Definition of Copper:

  1. A small butterfly of North America and Eurasia. The upper surface of its wings is typically bright reddish-orange or purple.

  2. Cover or coat (something) with copper.

  3. A copper coin, especially a penny.

  4. A type of metal with a burnt orange color. Cooper can prevent corrosion, conduct electricity, and be bent or shaped without being broken. Copper is commonly used by the United States Mint to create pennies because of the metals ability to withstand long periods of time in circulation.

  5. A red-brown metal, the chemical element of atomic number 29.

  6. A reddish-brown color like that of copper.

Synonyms of Copper

C, C-note, Dogberry, G, G-note, John Law, Titian, Adust, Auburn, Aureate, Bar, Bay, Bay-colored, Bayard, Bluecoat, Bobby, Brass, Brassy, Brazen, Bronze, Bronze-colored, Bronzed, Bronzy, Brownish-red, Buck, Bull, Bullion, Cartwheel, Castaneous, Cent, Century, Chestnut, Chestnut-brown, Coin gold, Coin silver, Cop, Copper-colored, Coppery, Cupreous, Cuprous, Dick, Dime, Dollar, Dollar bill, Ferrous, Ferruginous, Fifty cents, Fin, Fish, Five cents, Five hundred dollars, Five-dollar bill, Five-hundred-dollar bill, Five-spot, Fiver, Flatfoot, Flattie, Four bits, Foxy, Frogskin, Fuzz, Gendarme, Gilt, Gold, Gold nugget, Gold-filled, Gold-plated, Golden, Grand, Gumshoe, Half G, Half a C, Half dollar, Half grand, Heat, Henna, Hundred-dollar bill, Ingot, Iron, Iron man, Ironlike, Lead, Leaden, Liver-brown, Liver-colored, Livid-brown, Mahogany, Man, Mercurial, Mercurous, Mill, Nickel, Nickelic, Nickeline, Nugget, Officer, Peeler, Penny, Pewter, Pewtery, Pig, Precious metals, Quarter, Quicksilver, Red cent, Reddish-brown, Roan, Rubiginous, Rufous, Russet, Russety, Rust, Rust-colored, Rusty, Sawbuck, Shamus, Silver, Silver dollar, Silver-plated, Silvery, Skin, Smacker, Steel, Steely, Sunburned, Ten cents, Ten-spot, Tenner, Terra-cotta, The cops, The fuzz, The law, Thousand dollars, Thousand-dollar bill, Tin, Tinny, Twenty-dollar bill, Twenty-five cents, Two bits, Two-dollar bill, Two-spot, Yard, Yellow stuff

How to use Copper in a sentence?

  1. In addition, fruit juices are rich in essential minerals like iron, copper, potassium, sodium, iodine and magnesium.
  2. You could hire a raft for a few coppers.
  3. Some iron hulls were sheathed with wood and then coppered.
  4. She had copper-colored hair.

Meaning of Copper & Copper Definition

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