Increasing food wastage; what can be done to decrease it and to create a better tomorrow?

Everyone likes food, food nourishes and is vital for survival. Nowadays with growing technological food ordering and delivery apps, buying food is a piece of cake. Also, the myriad of cooking channels on youtube and TV shows make this art of cooking and food even more interesting. People love food and the joy it gives. On the other hand, have we ever thought about the wastage of food?

Wastage of food is a big issue that people are not aware of. The repercussions it creates may lead to food scarcity. On a daily basis, a humongous amount of food has been wasted. As a responsible human, what can one do to reduce wastage? It is high time that people started to act upon it. We live in a global situation where saving what we have is vital. Covid-19 has come as a wake-up call for many of us to understand the stark reality in a better light.

What are the major factors that lead to wastage of food?

Overcooking food and piling it in the fridge is one of the factors that lead to more wastage. If you check the amount of food that you waste, you also waste money, food and other valuable resources along with it.

Also, hoarding excessive groceries leads to excessive wastage. Panic shopping of excessive food items will also lead to a lot of waste. Open your fridge and see the leftovers of yesterday. It is not about money anymore, a person might have enough money to buy groceries and other items, but what about the amount of resources that got wasted? Imagine if this was a case in one household, how will it impact the resources that get wasted for an entire street.

People should grow responsible and do something about the excessive cooking and hoarding of food items. Reducing the number of leftovers can help you save money and resources for others. Times like covid-19 pandemic prove that even when we have money if we run out of resources we can’t buy anything. It is the right time to act responsibly to reduce the wastage that we create on a daily basis to create a better tomorrow.

In addition, production trials that happen in the industries also lead to a lot of wastage. A lot of resources get wasted in the production phase. Industries should work closely in reducing the wastage that happens in the trial runs, packing defects, quality checks, and so on. Rejecting food for the wrong size, weights and blemish has to be limited in order to reduce the wastage.

It is disheartening to know that a huge amount of food is getting wasted in food processing and distribution stages in the industries. A lot of vegetables are rejected and wasted only because of the fact that they are not in the size expected or blemishless. Even if a vegetable is ugly it saves the purpose of feeding you.

Also, shops buying and storing excessive food materials for selling will contribute to the expiry of products. Failure in stock management in the stores leads to a lot of waste of resources that could have been a life-saving resource for other businesses.

Besides, Over preparation food prepared in restaurants and eateries also leads to the wastage of food. Expecting more customers for the day and not meeting up the expected sales contributes to a lot of wastage.

What can be done to reduce the wastage that happens in the industry? With the help of efficient technology, like food ordering and delivery software, businesses can monitor the requirements needed and work closely with the inventory in checking the expiry of the products. Similarly, restaurants can monitor the workflow by improving the system that reduces the wastage of the food served on a daily basis.

Additionally, it is important for every individual to have a conscious decision not to waste food. If every person decides not to waste food it will create a good impact. Some say if you want to change the world, change yourself. By realizing our priorities at home, shops and production centers we can truly make a difference in waste management.

Bio Fortification Of Dairy Milk

Let’s introduce the fortification before the explanation of the Biofortification of dairy milk. “A process in which crucial trace elements can put in to complete all the vital nutritions” Or “The inclusion of extra elements that are not present in the foodstuff but necessary for the daily needs of a human.”

This procedure is mostly used by the persons who manufacture the food. This procedure can be used by the government, which aims to complete the dietary fibers in the body or minimize the number of deficient persons in demanded food elements. It means we can add more nutrients to other food like cereals as wheat with zinc, dairy, and its products, tea, oils, fats. Commercial and industrial fortification, Biofortification, and Home fortification are types of fortification.

What is Bio Fortification?

It can be specified as “The procedure in which we can enhance the nutritional value of crop for different aims.” Two ways decide this process. One is by genetic engineering, and the other is by selective breeding

Biofortification Of Dairy Milk

“The fortified crops that can be ingested by dairy animals for the good nutritious milk called
biofortification of dairy milk.” The only purpose of this procedure is to add more fiber and nutrients. The type of nutrients that are not in the foodstuff.

