Are you confused about whether dermarolling is the right choice to kick out the acne scars or not? To clear the paradox related to dermarolling and its effect, let us discuss the meaning of derma rolling and how it works?


What is dermarolling?

Dermarolling is the process of using a derma roller that is an instrument with tiny needles connected to a roller. It perforates the skin to inoculate the hydrating products that increase collagen and elastin formation, decrease stretch marks, acne scars, or improve skin texture. It is also known as micro-needling.

History of derma rolling:

The German dermatologist, Ernst Kromayer, to use dental burrs, implemented this procedure to eliminate the skin’s markings in 1905. Later, by using stainless pins, in 1950, Abner Kurtin improved it. Then in 1995, Carrell contributes to this technique by introducing hypodermic needles in derma rollers. After a while, Canadian dermatologists have shared their position and demonstrated the significance of needles in this operation. At the same time, South African skin specialists approved it as an authentic treatment for acne scars and wrinkles. Then it prevails globally.

How to use a derma roller?

If you are pondering how to get rid of acne scars, then use derma rollers on the face. Follow the following steps while using it:

:one: Clean your face with wipes, face washes, or soaps, and then wash it with water.
:two: Massage your face with cold creams for 15 minutes.
:three: Sterilize the roller with isopropyl alcohol before applying it to the face.
:four: Move the roller vertically and horizontally side by side. Do this step 5-6 times.
:five: After this, throw water on the face and keep it moisturized by using a hydra facial mask.
:six: To be pretty, do use a derma roller thrice in a week.

:question: What size of needles in dermarollers should use?

There are not any strict rules but, for better results, must keep in mind that:

:ballot_box_with_check: Use the derma roller that has 1.5mm sized needles, four times a month, to remove acne scars present in the deeper layer of skin.
:ballot_box_with_check: Use the derma roller has 1mm sized needles twice a month, to remove acne scars present on the upper layer of skin.

Features of dermaroller:

The dermarollers that used to remove wrinkles must have the following features:

:small_blue_diamond: A network of 545 needles.
:small_blue_diamond: The grip of the derm-roller must be Slip-free.
:small_blue_diamond: Tips of needles should be extremely sharp.
:small_blue_diamond: The needles of the dermaroller must arrange in a criss-cross manner.
:small_blue_diamond: The needle should be unbending and solid.


Dermaroller Benefits:

Dermrolling is one of the best ways to get rid of your textured skin. So, the benefits of using derma rollers are the following:

:arrow_right: Dark circles:

The majority of people face problems of dark circles or different tones under the eyes. With the help of derma rolling, it is easy to remove dark circles.

:arrow_right: Acne Scars:

It helps to remove acne scars that are red marks and roughen the surface of the skin.

:arrow_right: Wrinkles:

Dermarollers remove wrinkles from the face and make your smile line beautiful.

:arrow_right: Pigmentation:

It has a role in eliminating hyperpigmentation or dark patches over the skin. If you don’t know how to remove skin tags, then use this method.

:arrow_right: Pores:

The pores on the nose or cheeks affect beauty. Along with jaw fillers, dermarolling also makes your skin smooth and fill up the pores.

Dermrolling and Stomach

Dermarolling also makes the way in the dark street for pregnant women who get stretch marks on their belly or have a limply hanging stomach.

The duration to tighten the stomach differs from that of the skin. It takes up to six or seven weeks to tighten your belly loose skin by boosting up the collagen performance. But for complete results, repeat it after a break of six months.

While using dermarolling on the stomach, it needs more care because of its sagginess.

Dermarolling and hair regrowth:

Most people are worried due to baldness or less growth of hair on the scalp. This situation mostly made men conscious of their looks. So, dermarolling is also using in hair regrowth nowadays. The needles on the dermaroller puncture the specified area of the scalp that permits blood to circulate and activate the hair stem cells to create the hair shaft. In this way, the problem of hair growth sorts out.


