Definition of Spread:

  1. A bedspread.

  2. Commodities trading: Difference between the buying and selling price of the same commodity in (1) different delivery months in the same market (exchange) or (2) in different markets but in the same delivery months. Also called bid and asked spread.

  3. The extent, width, or area covered by something.

  4. Lay (a table) for a meal.

  5. The range or variety of something.

  6. A large and impressively elaborate meal.

  7. Foreign exchange: (1) Difference between a long position in one currency and a short position in another, or (2) between different delivery dates of the same currency.

  8. Extend over a large or increasing area.

  9. Open out (something) so as to extend its surface area, width, or length.

  10. Investments: Diversity of an investment portfolio; greater the spread, lesser the chance of crippling losses or spectacular gains.

  11. The fact or process of spreading over an area.

  12. Securities trading: Difference between the (1) buyers price (bid) and the sellers price (offer) which increases or decreases in step with the demand and supply of the security, (2) return (yield) from securities of the same rating (such as treasury bonds) but of different maturity periods, or (3) return from the securities of the same maturity periods but different ratings.

  13. Apply (a substance) to an object or surface in an even layer.

  14. Underwriting: Difference between the amount paid to the issuer of the security and the price paid by the public, as the basis for establishing underwriting fee.

  15. A soft paste that can be applied in a layer to bread or other food.

  16. An article or advertisement covering several columns or pages of a newspaper or magazine, especially one on two facing pages.

Synonyms of Spread

Elaborate meal, Large meal, Feast, Banquet, Repast, Grow, Increase, Escalate, Advance, Develop, Broaden, Expand, Widen, Proliferate, Mushroom, Range, Span, Spectrum, Sweep, Smear, Daub, Plaster, Slather, Lather, Apply, Put, Aberrate, Aberration, Accelerated, Access, Accessible, Accession, Accretion, Accrual, Accrue, Accruement, Accumbent, Accumulate, Accumulation, Acreage, Addition, Adjunct, Advance, Advertise, Affirmed, Afghan, Aggrandized, Aggrandizement, Air, Airing, Ampliation, Amplification, Amplified, Amplitude, Announce, Announced, Apply, Appreciate, Appreciation, Area, Ascent, Assign, Attenuation, Augmentation, Augmented, Balloon, Ballooning, Bandying, Banner, Banner head, Banquet, Barbecue, Beam, Become public, Bed linen, Bedaub, Bedclothes, Bedcover, Bedding, Bedsheet, Bedspread, Beefed-up, Besmear, Bestrew, Bigness, Blanket, Bloat, Bloated, Bloating, Board, Body, Book, Boom, Boost, Boosted, Boundaries, Boundary, Bounds, Branch, Branch out, Bread, Bread and butter, Breadth, Break, Breed, Broach, Broadcast, Broadcasting, Broaden, Broadened, Broadening, Broadness, Brought to notice, Bruit about, Bruiting, Bruiting about, Buffalo robe, Buildup, Bulk, Butter, Buzz about, Caliber, Call, Caption, Carry, Carry over, Case, Centrifugence, Cheer, Chink, Circulate, Circulated, Circulation, Circumfuse, Circumfusion, Cleave, Cloak, Clothes, Coat, Come forth, Come out, Comestibles, Comfort, Comforter, Common knowledge, Common property, Communicate, Communication, Compass, Conduction, Confiture, Conserve, Consign, Contagion, Contour sheet, Convection, Couchant, Couche, Counterpane, Cover, Coverage, Coverlet, Coverlid, Crack, Crawling, Creature comfort, Crescendo, Crevasse, Cuisine, Current, Cut, Cut open, Dab, Daily bread, Daub, Deal, Deal in generalities, Deal out, Decentralization, Declared, Decumbent, Deepen, Deepened, Deliver, Delivery, Deltoid, Deploy, Deployment, Deport, Deportation, Depth, Develop, Developing, Development, Deviation, Diameter, Diapedesis, Difference, Diffract, Diffraction, Diffuse, Diffused, Diffusion, Dilution, Dimension, Dimensions, Dinner, Discrete, Dispart, Dispel, Dispensation, Dispense, