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Vycross technology refers to the potential cross-linking of hyaluronic acid molecules in the filler Voluma. Voluma is an excellent product for recovering age-related volume loss in the midrace and cheek zones.

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:brown_circle: What is Vycross Technology?

What is Vycross Technology? The most common type of filler used to plump lips, fill lines, and soften the effects of aging is hyaluronic acid (HA) fillings. The content and kind of cross-linking of hyaluronic acid products differ. Imagine a railroad track: two parallel pieces of metal held connected by several supports.

That is the purpose of cross-linking. Hylacross is the initial cross-linking method that is still used in Juvederm Ultra and Ultra Plus. Vycross is a new hyaluronic acid cross-linking technique.

When combined with a change in hyaluronic acid makeup (long and short chains vs. all long chains), the cross results in a filler with enhanced uplift and longevity.

:question: Why Does Vycross Innovation Valuable?

The ‘fake’ or ‘underdone’ effect is among the most frequent stigmas associated with facial fillers. This is no longer a problem with VT (when used sparingly too much of any filler will result in an artificially smooth look.

The unique molecular weight approach enables the injector to sculpt and mold the material for a more natural appearance. Facial fillers using VT give a more natural shape.

The gel-like liquid has a finer substance than prior formulas. This also means that there will be less inflammation and pain during the infusion.

Moreover, this ground-breaking technique has a longer-lasting effect, lasting up to 18 months (most filler last 1 year).

Vycross technology

As an additional perk, these fillers contain the anesthetic Lidocaine, which numbs the infected area and makes the process more pleasant.


Vycross technology is a label hyaluronic acid cross-linking technique. The injector can mold and mold the material for a more natural looks thanks to the unique molecular weight method. The gel-like liquid has a finer texture than previous formulations. This also means that throughout the infusion, there will be less inflammation and pain. This revolutionary technique offers a longer duration of effect, lasting up to 18 months.

:eight_pointed_black_star: Juvederm Vycross innovation

Allergan dermal fillers have increased in popularity in recent years as a way to rejuvenate and revive aged, saggy, hollowed, and tired skin. Those who have used Allergan’s older generations of dermal filler have had one major complaint.

They found that the treatments had short-term effects, causing them to lose capacity soon. Allergan started their investigation to improve their Juvederm line of products and raise customer satisfaction with this issue in mind.

Allergan highlighted their innovative advancement in Juvederm skin fillers at the 11th Congress of Anti-Aging & Aesthetic Medicine in Monaco.

Their new Juvederm product line, which consists of 3 products, was developed using Vycross technology, which blends low molecular weight hyaluronic acid with an interlinked matrix stronger than any dermal filler before it.

This specific hyaluronic acid takes far longer for the body to break down, leading to longer-lasting results.

Voluma, Volift, and Volbella are the Vycross technologies Juvederm dermal fillers. Each hyaluronic acid product was created with specific properties for specific parts of the face in consideration.

Voluma, Volift, and Volbella are the Juvederm injectable fillers with Vycross tech. Each hyaluronic acid product was created with specific properties for various parts of the face in consideration.

:small_red_triangle: RESTORE YOUR VOLUME with Juvederm Voluma

Volume loss can be more aged than lines and wrinkles. Smooth contours, plump cheeks, and a square jawline define a young face. Juvederm Voluma was created to restore these youthful features by increasing volume to the cheeks and chin. This product has the most significant lifting effect which has been shown to persist for up to two years.

:heavy_check_mark: JUVÉDERM VOLIFT CAN Decrease Fine Lines

As skin loses thickness and elasticity, deep skin depressions appear in the lines that run vertically from the bottom of the nose to the floor of the eyes.

These lines not only say you appear older, but they also alter the faces, making us appear sorrowful. Juvederm Volift was designed to fulfill, smooth, and revitalize deep lines such as the nasolabial folds. Juvederm Volift will rapidly rejuvenate the looks in a particular procedure, and the effects will last up to a year.

:small_red_triangle: WITH JUVEDERM Volbella, Anyone CAN ENHANCE AND REJUVENATE The LIPS.

Full lips with a distinct border are a youthful feature that you may have had or aspire to have in your youth.

Lips look full because of collagen, elasticity, and hyaluronic acid, which naturally decrease as we age. Juvederm Volbella was created to enhance volume and beautify the lips.

This product’s hyaluronic acid is softer and more malleable than conventional dermal fillers, enabling more even application and a more beautiful natural fullness in the lips.

This is the only dermal fill that has been shown to last up to 12 months in the lips after a particular procedure.

The Vycross tech cosmetic procedures not only address the short-term effectiveness difficulties of previous generations but also present a slew of other improvements.

They are easier to target and inject, which enhances patient comfort. They have been shown to provide smoother, more natural results, increasing client experience.

The product’s hyaluronic acid absorbs less water than earlier dermal fillers, resulting in less swelling and improved hydration.

Overall, the Vycross technique is unlike any other filler injections we’ve seen and is without a doubt the best dermal filler on the marketplace currently.

Summary : Dermal fillers from Allergan have grown in popularity in recent years as a technique to renew and revitalize aging, saggy, depressed, and weary skin. The Juvederm injectable fillers featuring Vycross tech are Voluma, Volift, and Volbella. Each hyaluronic acid solution was designed with specific qualities for different regions of the face in mind. The effects of each therapy can continue for up to a year. At the 11th Congress of Anti-Aging & Aesthetics Medicine in Monaco, Allergan presented its unique innovation in Juvéderm skin fillers. Lips appear full due to the natural decrease of collagen, suppleness, and hyaluronic acid as we age. Vycross tech cosmetic procedures do more than address.

:point_right: Soft tissue filler’s complications

As the treatment of filling gains popularity, there are some side effects and complications that are also observed and can’t be ignored.

The medical practitioner should keep in mind that problems are likely, especially in the hands of novice injectors.

Most issues, mercifully, are modest and transient, even if the patient finds them aesthetically unappealing and unacceptable.

Major problems are rare, although they can result in lasting and scarring harm.

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:no_entry_sign: Advanced Stage Complications:

These are complications that occur within the first two weeks of the infusion. Avoiding visible vessels while injection can help to reduce bruising and swelling. Injection pain and tenderness can be a substantial source of stress for patients.

Staff or doctors should not discount immediate post-injection pain because it may indicate a more serious problem. Before administering, some doctors lay an ice pack directly on the prospective injection site for 30 seconds.

Patients may be advised to take acetaminophen if they suffer slight pain, discomfort, or headaches after filler injection. Proper injecting technique and injection.

:warning: Consequences with a delayed onset

These occur after the first two years following injection. Major risks include filler displacement, granulomas formation, and infection. Allergic reaction responses are uncommon, and the FDA no longer requires allergy testing for enhancers that have been approved.

True granulomas are uncommon, representing less than 0.1 percent of all cases. In this group, the most common complications are residual or visible material, blanching, nodules, and inflammatory processes.

The Tyndall effect is also called differential diffraction, and it can cause visible bumps to seem bluish.

Steroids , either oral or intraregional, are the standard treatment. A delayed syndrome is a serious phenomenon.

Summary: For patients, injection pain and soreness can be a major source of stress. Filler displacement, granuloma formation, and infection are all major hazards. The Tyndall effect, also known as divergent diffraction, can make visible bumps appear bluish. Remaining or visible material, blanching, nodules, and inflammatory processes are the most common consequences. The FDA no longer mandates allergy testing for authorized boosters.

Juvederm Vycross Total cost

The value is set by the area treated and the relevant assessment, the practitioner performing the treatment and their level of skill, and the product utilized. JuvĂ©derm VYCROSS products will cost from ÂŁ250 and ÂŁ450 per 1ml syringe. If you’d like more than one syringe, you can often get a discount.

Juvederm Vycross or Hylacross often costs around $500 and $600 per syringe. Consult a doctor to find the best course of treatment for yourself.

:eight_pointed_black_star: Product range

Product Formulation Treatment
Juvederm volite 1 x 1ml (12mg/ml hyaluronic acid) Use for improving skin quality, smoothness, fine wrinkles, moisture, and skin flexibility with long-lasting effects after just one session.
Juvederm Voluma 2 x 1ml (20mg/ml hyaluronic acid) Used to add texture to the face, such as the cheeks A 27G needle is being used to infuse it.
Juvederm Volbella 2 x 1ml (15mg/ml hyaluronic acid) Use to cure fine lines, skin tone depressions, and to enhance and shape the lips.
Juvederm Volift 2 x 1ml (17.5mg/ml hyaluronic acid) Treats deep creases and skin recessions, contouring the cheeks and mouth, and recovering lost volumes

:question: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Let’s have a look at some questions related to the technology

1. What does the term “cross technology” signify in respect of hyaluronic acid?

Vycross approach facilitates hyaluronic acid fillers, giving them more volume, mold ability, and staying power, as well as less edema. Juvederm Voluma employs Vycross innovation, which allows it to be utilized to enhance areas like the cheek.

2. What is the expected lifespan of Juvederm Vycross?

6 to 24 months

The Juvéderm Vycross category represents BDDE, a chemical that cross-links the Hyaluronic acid (HA), stopping the body from breaking it down as quickly. This implies that Vycross treatments can last anywhere from 6 to 24 months dependent on the filler injections.

3. Which filler is the most reliable?

Some dermal filler was shown in studies to last for up to two years. Restylane Lyft, Restylane Defyne, Restylane Refyne, Juvederm, Voluma, Radiesse, and Sculptra are the three fillers that last the longest. Restylane Defyne is a symmetry filler that is employed in the nasal labial folds and marionette wrinkles.

4. What exactly is the difference between Hylacross and across techniques?

Voluma is a facial filler that is used to improve the appearance of the face. Voluma employs Vycross technology, as contrasted to the Hylacross technology employed by Juvederm. This is a chemistry difference in that there is greater cross-linking between the hyaluronic acid molecules.

5. Is Voluma a Vycross?

JuvĂ©dermÂź VOLIFT, VOLBELLA, VOLITE, and VOLUMA are components of Allergan’s JuvĂ©derm VYCROSSÂź Series, which also includes BOTOX Âź. (Botulinum toxin type A).

:fountain_pen: Conclusion

VycrossTechnology hyaluronic acid (HA) filler line supports a full-face approach to facial rejuvenation. It is important for injectors who are new to this range to understand how much filler can be safely injected and which items to use where.

This research assessed whether Vycross fillers can be used in larger volumes while remaining effective and safe, as well as tracking round by across facial regions.

Juvederm is the most common item of face and lip fillers in the world, owned by Allergan, the corporation behind the industry-leading anti-wrinkle treatment Botox. And we’ve been using Vycross, their next generations family of filler gels, for a time already.

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What is Vycross technology?

What is Vycross technology? Vycross technology is a term used to describe the increased cross-linking between the hyaluronic acid molecules in the Voluma filler. Voluma is an excellent product used to restore age-related volume loss in the mid-face or cheeks.

What are Vycross fillers?

Vycross technology uses a proprietary blend of low and high molecular weight HA resulting in a highly crosslinked gel that is moldable immediately after injection, displays minimal gel swelling and is designed to outlast products from the previous generation.

Difference between hylacross and vycross

Hylacross and Vycross technology

Juvederm fillers with highly crosslinked HA molecules with the same weight would have Hylacross technology, while Juvederm fillers made up of crosslinked HA molecules with different weights would have Vycross technology.

Juvederm vycross

Juvederm Vycross is Allergan’s newest line of dermal fillers that last longer, are easier to inject, biodegradable and reversible. They represent the latest technology in dermal fillers, taking things a step further from its successful Juvederm Ultra line.

What is Volift?

What is Volift? JuvédermŸ VOLIFTŸ with Lidocaine is an injectable implant intended for the treatment of deep skin depressions due to conditions such as premature aging. The presence of lidocaine is intended to reduce the pain of the patient during treatment.

Is Volift good for the lips?

In addition to plumping the lips, Volift can be used as a treatment for fine lines and wrinkles, crow’s feet or frown lines, nasolabial folds, puppet lines, vertical lip lines, and cheek fillers. Similar to Volbella, Volift offers a subtle plumping effect that gives lips a natural look.

Is Voluma a Vycross?

JuvédermŸ VOLIFT, VOLBELLA, VOLITE and VOLUMA are part of the Juvéderm VYCROSSŸ Collection from Allergan, the manufacturers of BOTOXŸ (botulinum toxin type A).

How to change a dermal top?

