How To Do Winged Eyeliner?

Winged Eyeliner

The winged eyeliner or cat eyeliner is an amazingly popular look that makes every woman look amazing and is very easy to do. Don’t worry: it’s super easy to apply flawless eyeliner with hooded wings. Practice applying eyeliner by hand or using tape as a guide to achieving the perfect wing. Then arrange the eyeliner and give it some time to harden. If desired, add a little mascara to complete your look.

We should all concur that nothing hoists your eye to make up the game like an entirely drawn emotional winged eyeliner. It looks super hot and complements almost any type of look. With the winged liner being the hottest trend, you can’t let your shaking hands and lack of skill stop you from achieving this feat.

How to do winged eyeliner?

1. Create a freehand outline

Before applying a liner, put an eye shadow primer or concealer under your eyes and on your lids and mix well. This will create a smoother, more even base for your eyeliner and will also help the liner to adhere better to your lids.

2. Put on eye shadow

If you want to apply eye shadow, you can do so before applying eyeliner. Otherwise, your eyeliner will get messy if you apply it over the eye shadow. Keep your eyeshadow inconspicuous when utilized in blend with a winged liner.

3. Apply eyeliner pencil on your upper lash

Draw a thin line as close to your upper lashes as possible using a light pencil. It works as a base for your winged eyeliner.

  • Start at the inner corner of the eye moving to the outer corner. Stop toward the end of your lash line.

  • the line shouldn’t be perfect however it ought to be slight. You need to go over the line so a little harshness won’t have an effect.

  • Keep your eyelid as flat as possible.

  • Hold the eyelid with your little finger while you apply the liner.

  • Instead of trying to apply the liner in one continuous line, draw a series of strokes. It’s a lot easier to apply this way.

4. Measure how far you want the wing to extend.

Hold your pencil so that it is pointing at the end of your lower lashes. Line it up diagonally so that it looks like a continuation of your lower lash line.

  • The line runs diagonally up and out.
  • If you have a hooded eyelid, you may need to tilt the wing more outward than upward to avoid the hooded part of your lid.
  • To get the correct plot for your wing, outwardly draw a line from the external edge of your nose to the external corner of your eyebrow.

5. Draw a thin diagonal line for the wing.

This line should roughly coincide with the guideline you imagined when you pressed the liner pen against your eyelid. In other words, it should almost look like an extension of your top lash line.

  • Before you start, ensure you have a mirror. Additionally, ensure your elbow or arm is on a steady surface. This allows more control over the creation of your grand piano!
  • Start at the top of the eyeliner line drawn above your top lash line.
  • Draw a diagonal line about 45 degrees out and up. The line should point in the general direction of the end of your eyebrow.
  • It is up to you how much length of the eyebrow you want to keep. A subtle winged eyeliner look should have a short line at this point, but a more dramatic one can extend to just below your forehead bone. Never pull it out to the eyebrow itself.

How To Create A Winged Eyeliner With A Corner Eyeliner Brush?

This one has been uniquely intended to assist you with your winged eyeliner misfortunes. To be honest, it is very easy. To get the best results, slightly wet the brush and then apply.

How do you?:

  • Dunk the calculated brush into your eyeliner pot and spot it on the external edge of your eye to shape a point with your sanctuaries
  • Place the same brush in reverse over the line you just drew to create the top curve of your wing
  • Fill in the gap between the lines with your eyeliner brush and stretch out the liner to the internal corner not surprisingly.

How do I do winged eyeliner with tape?

Aside from regularly mending your torn paraphernalia, your duct tape or good old cellophane can also help you draw perfect winged eyeliners

How do you?:

  1. Cut a piece of tape about 2 cm in size and stick it around the outer edge of your eyes at an angle you want your wings to be.
  2. Using your eyeliner, draw along the angled edge to trace the wing using the outline of the tape.
  3. Finally, extend the line along your upper lash line.

How to make an ideal winged eyeliner with a spoon?

Head to your kitchen and grab a spoon to provide you with the perfect eyeliner with wings you’ve always wanted. The straight edge of the handle and the curve of the spoon are the perfect aiming tool for neat and precise wings.

