Definition of Administrator:

  1. A person responsible for running a business, organization, etc.

  2. An administrator is also referred to as an executor. However, legally-speaking, an administrator is appointed by a court when the decedent has not named an executor in their will or if a named executor refuses or is unable to assume the responsibilities. A court cannot force a named executor to fulfill their duties.

  3. Individual appointed by a court to manage or wind up the affairs of an insolvent firm. The feminine form is administratrix. See also administration order.

  4. Individual appointed by a court to wind up (by distributing to all claimants) the estate of a deceased person in cases where (1) there is no will, (2) no executor is named in the will, or (3) the named executor is unable or unwilling to act.

  5. An administrator is a court-appointed individual who handles all remaining financial matters for a decedent during probate. A decedent is a person who has died. The administrator organizes all the pieces of the decedent's estate and then settles outstanding debt, expenses and other obligations. They also distribute all remaining assets according to the decedent's will, or if there was no will (a situation called intestacy), according to a specific state's intestate succession laws.

Synonyms of Administrator

Manager, Director, Managing director, Executive, Chief executive, Controller, Chair, Chairperson, Chairman, Chairwoman, Head, Boss, Chief, Principal, Official, Leader, Governor, Premier, President, Superintendent, Supervisor, Employer, Proprietor, Academic dean, Administration, Agent, Chancellor, Conductor, Dean, Dean of men, Dean of women, Deputy, Directeur, Director, Exec, Governor, Headmaster, Headmistress, Impresario, Intendant, Manager, Master, Officer, Official, President, Principal, Producer, Provost, Rector, Responsible person, Supercargo, Vice-chancellor

How to use Administrator in a sentence?

  1. States have different criteria outlined in their probate codes for choosing administrators.
  2. An administrator is responsible for settling all financial matters–including outstanding debt, expenses, and other obligations–related to a decedent's estate.
  3. An administrator is an individual appointed by the court who is responsible for executing a decedent's estate.
  4. She noted that institution administrators are responsible for ensuring evacuation and other safety measures.
  5. The court appointed an administrator to help the family of the millionaire sort through his estate because he died young and without a will.
  6. The administrator was contacted immediately as they were the best liaison between the bank and the attorneys paralegal handling the case.
  7. We may need to sign up the family for the school plan. Contact the head administrator for the family information.

Meaning of Administrator & Administrator Definition