Many peoples are deficient in some unique trace elements like some minerals and vitamins essential for daily needs. This insufficiency can be accomplished with the help of this process.
In this procedure, we mostly utilize microelements that can enhance the nourishment of milk. The feed that the goats and cows eat should be able to boost the food of milk. The insufficiency of trace elements is the main reason for all the abnormalities and disabilities. Agriculture is focusing on this problem more. Many plans are going to use for the best ■■■■■■■■■. The aims of agriculture

  1. To grow more crop in a shorter time
  2. To grow nutritional best crops

Different techniques, like plant breeding and select breeding, are going to use in this concern. Many farmers are now starting to harvest such good nutritious crops on their farms. Plant breeding is the main procedure of agriculture when crops are raising. Scientists prefer to use this process at this time. Such crops will be biofortified crops.

When such foods are eaten regularly, all the insufficiency of essential trace elements can be minimized. The most recent and significant types of trace elements that are deficient and needed in daily life for the potential organism are zinc, copper, iron, manganese, etc. Different other dosages are most extensively used for the animals containing all the essential nutrients to complete most insufficiencies. Many types of proteins and nutritious foodstuffs can be used for this process. The following are the feeds that help in providing the protein with the essential microelements for Biofortification.

Soybean Meal

It can be recommended as the best feed or dosage for the animals or fodders or ruminants. It can consist of a high-quality protein that is necessary for different purposes. The influence of other trace elements like copper and zinc is helpful in the excellent Biofortification of milk. Soymeal is the best foodstuff for those animals who provided us with milk and meat or beneficial genetic engineering needs. Soybean is included in degradable protein. It means it can digest easily in the digestive system of animals. Soybean contains more nutritional elements like a fair amount of amino acids.

It can be easily digested and palatable. It can be observed as 67% of the primary feed. It is the main ingredient of animal feed. Best protein and other trace elements can achieve from it for the animals. Adequate production of milk demands good protein and trace elements. If animals like goats and cows are introduced to high-quality and fortified soybean, then milk’s nutritional values can enhance with the amazing amount of trace microelements.

Alfalfa Hay

It is the best fiber crop. The highly proteinous fodder crop for the dairy cows and goats. The protein’s concentration in Alfalfa hay is more than the grass hay. As the grass hay consists of only 10% protein, but the Alfalfa hay consists of 15 to 21% protein. The right level of protein is an essential requirement for dairy animals. The quality of 5 lbs Alfalfa hay is the best forage for dairy cows and goats, especially during the primary lactation process. This forage is best for the highly productive.

The best performance and high profitability of dairy animals are shown after eating the limiting quantity of Alfalfa hay. It is cost-effective hay. It is eaten in less amount, but it can enhance more nutritious values and complete all the insufficiencies of essential microelements like zinc and manganese. Silages are a part of legumes, and legumes are pure protein, which is the milk’s primary component. This grass helps this biofortification process for dairy milk and other purposes due to protein and other microelements like copper and zinc.


Such milk consists of extra vitamins and minerals. This milk is a root of Vitamin A and D. Extra calcium in this milk promotes bones’ health. This milk also consists of more phosphorus. Biofortification milk is more proteinous and nutritious for the best growth. It is beneficial for bones because it is a rich source of energy. The nutritional values help in strengthening teeth. Such milk helps strengthen muscles.

Frequently asked questions

What is Biofortification?

It can be specified as “The procedure in which we can enhance the nutritional value of crop for different aims” Two ways decide this process. Two ways decide this process. One is by genetic engineering, and the other is by selective breeding. It is beneficial for bones because it is a rich source of energy. The nutritional values help in strengthening teeth. Such milk helps strengthen muscles.

What is Biofortification also describe two methods of Biofortification?

It can be specified as “The procedure in which we can enhance the nutritional value of crop for different aims.” Two ways decide this process.

  • By genetic engineering
  • By selective breeding

Organizing the fridge and pantry can help people keep track of what they have at home and help them to identify foods that are ready to eat.

“FIFO” stands for “first in, first out” and is a useful way to organize food at home. Many restaurants and grocery stores use this system to reduce waste, too.

Placing newly bought foods at the back of the cupboard or fridge will encourage people to use the food in the front row first, which will ensure freshness and reduce waste.

For example, if a person keeps lots of tins at home, ensure that the ones closest to their expiry date are at the front of the cupboard and use those first.