As the problems related to the skin increase, dermatologists discovered many advanced techniques to give your face an awesome appearance. Among new methods, derma rolling is the best to avoid skin problems and acne scars for glowing and smooth skin. It also paved the way for the treatment of hair loss issues.

Side effects of dermarolling:

Are you thinking of this treatment might be only in this world that has no side effects?

The answer to this curiosity is no. Like others, it may cause a rash, bruises, dryness, soreness, skin infection, or double tone coloration of the face.

But it has minimal side effects as compared to others and these side effects can recover with a little care and the use of serums.


Serums used before and after derma-rolling:

The dermarolling makes your skin smooth but may cause dryness, rashes, or itching. So to get rid of these problems, use serums in addition to derma-rollers and moisturize your skin.

Ofcourse, you are pondering that what kind of serums to pick? So, let’s have a look at these serums specified to a condition:

:green_circle: Redness:

The skin may get blush or red more than usual after derma-rolling. So to minimize this effect, use Cicapair serum. It nourishes and moisturizes the skin because of the involvement of herbal and licorice roots as anti-oxidants.

:green_circle: Dull patches:

Sometimes dull patches appear on the skin that downs the confidence and energy level of a girl who wants to look ■■■■ beautiful. Use Dior serum to boost up the glamorous look. This serum enhances the after-effects of derma-rolling and removes the dark patches on the face. Due to the combination of alpha-hydroxy acid and vitamin C, this serum is the best choice to avoid this sort of problem.

:green_circle: Dry skin:

Most people face the problem of dryness on the skin. So to say goodbye to dryness, certainly, dermarolling is the best choice to opt for. But in addition to this, use the L’Oreal Paris Revitalift serum that makes your skin crystal clear and keeps your face hydrated after dermarolling due to the presence of hyaluronic acid.

:green_circle: Wrinkles:

Most old age women use derma-rolling to get rid of wrinkles and make them look more young and fancy. Add Kate Somerville serum to your list besides dermarolling to eradicate wrinkles from your face and enhance your facial lines.

:green_circle: Face Tightening:

Use Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum to lift the skin and obtain 100% results of dermarolling. As the name suggests, this serum has vitamin C that sharpens the skin outlook. The Ferulic acid, Hyaluronic acid, and vitamin E that improves dermatic roller after-effects are also a core component of this serum.


Dermarolling may lead to irritation and flaky skin. So, dermatologists use a serum before an hour of dermarolling and after it also to keep the skin smooth and soothes your skin surface.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Following are some questions that asked most frequently related to dermarolling:

Can Dermarolling ruin skin?

Any face massage tool used on the skin has negative effects and can cause damage to skin cells. Dermatologists may do things in the right direction and a safer manner, mitigating the acne scars and lessen the harmful impact on the skin. But it still has a few effects.

How long would it take to work with Dermarolling?

Most people want rapid recovery to kick away the acne scars, but due to their impatient behavior, they quit dermarolling. However, it takes five to six weeks to see off acne scars and wrinkles.

Are dermaroller results permanent?

Most people choose this treatment by assuming that they will get rid of scars and wrinkles permanently. But your skin needs to administer again after 365 days due to fluctuation in hormones level.

How hard should you press dermaroller?

The skin cells are delicate that can puncture by a little irregular touch. So, a hard press may harm your face. That is why to use it according to the texture of the skin.


Most people use grapeseed oil on their skin and think they will get smooth and soft skin. But, in addition to oils or home remedies, step forward to advanced cosmetic techniques.

Among dermaplaning, microcurrent facial, or dermarolling, the dermatologists recommend the latter one. Because it has more benefits than demerits and enhances your girlish look.

But avoid derma-rolling and dermaplaning at home that may affect skin texture and dark your fairy tale look. To satisfy women’s desire to pop up among his group, the skin specialist has devised advanced ways and not to let unwanted guests (acne) reside in your house (face).