How do you?:

  1. Hold the handle of the spoon at the external corner of your eye.
  2. Using your eyeliner, draw a straight line along the line of the handle.
  3. Now insert the rounded part of the spoon and grasp your eyelids.
  4. Utilize the adjusted edge to make the surprising tip of your wing.
  5. Fill in the space between two lines with eyeliner and draw the liner onto your upper lash line as usual.

Create winged eyeliner with a swipe card

Instead of paying to buy expensive stencils and tools to create clean wings with your eyeliner, use your credit or debit card to draw your winged eyeliner


How do you?:

  1. Hold the straight edge of the card at the outer corner of your eye and make a slight bevel with your temples.
  2. Trace the straight edge with eyeliner to create the wings.
  3. Pull the eyeliner along the upper lash line to the inner corner of the eye.

Tips and precautions when applying winged eyeliner

  1. Be careful when choosing your eyeliner type. The eyeliner comes in three main avatars - liquid, gel, and pencil. While liquid and gel liners make a bolder and more eye-catching finish, the job can be a bit messy, especially for beginners. Pens, on the flip side, provide a softer and more subtle finish, give you good control, and are therefore recommended for beginners.

  2. Winged eyeliner and cat eyes look super hot on almost everyone and can be worn for any occasion or even daily. However, you can play with the length and sharpness of the wings depending on how dramatic you want to be. Also, figure out the placement and shape of the wings that complement the shape of your eye and adjust them accordingly.

  3. If you’re a beginner, it’s only natural to mess up eyeliner despite all the guidance. Don’t worry if you make a mistake. Dip a cotton swab in petroleum jelly and use it to gently remove the stain. You can also use a clear lip gloss for a quick fix.

  4. To have even better control over liquid eyeliners, toss them in a refrigerator for 10-15 minutes. This will harden the applicator to make it easier to control.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Why is Winged Eyeliner so popular?

One of the reasons winged eyeliner has remained so popular is that it can be adapted to flatter different eye shapes. Makeup artists find this a useful tip when working with a variety of clients. … When applied correctly, the winged liner can also make the eyes appear larger and brighter.

2. What is the best eyeliner to use for winged eyes?

Best eyeliner for the perfect winged eyeliner look

  • 01/18 I just stole it already! …
  • Tattoo Liner 02 / 18Kat Von D. …
  • 03/18 Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner. …
  • 04/18 Benefit Roller Liner. …
  • 05/18 Maybelline Hyper Sharp Eyeliner. …
  • 06/18 Benefit that they are real! …
  • 07 / 18NYX The Curve eyeliner. …
  • 08/18 Rimmel Exaggerate Eyeliner.

3. Which eye shape is the most attractive?

The male composite face illustrates that we find oval-shaped eyes and blue eyes to be the most attractive to men. Blue is the second most common eye color, but it is still much rarer than brown. Oval is also not one of the six common eye shapes.

4. What is the difference between winged and cat’s eye?

The biggest difference between winged eyeliner and cat eyeliner is that the winged look includes just the upper eyelid liner to bring out the stark difference between the two lids; while the cat’s eye look includes the generous use of liner on both lids.

5. Is it okay to wear eyeliner every day?

Daily eyeliner application will give you a defined and clean look every day (if applied correctly). It will make you look beautiful, cute, pretty, hot, kind, fashionista, ready, every day! Please make sure to follow the facial cleansing regimen every night before bed, regardless of makeup usage. Cleansing, toning, moisturizing.

Winged Eyeliner

Winged Eyeliner Feline eyeliner is an incredibly famous look that confuses many. The reality, however, is that it is shockingly easy to dominate and then cosmetic artisan Lavonne Anthony shows us how to make it underneath.

Before you get down to completing this ideal cat movie, however, the first step (and the one that makes all other things so much easier) is to understand your particular eye shape. Only then can you choose the best eyeliner for you.

In the event that the crease of your eyelid isn’t obvious with your eyes open, you probably have hooded eyes.