Once your dermal piercing has healed and your dermal anchor is held in place by new tissue, it is safe to change your dermal top. It takes between 6 weeks and 3 months for a dermal piercing to heal completely, depending on the individual and whether or not there has been a hiccup in the healing process.

Chemical cross linking

Chemical crosslinking refers to the intermolecular or intramolecular junction of two or more molecules through a covalent bond. The reagents used for this purpose are called “crosslinking reagents” or “crosslinking agents”. Thus, chemical crosslinking has a multitude of uses to which it can be applied.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q: Which charge lasts the longest?

Some skin fillers have been studied to last nearly two years. The three fillers that tend to last the longest are Restylane Lyft, Restylane Defyne, Restylane Refyne, Juvederm, Voluma, Radiesse, and Sculptra. Restylane Defyne is designed for balance and used in nasal labial folds and puppet lines.

Q: Is Juvederm Ultra Vycross?

JuvĂ©dermÂź ULTRA is a “standard” dermal filler that has been around for many years. JuvĂ©dermÂź VYCROSS is a more recent addition and is a line of “premium” dermal fillers. The VYCROSS range includes VOLUMA, VOLIFT and VOLBELLA. Choosing a dermal filler can be confusing for patients.

Q: Are the fillers damaging your face?

When injected, these substances can cause allergic reactions, infections and the death of skin cells. Another risk is that an improper injection technique can lead to not only swelling and bumps, but also more serious side effects such as death of skin cells and embolism leading to blindness.

Q: How much does 1 syringe of Juvéderm cost?

You can expect to pay on average between $500 and $600 or more for each syringe. Depending on your goals, you may need several syringes in one session. Some providers suggest two syringes in one treatment. The cost of Juvéderm varies considerably.

Q: What is the safest facial filler?

The FDA has approved only one permanent wrinkle filler, which contains “polymethyl methacrylate” beads. They are tiny, round, smooth, biocompatible plastic particles that are not absorbed by the body. The filler is FDA approved only to correct facial tissue around the mouth.

Q: How long does Juvederm Vycross last?

6-24 months

The JuvĂ©derm’sÂź Vycross range uses BDDE, a compound that crosslinks hyaluronic acid (HA), preventing the body from breaking it down quickly enough. This means that Vycross products can last 6-24 months * depending on the dermal filler.

Q: Do loads age you faster?

Over long periods of time, fillers can actually stretch the tissues under the skin, essentially speeding up the aging process “because those tissues aren’t going to bounce back the same way you get older,” Jacono explained, Park Avenue facial plastic surgeon. at HuffPost.

Q: How long does the filling last in the face?

The effects of skin fillers can last between three months and two years. It depends on the product used and where on the body the product is injected.

Q: Are fillers safer than Botox?

A JAMA Dermatology study found that Botox and Filler procedures are very safe when performed by experienced and certified dermatologists. Side effects occurred in less than 1% of beneficiaries, and most of them were minor. Although Botox and fillers are minimally invasive, they still come with some risks.

Q: How many syringes do you need for the lips?

How many syringes do you need for the lips? Dr Rabach says that an appropriately dispensed syringe is usually the right amount for most people because you get an overall improvement while maintaining a natural appearance.

Q: What is the best lip filler?

Silk Restylane

Restylane Silk is the formula used for the contour of the lips. According to their official website, Restylane Silk was the first lip filler product approved by the FDA. It promises “silkier, smoother and natural-looking lips”. Restylane Silk can be used both for lip augmentation and for smoothing lip lines.

Q: Is 1ml filling enough for the cheeks?

Over the past few decades, dermal fillers have become a popular non-surgical anti-aging treatment for improving cheeks, lips, eyebrows, and face. 
 In the last 12 months or so, Dr. Gavin Chan (MBBS, Cosmetic Doctor, Liposuction) has found that only 1ml of dermal filler is needed to improve your entire face.


:white_check_mark: Vycross technology is a term used to describe the increased cross-linking between the hyaluronic acid molecules in the Voluma filler. Voluma is an excellent product used to restore age-related volume loss in the mid-face or cheeks.

:white_check_mark: Juvederm fillers with highly crosslinked HA molecules with the same weight would have Hylacross technology, while Juvederm fillers made up of crosslinked HA molecules with different weights would have Vycross technology.