Face Massage Tools

Facial massage tools relax facial muscles, ease skin tension, slow skin aging, and support natural collagen, reducing wrinkles and improving facial contour. There are different types of facial massagers, including stone or metal rollers and electric devices that treat your skin by vibration or LED light therapy.

Amethyst Facial Jade Roller

:black_small_square: Facial rollers made with stones and crystals remain on the list of Beauty must-have . The new Amethyst Roller stimulates lymphatic drainage, increases collagen production, activates blood circulation and helps to eliminate toxins, with a lifting effect that sculptes the face and neck.

:black_small_square: In the area around the eyes, the roller helps to reduce puffiness and dark circles, or dark circles, being in these cases a real lifesaver, especially suitable for those days when we wake up and want to escape the image in the mirror.

:black_small_square: Passing Amethyst through the skin, in smooth but persistent movements, visibly improves the texture of the skin, leaving it toned, which stimulates that natural glow of a clean and healthy complexion.

:black_small_square: Regular use of this instrument reduces the impact of the first lines of expression and wrinkles. By including the Coucou Amethyst Roller in your basic beauty habits, you will not only be offering your face a true luxury spa moment, but also the opportunity to have a relaxing moment before starting another crazy day.

:black_small_square: Take advantage of the experience that this new roller offers to enhance the effects of serum and night cream, as it allows greater effectiveness and full absorption of these products by the skin (we guarantee that the sensation is heavenly), which over time will contribute , and a lot, for healthier skin.

:no_entry: How to use?
For an effective result use Amethyst for 5 to 10 minutes, with the skin perfectly clean and preferably combining it with the application of your daily cream or serum.
After using the roller, store it in the refrigerator. The cold helps to decongest and tone your skin even more.

Newa Visage

:small_orange_diamond: In the opinion of many dermatologists, this technique is highly recommended for reducing age-related wrinkles and the loss of loss of firmness . Equipped with electrodes, this device diffuses thermal energy into the deep layers of the epidermis (heating effect).
This immediately tightens the collagen and elastin fibers which relax with age. In the longer term, skincare is a real activator of collagen synthesis.

:small_orange_diamond: The brand advances immediate results such as plumped and plumped skin, a brighter complexion and a refined and smooth skin texture. After a month of application, the face is lifted and firmed. Based on the many positive reviews, the incredible promises seem to be largely kept!

How to rejuvenate a few years?

:small_orange_diamond: The new daily routine to adopt urgently! A small massage, pleasant and relaxing (in addition) 5 days a week at the rate of 4 minutes per zone (neck, cheekbones, cheeks). To be done at bedtime for a month for a booster effect.

Twice a week will be sufficient thereafter to maintain the effects obtained.

:small_orange_diamond: The newa lift conductive gel supplied in the kit must be applied beforehand. For those who have delicate skin, rest assured, it is preservative-free and fragrance-free.

Ms W

  • The size, the shape (a little futuristic like a fishtail) as well as (light) weight, everything is cleverly studied at the same time to make its optimal use whatever the area to be treated. Its transport is also easy and convenient.

  • Good value for money and great versatility, the Ms.W Anti-Wrinkle Device is a great choice. This brand, however little known, enjoys very positive customer feedback. The only negative comments regret the absence of a notice in French.

  • A little reminder for your safety: not to be used in the event of melanoma or keloid scar, in people with heart disease or with a pacemaker, and in pregnant women!


:white_check_mark: perfect ergonomics: in size, shape and weight (light)
:white_check_mark: practical and easy handling
:white_check_mark: curved shape of the massage head: adaptation to all the curves of the face and neck
:white_check_mark: wireless
:white_check_mark: rechargeable by usb with base loading provided
:white_check_mark: two technologies: radiofrequency and thermotherapy
:white_check_mark: Application by rapid zone: 9 min

Effects achieved

The choice of mode can be made manually according to the desired effect. The automatic cycle connects the different modes every 3 minutes.
This facial rejuvenation device indicated and effective for:

  • eye contour: depending on the method chosen, treatment of dark circles, swelling, fine lines and crow’s feet wrinkles

  • cheeks and oval of the face

  • forehead: frown lines and wrinkles

  • lip contour

  • neck: wrinkles, sagging and double chin, cervical relaxation

The application of a cosmetic product before proceeding with the facial massage makes it possible to increase its penetration and thus its effectiveness.

Rio Fali7 60 Second Facelift: remodeling by electrostimulation

:small_blue_diamond: The Rio Fali7 60 Second Facelift device offers a fairly unique way of chasing the signs of aging: by electrostimulation of the face. This primarily medical technique gently stimulates the muscles by means of very light electrical impulses. It is painless and quite common as a practice.

:small_blue_diamond: The principle here is exactly the same and for that the machine includes two programs. The first allows gentle stimulation to tone facial muscles. The second is used in conjunction with collagen and retinol patches. This allows better penetration of cosmetics into the lower layers of the epidermis.

:small_blue_diamond: The device is easy to handle. There are only three buttons to operate it. It offers very soft and natural stimulation of the skin. We can feel some tingling, but it should not be painful.

:small_blue_diamond: It is sold with everything necessary for its proper functioning, including a storage bag, a battery, a support, etc.

Drakefor 480, 2 in 1 device: Anti-aging and anti-cellulite

:heavy_check_mark:The Drakefor 480 (which can be found under the name Denshine photon 3) is a complete and efficient device. It uses several techniques. It thus allows to activate the production of collagen and thus a rejuvenation. But it’s also effective at breaking down the blocks of fat that cause orange peel skin.