What can be done to reduce it to make it better tomorrow
Food wastage is that food that is not eaten. the reason of the food waste are countlesss and happen all over the food system, during production, processing, distribution and consumption. worldwide food waste and loss amount to between one third and one half of whole food manufactured. America throw away roughly 40 percent of its food. of the approximate 125 to 160 billion pounds of food that waste every year, much of its excellently consumable and healthy. Uneaten food also keeps additional pressure o0n the environment by losing valuable resources like water and farmland.

There are many ways to reduce food waste. Some of them are traced.

Shop wisely

Buy things only if you have a plan to use them and watch them until all the decay can be used before buying too much and avoid buying too much.

Buy exactly what you need

If teaching requires two carrots not buying a full bag instead, buy more goods so you can buy the right number to use in addition, strive to buy grain, pate, spices in a bulk box.

Be realistic

If you spend your life lonely you don’t need the same number of apples as a family of five if you don’t cook hard doesn’t put things to cook for use

A product that looks like a purchase

Many fruits and vegetables are discarded because their shape or color does not match what we thought these things should “look”.

Have a plan B

Suppose you buy cream cheese to make a special meal for that special meal and then dinner is digested. Do not miss the cheese more, come up with a different process and add another meal.

Practice FIFO

Symbolizes First in First Out. when the unbox food box transfers old items to the front of the refrigerator and retrieves new items in this way, it is possible to use old items before they expire

Look at what you throw away

Does it mean a week where you write down everything and throw it all away by throwing half a loaf of bread if it is bread each week? Maybe it’s time to start buying cold bread when you buy it so it doesn’t taste good before you can eat it

Take stock

Note the upcoming expiration dates on food around the expiration date in the same way, keep a list of items in the fridge and when each item is frozen place this on the fridge door for clear directions and use items before sending their start

Use all

When cooking something, use any bite of any food you cook, whenever possible for example escape the skin of cucumber and potatoes and so on

Keep better

If you continue to throw away unsafe grains / chips etc. you are trying to keep them in sealed containers this should help them keep them longer.

Residual waste disposal

Use less meat at home and use citrus fruits to add flavor to other foods

Look at the fridge

Make sure it works best for a strong, accurate temperature and this will ensure that the fridge keeps the food fresh for as long as possible.

Save the product;

the making does not have to be a lump because its access to the ends of its soft top fruit can be used in fruit juice

Offer what you will not use; never eat those stinging foods? donate it to the food kitchen before it is destroyed for use by people who need it

Donate great things

Value or farmers happily receive a piece of food for feeding pigs or adding to the pile of manure

Store good food in the refrigerator;

Learn how to store and where certain products are in the refrigerator and may be stored for a long time

Is it possible to get more fruit than you know what youIs it possible to get more fruit than you know what you do? Trying to put them in cans so it will last for months to come

Pick it up

Both fruits and vegetables are stored in a simple process called the collection process

Understands expiration dates

Changing those expiration dates has nothing to do with food safety and moreover it often offers high quality advice if properly stored, most foods remain fresh a few days after the “use” date if the food looks, and tastes Ok, it should be fine if its handling is turned off, then it will not be right

Divide the meal

If your stomach is full share food with friends so you don’t waste food half of the large size you get in most restaurants

Teach other people

To educate people about the importance of food and its impact we should start a food waste campaign in our community


1- What are the main reasons of food wastage?

The most common reasons of household food waste is manufacture left to long in the refrigerator, followed by people not complete their food. Manufacturing this wasted food uses 3.6 million hectares of earth, 180 gigalitres of water, and produces 1 million tonnes of green house gasesd.

2- Which is the wastage of food?

food wastage comprises both food losses, which happen at the construction, post-harvest, which arises at the market and utilization stages.

3-How can we prevent wastage of food?

shop smartly
save food accurately, imperfect storage leads to huge amount of food wastage
:Learn to preserve
Don’t be perfectionist
save leftovers
Eat the yolk
Be a seed savor

4- why should we avoid wastage food?

if food is wasted, it will harm to the soil. Once they drop its neatness, the bacteria decompose them to generate harmful greenhouse gas which will harm to the environment.

5-■■■ can we avoid wastage of food at functions and marriages?

select a caterer and venue carefully
turn food to the poor
make box of food for the guests
food to be served to hotel and catering staff
Be more correct in your food preparation planning

What is food? :bowl_with_spoon:

We all know that food is an important source of nutrition for us .It helps us to cope up with our daily activities . It provides us with the basic nutrients like vitamins, minerals , protein , carbohydrates etc . Without food fuel our body can’t survive or work .