Numerous people with hooded eyes are nervous about eye makeup, especially since most cosmetic exercises are just elemental eyes, where the wrinkles are exposed. Try not to worry: it’s too simple to apply an immaculate winged eyeliner to hooded eyes.

To make sure the liner isn’t obscured by your lid, create the outer wingtip where the lid’s dome begins. Work your direction internally, applying your liner in dainty strokes and extending it as desired.

How to do a Winged Eyeliner ?Winged eyeliner is extremely in lately . Every makeup whether its simple each day makeup or full glam makeup, eye liner is that the foremost vital thing to make your eyes look fresher.
How To Do Winged Eyeliner
Let’s just all agree that nothing elevates your eye structure game kind of a wonderfully drawn dramatic winged eye-liner. it’s super hot and complements most sorts of look. With winged liner being the foremost well liked trend you can’t let your shaky hands and lack of proficiency keep you away from achieving this feat.
Applying eyeliner with a blank check , inform rest your elbows on a flat and steady surface. this might provides an honest amount of control over your hand movements.They are three products to make winged eyeliner. It depends on you ways comfortable are you with.
1.PENCIL: this is often often the foremost commonly used eyeliner (50% of women surveyed said it’s their go-to). It’s typically easier to use than liquid because it’s more forgiving once you create a mistake . Use on the upper lid and inner waterline and if you’d sort of a smoky eye.
2.LIQUID: When pigment is applied through a saturated felt or sponge tip, it tends to finish during a more intense, rich color. Close the liner and shake before use for a more consistent color application. you’ll got to practice a few of times to urge the hang of liquid liners, but you’ll get a super-precise line. Just make sure to only use on your upper lids, not on your waterline.
3.GEL: This formula usually comes during a little pot, and you’d sort of a special brush to use it. But newer gels like Benefit’s They’re Real! Push-Up Liner (learn why our pros love it below) are available twist-up applicator packaging. You’ll get the only of both worlds with this type — the stable of a pencil with the pigmentation of a liquid liner.
Tips And Tricks
It looks like every other day a replacement makeup hack has been developed by knowledgeable beauty blogger or makeup artist, and for that the earth could also be a far better place.Cat eye, or winged eyeliner:
1.Put Your Makeup coat Your Inner Eye Lid
A positive vibe about this look as you placed your makeup coat your eyelid and pulled your eyelid skin tight.The finished look was specialized and clothed better than you expected.
2.Business Cards to make a perfect Wing
Freehanded a line across to your top lid, then lined up a card next to the highest of your lash line at angle where you’d like my actual cat-eye to be drawn. Next, you drew an upward stroke against the cardboard that connected to the highest of the road on your lid and voila!
3.Start With Dots Near Your Eyed Lid
Before starting normal eyeliner routine, used the tip of liner pen to draw one dot next to each eye where wanted the highest of each wing to travel . Drew up from lash line to each of the dots. Then drew a line across the very best of lid that also connected to each the dots, forming a sort of hollow triangle outline of the wings. Lastly, filled within the outline to finish off the planning .
4.Vampstamp is simple To Wing Your Liner Fast
After drawing a line across the very best of eyelid dipped the wing stamp in your eyeliner pot, then hovered near the sting of your lash line to line the tool up properly. Once you made the choice you liked where it had been positioned, stamped the tool near your eye, which created the curve of a flick. Lastly, connected your initial line across eye with the flick and repeated on the opposite side.
5.Wing Eyeliner With hair grip
Starts off with a simple hair grip and liquid liner, applies the liner to the ideas of the hair grip , on both edges.And a touch like that presses it into your skin. Then you only about just play connect-the-dots while you finish lining the rest of your eye.
Liquid eyeliner may be a tremendous tool for knowledgeable makeup artists. However, if you’re new the liquid eyeliner scene, you’d wish to place some practice into it before heading out on the town. It’s not the type of makeup that you simply simply can just apply and move on; it takes some work.
You will love using liquid eyeliner once you get the hang of it thanks to its precision in making accurate lines that basically do accentuate your eyes. The smoothness of the appliance to not eager to sharpen or worry about breakage makes it a superb choice for anyone.