be heal up.

Some days feeling of uneasiness and swelling

yes we have gone through the process of micro blading in which small cuts and strokes are essential part, the small cuts will take time of at least one week for healing, you might feel some itchiness, uneasiness, swelling, pain etc.

Some times a need of second session

Some time there is need of touch up session in which after one month of micro blading the person is again treated where there is need of pigment.

Its not bluish like tattoos

Some people fear of micro blading that it will give blue look like tattoo that are in black color but give the blue color, so this isn’t in the case of micro blading, it is nor as deep as the tattoo are made.

Some precautions after micro blading

Although it is a simple process but some precautions are necessary for it and are below

Don’t wet the area

Don’t wet or wash the area because it may cause infection.

Application of soothing balm

apply soothing balm on the brows are will give effect in dual way ,first it would help small wounds to heel up and second it will decrease your swelling.

Don’t pull the flakes after micro blading

as you are near the healing process the small skin flakes may appear on brows area ,don’t pull them by force rather let them heal it self.

1:What is Microblading and how long does it last?

ans:microblading is to fill the pigments according to your brows with tha help of micro cuts and it lasts more then one year.

2:Ans:Do they shave your eyebrows before Microblading?

it is not suggested,but any unwanted hairs in the shape can be removed but all hairs are not shaved just add pigments where there brows are scattered.

3:Do you still have to pluck your eyebrows after Microblading?

Ans:the area where growth is fine the hairs may grow again,you at home can easily remove them by plucker because most of your area is covered with microblading.


Micro blading is process of precision that helps to cure the baldness, low growth, patches, marks in brow area to cover through a micro blade to fill pigments in it. It’s a great process that is somehow painless and easily done by all ages and all person that need. Except Suger patients. So taking advantage from this method involve a minimum risk factor with great effects.