:heavy_check_mark: For that ultrasounds are employés.Les sonic vibrations will act on cellulite, while the heat will stimulate blood circulation and collagen production. All the properties of phototherapy are exploited with the presence of blue (soothing), red (stimulating) and green (anti-wrinkle) light.

:heavy_check_mark: Finally, the diffusion of positive and negative ions makes it possible to act in depth for a cleaner, smoother, more toned skin. Reading the manual will let you know how to combine the processes for maximum effect.

It requires a certain investment of time, fortunately, the financial investment is quite correct.

Pixnor P2016 massaging face brush

:small_red_triangle: First of all, the Pixnor massager is not a simple product intended for massage: you can take advantage of its numerous brushes to thoroughly clean your face. And that’s no less than 7 different heads that you can enjoy!

:small_red_triangle: It has a 360 ° field of action as well as a new generation motor designed solely to obtain the best frequency of rotation, and thus offer you perfectly cleansed skin.

:small_red_triangle: The 7 different modes will not be programmed; you will need to change the head of the holder, depending on the action you want to perform on your skin. You will therefore have a large choice to meet all your needs!

Parts of this device:

  1. Exfoliating Head: Use with your facial cleanser to deeply cleanse and exfoliate

  2. Soft latex sponge: Massages under the eyes and cheeks to improve circulation and skin elasticity

  3. Makeup sponge: Massages and cleansing your skin

  4. Circular massage: Stimulation of blood circulation to stimulate collagen production and reduce wrinkles

  5. Small soft brush: Soft brush designed for quality scrubs

  6. Long, ultra-fine brush: For better cleansing and exfoliation of the skin

  7. Pumice Stone: Gently removes rough, callused skin on feet and elbows

:no_entry: For a faster and more successful result, do not hesitate to use your daily products with this electric massage brush.

Touch Beauty TB 1581

:dvd: The Touch Beauty TB 1581 is a complete product where you will find two very powerful modes. The versatility of the massager makes it a great addition for daily skin care. Not only does it help exfoliate your skin, but also provides a gentle and relaxing massage for the face.

:dvd: The technology used by Touch Beauty on this model is the sonic vibration massage. With more than 22,000 vibrations per minute, associated with the soft bristles, the massage process is deep but very gentle.

:dvd: This electric massager is not equipped with temperature change; however the device is waterproof: you can therefore use it in the shower and thus obtain temperature changes if necessary.

comparative best electric anti-wrinkle facial massager

2 modes of touch beauty TB 1581

  • The first mode has a fairly large head, with hairs: it is intended for cleaning the face by sonic vibrations.

  • The second mode offers a head in the shape of a drop of water: this makes it possible to work particularly on the eye area, as well as on wrinkles, fine lines … You will find a younger face by erasing dark circles and bags under the eyes.

  • The electric massage device is charged with a battery that consumes only moderately.

  • Once again, you can use your usual beauty products for faster results. And this device can be obtained for a very small sum. It is certainly one of the best performing products at this price!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

:bulb: How to choose a facial massager?

  1. The type of massage desired: There are many devices available, and you will need to equip yourself with the massage device that suits your needs: massage intended for relaxation, daily care or anti-wrinkle treatment?

  2. The functions: Some facial massagers will have the vibrating function, others will have the massaging function, and some will have both. Other functions can be added to multiply the effects and this feeling of well-being, such as the heating function, the cold function, the infrared function or the “sonic” function.

  3. The options available: Some devices are equipped with a music function, often soft and relaxing, others will have a mirror to see the effects of the massage in real time …

  4. Power supply: Depending on your needs, it will be important to know if your facial device will need to be powered by mains, battery or batteries. More details in our detailed buying guide.

:bulb: What are the benefits of facial massage?

  • Prevents wrinkles and signs of aging

  • Activates the blood and lymphatic system

  • Gives skin radiance and vitality

  • Helps decongest skin from toxins

  • Decreases swelling

  • Stimulates the production of endorphins (the hormone of happiness)

  • Helps sculpt the face

  • Enhances the absorption of products in the skin

  • Reduces muscle tension and stiffness

  • Relieves stress

  • Improves skin texture

:bulb: How to do a facial massage in 5 minutes?

  1. Heat the usual amount of **moisturizer**or facial oil in the palm of your hands in order to stimulate the active ingredients.

  2. Apply the product on both sides of the face and start spreading the product, always from the center of the face outwards and in the opposite direction to the effect of gravity , as shown in the image.

  3. Repeat the gesture on the forehead and chin, always using the tip of the index and middle fingers , one hand followed by the other in fluid movements.

  4. Reproduce the same gesture, in the same direction, but now starting in the lap , moving up the neck and up to the jaw using the space between the thumb and the index finger. In this step, it is important that you follow the line of the jaw bone, firmly, in order to help shape the face.

  5. Repeat the same movements on the face, now using the back of the hand , gently but firmly at the same time.


Facial massage can be done in the morning or at night . Both moments have distinct advantages. If done on waking , it activates the blood and lymphatic systems, which helps to reduce the swelling resulting from a good night’s sleep (or not). But if you prefer to do it at bedtime , keep in mind that you will create the perfect conditions so that the products are better absorbed during the night. All of this can seem overwhelming, calm. It’s easier than it looks. Facial massage tools makes it easy to include facial massages in your daily face care regimen.In addition, such devices allow lotions and creams to penetrate deeper into the skin and increase blood circulation.

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