Definition of Equilibrium:

  1. State of stable conditions in which all significant factors remain more or less constant over a period, and there is little or no inherent tendency for change. For example, a market is said to be in equilibrium if the amount of goods that buyers wish to buy at the current price is matched by the amount the sellers want to sell at that price. Also called steady state.

  2. A state in which opposing forces or influences are balanced.

Synonyms of Equilibrium

Accordance, Aplomb, Assurance, Balance, Balanced personality, Beauty, Bilateral symmetry, Calm, Coequality, Coextension, Communion, Community, Concinnity, Confidence, Conformity, Congruity, Consistency, Consonance, Constancy, Continuity, Cool, Corelation, Correlation, Correlativism, Correlativity, Correspondence, Counterbalance, Counterpoise, Dynamic symmetry, Equability, Equality, Equanimity, Equation, Equipoise, Equipollence, Equiponderance, Equity, Equivalence, Equivalency, Euphony, Eurythmics, Eurythmy, Evenness, Fastness, Finish, Firmness, Harmony, Homeostasis, Homogeneity, Identity, Imperturbability, Invariability, Inverse proportion, Inverse ratio, Inverse relationship, Justice, Keeping, Level head, Levelheadedness, Levelness, Likeness, Measure, Measuredness, Monolithism, Multilateral symmetry, Mutuality, Nerve, Order, Orderedness, Par, Parallelism, Parity, Persistence, Poise, Polarity, Possession, Presence of mind, Proportion, Proportionality, Reciprocality, Reciprocation, Reciprocity, Regularity, Relativity, Reliability, Restraint, Rhythm, Rootedness, Sang-froid, Secureness, Security, Self-assurance, Self-command, Self-confidence, Self-control, Self-possession, Self-restraint, Shapeliness, Solidity, Soundness, Stability, Stabilization, Stable equilibrium, Stable state, Stasis, Steadfastness, Steadiness, Steady nerves, Steady state, Substantiality, Sweetness, Symmetricalness, Symmetry, Trilateral symmetry, Undeflectability, Uniformity, Unity, Unruffledness, Unshakable nerves, Unshakableness, Well-regulated mind, Balance, Symmetry, Equipoise, Parity, Equality, Evenness

How to use Equilibrium in a sentence?

  1. The maintenance of social equilibrium.
  2. Equilibrium in the economic market is often desired, but it is very rarely actually achieved due to the tumultuous nature of the market.
  3. Paul came into the work office an hour late yesterday and today, causing his team to lose their normally productive equilibrium .

Meaning of Equilibrium & Equilibrium Definition


Equilibrium Meanings:

  1. Equilibrium definition is: Balance is a state in which there is a balance between supply and demand in the market and therefore prices are stable. In general, the price of a good service or service leads to lower prices, which leads to higher demand, while shortages or shortages lead to lower prices and demand. The balance between supply and demand leads to a state of equilibrium.

    • When the demand for good supply is met, a market reaches a balanced price.
    • A balanced market has three characteristics: agents' behavior is constant, agents are not motivated to change their behavior, and a dynamic process determines the outcome of the balance.
    • Imbalance is the opposite of equilibrium and is characterized by changes in conditions that affect the equilibrium of the market.

Meanings of Equilibrium

  1. A state in which opposing forces or effects are balanced.

Sentences of Equilibrium

  1. Maintain social balance