How much food is wasted in the world

The global volume of food wastage is estimated at 1.6 billion tons of “primary product equivalents.” Total wastage for the edible part of this amounts to 1.3 billion tons. Food wastage’s carbon footprint is estimated at 3.3 billion tons of CO2 equivalent of GHG released into the atmosphere per year.

How many people stay hungry every year in this world ?

Around 690 million go hungry . Each day, 25,000 people, including more than 10,000 children, die from hunger and related causes. Some 854 million people worldwide are estimated to be undernourished, and high food prices may drive another 100 million into poverty and hunger. another 83 million people, and possibly as many as 132 million, may go hungry in 2020 as a result of the economic recession triggered by COVID-19

Reasons why people waste food

• Some people consider it a matter of honour to present more food during a visit if guest at their place , the more the food the more they would be considered welcoming and hospitable.

• Sone people probably don’t know how to utilise their leftover’s some people are prone of not eating the leftovers instead they opt for something fresh . So the leftovers are thrown into the bins

• Some people Leave the leftovers and opt for buying new products from the market which results in rotting if the old food that was being kept back

• Some people don’t go through the expiration date and so things go bad real quick if they are bought few days before the expiration date

• Some people by fault read out the manufacturing date as expiration date and end up throwing the product

• Rich households consider it a matter of pride to celebrate their events with great extravagance and so they end up making extra food which is sometimes utilized as in whole and sometimes it is thrown out in large quantities

• The demand of the previous food product might lessen over time

• Sometimes creating a huge stock collection might fuase a loss as many products might not be a apart of the selling line and might take time while being sold out this might create a problem of the food product to expire and go bad

o According to Food and Agriculture Organization the food waste is estimated as to how much food is wasted throughout ,this particular organization makes sure that’s the food remains safe , edible and easy to access. Also this ensures food safety and makes a goal of defeating hunger all over the world …

What are the basic impacts of food waste all overall the world :palm_tree::earth_americas:?

According to mabg resources food spoilage it waste create a certain type of gas that is known as methane it is more dangerous than Co2 and can cause emissions polluting the whole environment .

Is hunger the number one for the death of most of the people in the world ?

Education of basic needs and their utilization of those needs is very important but many people lack this sort of education , infact millions of people are devoid of education and so they don’t have an idea . Hunger Is the number one reason as to why people doe it is way more than a reason than people dying from Aids, Cancer and Tuberculosis .

How much can it take to end food waste age ?
It might take around $7 billion to almost $265 billion that’s way too much money don’t you think ?

Positive measures for ending food spoilage and waste age ?

• Well one should make sure that the leftovers are properly utilized

• One should make sure that only those stuff is bought that he or she can finish in a less amount of time in short only the food needed should be bought and should be in a limited amount no extra quantities should be bought until and unless in any case of emergency

• Avoid cooking extravagantly in events only a limited amount of food should be served to the guests or even if there is a good amount of food left it should be distributed into those that need it instead of throwing it out

• Make sure that the food is bought taking the expiration date into consideration

• Rotten food should be dugged up in the soil to provide a good amount of nutrients and fertility

• Departments like FAO should make sure that a proper check and balance is kept through various surveys . they should send their employees in Different good markets to analyze the level of efficiency of food utilization , management and distribution

• Media should play a role in educating the nation about the importance of food and how much is it a blessing

• Extra food should be distributed into places who needs it the most

• Leftovers can last longer if they are kept into places like a freezer make sure to freeze your food instead of wasting it that’s how you can save it from going bad . The food can be later used

• Don’t overstock leave some of the product for other people to use

How did covid affected the food distribution?

As we all know this whole pandemic situation created adverse effects on our worlds economy , people went bankrupt , they went out of jobs , had no money so worldwide it got into a chaos which lead to people having lesser stick of each supply and more demand . People who could afford buying were buying extras and we’re nothing behind for people who couldn’t afford it . Everyone had a selfish approach towards the whole pandemic situation and many people couldn’t fulfill their families needs .Slowly and gradually the situation started to get better but the people who overstocked their food items suffered a loss as the food went bad , and it never came into anyone’s use .