Simple makeup

Who said you can buy happiness ???if you are a woman you can ! cause women consider makeup equals to happiness. Its veracity! Makeup has eventuated a big necessity to everyone some consider it’s a way to appear beautiful, some thought it bestows confidence , some use it to paint their sadness , some apply it to appealing men’s the list goes very long … coming to point makeup had entrenched in our Society its more common practice and everyone talks about it cosmetics industry has new things to show in market they are introducing multiple makeup and their respected products. Those women who are unable to put makeups considered as less fashionable and boring In this equation not a single women resist themselves by applying of makeup. Actually make up is not a simple thing to put on , without knowing which type of makeup suits on you , or how can it be applied and where are you going according to venue make up can be applied for example you can’t make smoky eyes if are going to work or office , heavy makeup look doesn’t suit you at party .so make up know how is essential while choosing makeup otherwise it will diminish your value in front of others try to be appear in natural or light makeup. Now what is simple makeup? Its easier than other it enhances natural beauty and familiar to your natural look it just covers your flaws and embellishes your features if you are using genuine products and you know the techniques and tips regards makeup. Simple and natural makeup is best in all because heavy makeups hide your real beauty and makes you older and unreal. Sometimes it affects your personality and wane your confidence furthermore light make up required less cosmetics , limited time it’s more suitable and worthier to choose light makeup. Right makeup can be apply for going office ,party , meet ups , feast , birthdays, shopping etc you can put on it any where it will not weird. In order to become vougish and elegent you must prepare your skin for makeup means for better results you need to refresh your face so you’ll shine .

Necessary preparation before applying makeup.

Every action need some prep as in makeup you have to well groomed your Skin before putting makeup on it.

Wash your face :

Cleansing and washing is crucial before doing any makeup it wipes out all dirt makes your skin clean and ready for application of makeup. Avoid warm water it dries out oil and be a reason to come out dryness. You can use cream based cleanser for dry skin and gel based for oily skin. Apply it gently in skin then rub it completely for 45 seconds then Luke warm water . there should be no particles or dirt left on skin take towel and soak water.

Tone your skin:

Toner removes ■■■■ cells or skin that makes your skin dark or dull. It closes pores and fills gaps of cells toner is important after cleansing use toner at morning and night after washing face .cucumber and aloe Gera mixture can be use as toner for refreshing skin. Commonly rose water is also used to tone skin . splash toner on face and calmly massage your face thoroughly for 20 seconds . After that use cotton pad to watch result you will see previous make up particles or dust.

Moisturize your skin :

Its non negotiable its seriously integral to hydrate your skin and support to give you oil for foundation choose moisturizer according to your skin tone if you suffer from dryness you have another option to add serum in your moisturizer before applying makeup . serum contain vitamins C and E it transfers advantageous ingredients direct into skin and prevent from skin issues.

Take a drop of serum and smoothly spread it on face and dry areas pat it gently moisturize your skin completely. Give some time to sink in skin at least 5 minutes same as in lips moisturize your lips and remove ■■■■ cells of lip by gently rubbing it then apply lip balm.

After preparing yourself for makeup now we are moving to tell you guide line about cosmetics selection it should be high quality or branded for flawless results. There are some steps to apply light or simple makeup .

Apply skin protector ! Primer :

If you want a long lasting makeup you must start your makeup with primer it reveals smooth texture of skin bring easiness for foundation to blend on skin its turns up into a barrier between product and skin it enhances beauty of your feature like eyes, nose , lips. it comes for every type of skin gel , cream ,or matte . you can buy it according to your skin type it’s a way to create glow and leaves your skin shinning. Primers draw the layer on large and small pores and provide single tone to your entire face . primers can be homemade simply adding 1/3 of glycerin and 3 parts of water mix it well then pour it into a spray bottle here its done . you can use it as primer.

Camouflage !! Concealer:

Its as clear as its name its used to conceal flaws whether its your acne , dark spots , dark circles its totally cover your all flaws and make a glad way to other cosmetics. Concealer is very thick and few drops are needed to blend on flaws. Hold on lot of concealer makes your look cakey so be careful while applying concealer you can use blender or fingers to blend it completely at right places . concealer is essential otherwise you ‘ll fail to hide flaws of your face and It will not give you perfect look you can put concealer to highlight brows and lips apply it on the edges and blend completely. It makes more highlighting features.

A base line ! Foundation:

Now we are going to gushing about the versatile product its multi tasked foundation which is the base line of every makeup .its an outer layer which reflects make up quality and makeup skills. Every other cosmetics shines on this base like lip color, eye shadow , blush on , liner its mandatory for every makeup that your foundation should be apply perfectly with blending. starting from foundation shade till setting with powder every step should be appropriate and perfectly done. foundation cones in different from like gel , cream or matte. Creamy liquid is for oily skin, matte is for oily skin . foundation blending is pivotal other wise un blended makeup would not be able to hide scars of skin so it required full concentration and time to perform this task of putting and blending foundation. .after applying foundation use powder for setting .

Last stroke ! Apply lip color:

Its more powerful affect as compared to other cosmetics if you start thinking about makeup firstly lipstick cones in your mind . after putting lipstick it marks vast change in looks. It has an ability to add perfection and completion. Lipstick color plays vital role in your overall look choosing right color is as essential wrong decision can turns up you looking flawful or mature . in simple makeup mostly girls suggest light or ■■■■ colors. Sometimes dark shades of lip color kills your innocence or make you sharp. What are the ■■■■ lipsticks it simple and natural colors means it has resemblence with face color or Skin tone it reveals light and natural look fairer people can choose some bright ■■■■ colors hence people with dark or moderate complexion can choose lighter shades. I don’t think is there anyone who don’t have ■■■■ colors in their wordrobe. its eye catching and attractive for every girl.

Revamp session :

This is we called final touch up. In which we removes imperfection if any has. Then according to your choice of need we set eyebrows , and make it highlighting with kajol, apply any color on libs as a eye shadow but chose light colors , you can blush your cheeks with colors it should be simple and light . Pat powder to fix make up you can use make up fixer now your simple makeup has done !!!

Final words :

Makeup is used to beautify features but what blooms inside appears outside so its necessary to glow inside out and for that you must be happy from inside and outside. One more thing no makeup is best makeup mean looking naturally beautiful is best thing in all groom yourself so there is no need left to put makeup.