Advantages and Disadvantages LED Backlight Display

In the electronics industry, backlight display technology is an advanced feature used in various electronic appliances, including laptops, TV, computers, cellphone, etc. Nowadays, LED backlights have replaced fluorescent lamps, which use to emit diode as the LCD’s backlight. They are considered as the future of electronics innovative technologies.

Moreover, these backlights enhance the object and make them eye-catching. It makes an image look three-dimensional, and it also attracts the eyes. Additionally, these backlights are noticeable yet subtle. Further, LEDs are basically small chips placed in a matrix pattern behind the panel. They deliver an even uniform field of light on the panel.

Multiple countries are working on their advancement for a long period. Moreover, various China LED backlight module manufacturers produce higher quality backlights with passion.

Types Of LED Arrangements

There are four types of LED arrangement used:

• Edge-lit commonly forms a line around the rim of the screen.

• Direct-lit usually forms an array behind the screen at equal intervals. They are popular among people who need high-end audio and video equipment.
• Local dimming is a direct-lit LED cluster, and they are controlled individually.
• Full array local dimming direct-lit are individually monitored.

The Contrast Of LED Backlight LCD And CCFL Backlight Display

It is a primary difference between LED backlight and front light. The backlights are usually shiny from behind and form sides, while on the other hand, front lights are shinny from the front. These backlights are often used in multiple LCD screens.
Moreover, the LED backlight LCD uses a light-emitting diode as the backlight of the LCD display. They can produce a more effective color gamut, produce natural colors, and make people feel more natural.

CCFL backlight display has more power consumption than an LED backlight display. LED has a specific feature that makes it unique and versatile, like low-calorific values, high-brightness, and a longer life span. That is why the traditional system is expected to be replaced by the advanced LED backlight LCD.

Why choose LED backlight display technology

LED backlight displays are innovative technologies that give bright colors to the LED screens. Generally, people use NTSC as a tool of color reduction in the video devices field.
These displays can be used in any color saturations and color display easily and show conspicuous, namely what to an extent.

Moreover, whether you want it for home or for any business, LED backlighting can benefit you and provide you to get more mileage out of your machinery.

The advantages of LED backlight LCD technology

There are various advantages of using LED
backlight LCD technologies as listed below

  1. The LED backlight display has a longer life span of more than ten years or about 50,000 hours, depending on its use and the brand, which is much greater than other ordinary lights and lamps.

  2. It is a planar light source, which means it has very easy to combine to a given surface light area by having luminous of 3 ~ 5mm side length square. Also, it has higher brightness uniformity and a stable internal structure.

  3. It has great seismic performance, which enhances and improves the user experience.

  4. The flickering frequency of the LED backlight is generally high than the CCFL. LED backlights are flexibly adjustable in the luminous frequency. However, CCFL generates a flickering image in various dynamic scenes, which affects its performance.

  5. The brightness of the LED backlight is more adjustable. They can adapt to different surrounding unlike CCFL, energy-saving lamps which is a threshold and have frequent opening and closing and is very easy to break. However, LED bulbs can adjust the high state of the work environment.

  6. The LED backlight displays a light source that can increase the luminous surface close to people’s eyes. It is considered the top lighting production technology in the electronics world.

  7. It is environmentally friendly, having no mercury, lead, or other harmful chemicals or substances.

  8. The temperature of the LED backlight is between 20°C~80°C.

  9. It does not require a high voltage, unlike CCFL. It uses a low-voltage power supply up to 5-24v. It is a simple, safe, and versatile design to use. Additionally, it allows a longer display usage and prevents the unit from overheating.

  10. These backlights have a great color gamut and have an advanced color expression, including different color ranges of red/blue/green/yellow/blue/purple/pink and many more.

  11. It is easy to control, and has an accurate color display. Also, use red, blue, and green to emit light autonomously. It enables the users to manually use the lighting effects, colors, and brightness levels and create a particular effect that suits their requirements.

  12. It has a perfect white balance, which can ensure the overall brightness and contrast.

  13. It has flexible adjustments of the luminous frequencies as well. It is more efficient and enjoyable and enhanced operator experience, whether the display is a TV or laptop.

Disadvantages of the LED backlight display

Despite many advantages, there are some disadvantages as well of using a LED backlight display.

  1. LED backlight can be very thin.
  2. Joined in parallel, LED strings are challenging and difficult to control the supply current to the same value because of which the illumination of each LED string is likely to vary.
  3. It has a more complex drive circuit.


Numerous lighting technology types can be used for multiple purposes based on manufacturer and customer preferences. The most beneficial method of illuminating digital display is LED backlighting. As it has a long lifespan and environmentally friendly, excellent brightness uniformity, flexible adjustments of the luminous frequency, utilizes low voltage power supply, and easy to control and display color characteristics.

Further, an LED backlight LCD is much more convenient for people than the CCFL backlight display. It is why it is preferred by people who want to expand their business and save a huge amount of money that can be utilized for the future.