Tattoos of Top 30 Celebrities to Die for

The tattoo is a design, motif, or drawing that is made with various dyes, inks, and pigments inserted in the skin. It is inserted in the dermis of the skin to form a print-like image and changes the pigment. It is an art of creating a permanent design in the skin.

Types of tattoos

Tattoos are broadly classified into three categories which reflects its purpose and meaning:

  1. Decorative Tattoo:

They are usually random floral designs or any type of motif of art that has no particular meaning.

  1. Symbolic Tattoo:

It symbolizes a purpose and its attachment to the wearer. It usually has hidden meaning or intention, emotional attachment, etc to the person who chooses to get it designed forever on any part of the body

  1. Pictorial Tattoo:

It consists of pictures of a specific person (usually the wearer has an attachment to, a fan of or in remembrance of, etc) or an item.

Tattoos either depict and identify hidden intentions or interests of a person or merely just to follow the fashion

When did Tattoos start?:

Tattoos exist older than one could imagine. Mummified bodies and preserved skins are evident in the fact that they dated back to Paleolithic or at least Neolithic times. It is said to be as old as the 4th millennium BC. The first tattooed body preserved was of Otzi The Iceman found between the 3370 and 3100 BC. His body has almost 61 tattoos and found from within the glacier of the Alps. The mummies with tattooed bodies were found across the globe and recovered from archaeological sites such as Greece, Sudan, China, Egypt, Mongolia, Siberia, etc.

What are the types of Tattoos?

• Traditional Tattoo Style
• Realistic Tattoo Style
• Watercolor Tattoo Style
• Tribal Tattoo Style
• New School Tattoo Style
• Japanese Tattoo Style
• Blackwork Tattoo Style
• Illustrative Tattoo Style
• Chicano Tattoo Style

Traditional Tattoo Style:

The traditional Tattoo Style or old school tattoo style is also known as American Tattoo Style. It had bold lines and images like a lady head, anchors, bold roses and hearts, etc. One cant imagines doing it wrong because a little change can ruin it.

Realistic Tattoo Style

This is a much recent style of tattoos that comprises real faces and images. You can get any celebrity or model face tattooed on you. Not only does the faces but you can also get tattooed any scenery or imagination you like and even the surreal images. It is usually in black and grey and the portraits are realistically beautiful.

Watercolor Tattoo Style:

This style of tattooing is famous among today’s generation because it looks effortless and stylish. As the name sounds, the images also look like a beautifully rendered watercolor painting which is not a joke when doing through needle not brush and that too on a real body part and not canvas.

Tribal Tattoo Style:

These are the oldest among all the tattoo variations which date back to 1000 years. This type of tattooing can be seen on mummified preserved skins and aboriginal communities of the world. These are bold and intricate patterns and prints designed with usually black pigment. These have further variations as per tribal regions such as:

#### **Maori Tattoos**

#### **Polynesian body art**

#### **Inupaiq Matriarchs tattoos** etc

These all look similar at one glance but on having a detailed look one can find the differences in these bold elaborated patterns.

New School Tattoo Style:

These became famous in the late ’70s and mid 80’s when people were experimenting with fashion and techniques. These are colorful, exaggerated cartoonish images and caricatures. They also look similar to comics style.

Neo Traditional Tattoo Style:

This tattoo line is inspired by Art Noveau and Art Deco times. It has extremely vibrant shades with a vast range of colors and varied styles of images. These include detailed drawings of faces, animals, flowers, etc.

Japanese Tattoo Style:

This style of Japanese art started during the Edo period (1602-1867). The images in this style are originated from the folklore heroes and mythological creatures in Japenese history such as dragons, phoenixes, and kirins, etc. These have drama, strokes, and wavy structures showing flow and movements. They reflect the rich history of art with their powerful images

Blackwork Tattoo Style:

This type uses only black ink for tattooing. It includes all the geometric shapes, illustrations, illusions, detailed ornamental designs, and portraits, etc. It is one of the most demanded styles in the industry nowadays.

Illustrative Tattoo Styles:

It includes a vast range of techniques and is inspired by many art movements of history. It includes all the abstracts, expressionism, calligraphy, etc. It is a free art in which the artist can add his aesthetics as well to give a whole new meaning to it. Illustrative tattoos are the kind of art pieces one would love to hang on the walls and creating the same accuracy in tattoos is highly creative.

Chicano Tattoo Style:

This is an amazing tattoo style that has emerged from behind the bars by one of the prisoners who wondered and imagine the outside world. It is influenced by many events that occur in American history and are inspired by the revolutions of old times. They are black and grey in color.

What famous people have tattoos?

Almost all the celebrities and stars have tattoos. Today, the tattoo is so common that “Not-so-like” by parents of average family strata also have tattoos on their bodies.

Which celebrity has the most tattoos?

Till now we know that drake has 63 tattoos but then many others have their complete bodies covered with tattoos that it is even not possible to count. While we think even they don’t remember how many times they’ve got tattooed if we ask them. :blush:

Can you get the same tattoo as a celebrity?

Yes, You just need to visit the right place and you’ll get one.

30 Celebrity Tattoos to die for:

1.Justin Bieber

He got a giant eagle tattooed on his left shoulder, the tiger on arm and then a new tattoo which has been in a mews for a while on his neck, that’s a rose in black. People loved it and consider it to have a connection with a lady.

