Cold creams

In the world full of highlighters , foundation, primers and concealer be like our grannies who had their little beauty enhancer that is non other their “cold creams “ it was the ultimate solution of their numberless skin problems and the reason of their instant magical glow !! This vintage simplest trick fixed all skin issues like dryness, roughness , acne , complexion , the list goes on … As the world moving forward everything has changed , new and advanced beauty products have rooted their foot prints in market but still cold cream has its own significance in market but now its usually used in winters to cope skin issues. It moisturizes or hydrates skin . incredibly it has a lot of advantages market is full of brands that design different sorts of creams with different addictive fragrances and beneficial natural touch that support skin growth, solve all skin issues and nutrify your skin.

But cold creams can be used in difficult and different situations when you dont have other options it can be helpful and you can take advantage of having cold cream.

When you want to remove make up !!!

Sometimes removal of makeup becomes problematic when you don’t have proper makeup remover … so in that time if you have cold cream you can overcome this problem because it contains water and oil and smoothly disband all types of make up material without any irritation.

When you need to cleanse your face !

Everyday you need cleanser to wipe dust or dirt from your face choose cold creams instead of any other thing . cold cream has an ability to soften your skin and oil picks dirt use cotton pads for removing cold cream.

When you feel dry lips !!

During winters skin and lips becomes shriveled due to insufficient moist. For chapped and dry lips you can use cold cream as a lip balm . a tiny amount of cold cream moist your lips and all dryness will be vanished.

When need a moisturizer :

Moisturizers cutoff all skin problems and leaves skin young and beautiful during winter its mandatory to use moisturizers to hydrate Skin and repair all those dry areas as well as makes skin healthy and shiny. Cold cream can be use to eliminate dryness from other body parts likes elbow, neck , hands , ears etc

Best cold creams :

Now we have special cold creams list usually used in winters and it has their detailed description about brand and speciality of those cold creams .

A drug store icon : Ponds cold cream

Everyone loves it !!! Its iconic and famous product since many years. its apple of everyone’s eye its very simple and gentle to use. it designs for sensitive skin that promote and support fair complexion its often use to moisturize skin also good for makeup removal its has soft and amazing fragrance it comes in small container and has immense pros it protects you from winter dryness and enriched with 10 nutrients that makes your skin healthy .

All time multi purpose cream : NIEVA cold cream.

This classical and traditional cold cream has its own fan following and demand . Well known cream has been showing glory through generations. It has been serving its best till right now people are using it world wide and has zero side effects its perfect for hydrating skin, increase fair color, tackling all SK8n problems like wrinkles , stripping ,dryness etc its an ultimate source of shine and glow all these happens because it has ultra nourishing properties and it can fight against sensitivities.

Natural and reliable : Himalaya cold cream.

Its more reliable and trust worthy product because it contains natural ingredients like aloe vera , fruits and tree extracts that makes its natural real and authentic for all. Herbal cream moisturize your skin and stays smooth ,firm, gentle look . Aloe vers is beneficial for skin problems Luke acne , frackles , double toning it fights against anti aging cover your face from pollution . its refreshing and rehydrating and has no side effects .

Forever gorgeous look ! Dove beauty

Moist is the key element for flawless and gorgeous skin . Dove is an exclusive way to overcome all winter skin problems including complexions , cracks , dryness all will clean up and leaves your skin clear and smooth it has very light and easy texture to spread on face . its best for those who face constant dryness during winters. It provides full day nourishment with moist that makes you feel beautiful and trouble free all over day.

Flawless SK8n protector : Garneir light daily Moisturizer .

Its an ideal way to relight complexion and lighten dark spots . it has multi targeted tasks prevent from hydration, make you feel fresh, bring glow on face . it contains pure lemon extracts and vitamin C to cleanse your face Skin. people who work outdoor can use to protect their skin from pollution .

A multi purpose cream : L0real.

We can consider it as a makeup actually it is multi purpose cream it serves sun protection, give fairer look ,reduce dark spots , can be apply as a make up importantly hydrates your Skin with superb glow. Smooth texture has no stickiness easily dissolve in skin.

Long lasting : Olay moisturizing cream.

It’s a non greasy cream who gas a mild pleasant fragrance that soothe your skin from any irritation, reveals pretty face , covers all anti aging problem wrinkles etc its ideal option to hydrate skin it has long lasting effects visibly give you younger look.

A way to full nourishment and prompt glow. Lack me fruit moisturizer.

It has superb family in all over world .it contains milk and fruits that combo reveals great results and make your skin mushy and pulpy with complete hydration, removes dryness or roughness. Fruits are good for skin nourishment and full of vitamins that wash away all dried cells And give flawless and healthy skin.

Homemade cold cream Recipe

Ingredients :

¼ tablespoon borax.

¼ distilled water

½ any oil

½ ounce beeswax


Take a measuring cup , and dissolve borax into water after set aside it. Borax is essential ingredient in making cold cream and commonly used for cleaning purpose.

Take another measuring cup and mix oil and beeswax in it heat it until it melts ( 30 seconds )

Now heat the borax/water in microwave until it gets mixed.( one minute)

Then pour borax/water mixture into oil/beeswax mixture . its time blend both mixture by the help of stick . mix it completely until it turns into smooth and creamy look. Blending is important to make well creamy texture . let it cool at room temperature

After pour this cream into jar or small container. Cold cream has done!!!

Important tips regards cold creams

Avoid hot baths :

Its relaxing therapy for body and mind to take hot showers during winters but its quite disturbing for skin specially in winters to seek hot baths. Firstly it washed out all moisture which you have applied before bath secondly hot baths turns you more dryer so avoid excessive hot baths its OK to bath with Luke light water during winter.

Don’t use cotton pillow case:

Its totally wastage of money and time if you are using cotton pillow case while sleeping .when you apply cold cream and sleeping on cotton pillow case it absorb all oil and moisturizer which you put on face and stays you dryness and roughness whole night cream is also wasting without ant sense so its better to use particular fabric for sleeping which are unable to absorb otherwise it sucks all moisturizer.

Remember other body parts :

People are only obsessed with only face when it comes to hydrate or moist remember about other body parts are affected by dryness or dehydration your all body needed cold cream so apply it on other parts too like elbow chest, neck. hands otherwise your body and face will not look alike and you’ll always suffer from itching and dryness.

Choose cold cream according to your skin type :

Everyone has different type of skin while choosing cold cream always Choose product according to your Skin type some have oily skin so they need light moisture , some have dry skins so they need to buy heavy moisturizers. Keep moist their skin from dryness and roughness some have sensitive skins they need to buy those products who are specially made for sensitive skins. These things matters a lot because tiny carelessness leads to a big problem.


In order to maintain younger and smooth skin must apply cold cream for glowing and good looking face its also essential for kids because they are careless and can’t be able to look after their selves as much as adults can do. So it’s a duty of patents to look after them in winters . make them habitual to apply cold creams twice a day and keep it in pocket otherwise they will face redness and itching with light pain on face and other body parts.