2. Chase Hudson

Chase Hudson has been seen tweeting about his love for tattoos and then back in 2019 he tweeted “ I want a tattoo” which had numerous re-tweets and people encouraging him of this idea. He got his arms, nape, and side of the chest tattooed.

3. Hailey Baldwin

She has almost 18 known tattoos on her body including ■■■, roman numbers, broken hearts and names on her fingers, etc.

4. Lady Gaga

Unicorns, flowers, german quotes, and whatnot. Few says she has 14 tattoos and some claim that she has 24 tattoos. Well, we think we need to dig in more to keep the count.

5. Emma Watson

She has been getting fake tattoos and claims that she’d never get herself a permanent tattoo, but we think the way this craze is growing she might have one soon.

6. Rihanna

Rihanna has one bold falcon inked on the front and that she has a connection with. She told Oprah she used to carve them on the walls when young. She has more than 20 tattoos and she claims it to be her addiction. She says she loves them and visits tattoo shops more than anything.

7. Selena

Selena got more than 10 tattoos and she explains them to have a meaning and connection. She has been fighting anxiety and has tattoos that can connect her to the people suffering the same. She is also known to have a symbol of “Om” which belongs to Hindu scriptures.

8. Demi Lovato

She has almost 22 tattoos overall including lips on hand, feather on the backside of ear, “Stay Strong” and “You make me beautiful” kind of tattoos as well.

9. Cara Delivingne & Kaia Gerber

Their recent tattoo on the foot-side as “Soulmate” is in the news these days. Kaia revealed about having the same tattoo on the birthday celebrations of Cara.

10. Kylie Jenner

She has only 6 known tattoos to the world. Usually, they have writings such as “Sanity” and “Mary Jo” etc.

11. Shawn Mendes

Shawn got a tattoo of half-butterfly on his bicep after getting a suggestion by one of his fans on twitter. He also got a tattoo recently in honor of his younger sister Aaliyah Mendes

12. Raven-Symone

A happily married Raven and her partner Miranda got their ring fingers tattooed with each other’s last name’s first letter P and M.

13. Ariana Grande

It is said that she has an overall 50 or more tattoos. Yes! We probably need to develop a complete guide on her tattoos and their meanings thought. But the famous among them is a lightning bolt on the backside of her ear along with two other tattoos that have been in news for a while.

14. Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik has his body almost covered in tattoos while he just had a new mandala print on either side of his head too. He said he loves getting a tattoo. He also had a tattoo of Gigi which people still want to know if he still has that. He also got Khalil’s poem about marriage written on the inside of his arm which people connected to his earlier love life or secret marriage. Well, whatever was the thought behind, we hope it will be seen soon.

15. Hillary Duff

She has all in all 15 tattoos on her body which reflects positivity overall.

16. Travis Scott

This rapper is known to be playing instruments from the age of 3. He has 39 known tattoos on different parts of his body from which his head tattoo is famous of all and he surely has a long explanation about his head tattoo.

17. Lily Collins

She has her name initials “LJ”, British crown, and angel wings tattoos which are very famous. She said she got wings inked while her mother got an angel tattooed on arm.

18. Angelina Jolie

She has 13 May 1940 tattooed on her left forearm in Romans which dates back to the famous speech of Winston Churchill along with other interesting tattoos on her back. Mr. Churchill surely seems to be her inspiration. She is said to have overall 25 tattoos.

19. Megan Fox

She has 9 tattoos overall. Usually, the quotes are written in Gothic Font while she is more famous for her exceptional beauty.

20. Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa also got a tattoo of Om half on both pinky fingers but her famous and the more visible tattoo is of a butterfly on the side of her neck which she says defines her name.

21. Miley Cyrus

Miley along with her family got Heart tattoos on their hands which shows the connection between them. Whist, recently she got so many new tattoos on her arms and body.;0.00160xw,0.0362xh&resize=1200:*

22. Ashley Benson

She has got her birth year tattooed on her ribs in roman. She also has this tattoo of “California” which represents her hometown. She has all in all 11 known tattoos.

23. Dove Cameron

She got overall 13 tattoos out of which is the famous one of a “Snake” on the backside of the ■■■■■■■■■■■■■. She also got a rose with a ■■■ on her wrist in the memory of her beloved friend who died from Epilepsy.

24. Lana Del Rey

She got four names inked in front and two songs covered. Overall she has six tattoos.

25. Jessica Alba

She has three tattoos on her right arm, one on the left wrist, one on the lower back, and neck. Most prominent is her rose tattoo which depicts charm and hope.

26. Wiz Khalifa

He has countless tattoos all over his body of images and quotes revolving around hip-hop music.

27. Katy Perry

She has eight tattoos in total including strawberry, peppermint, and Sanskrit being the prominent ones.

28. David Beckham

His first-ever tattoo was the “Guardian Angel” right in the middle of the back between his shoulder blades. He also got his children’s names tattooed on his body. All in all, he has 63 tattoos.

29. Kendall Jenner

She has a full heart tattooed on her right arm representing the angel and has a broken heart on the left arm representing the devil. She also got a recent tattoo on the inside of the lower lip.

30. Drake

He has more than 35 tattoos on his body including the complete portraits inked in bold on his back.


Tattoos come in variations and styles. Let’s see and hope the reason all celebrities had to get themselves forever inked justifies it.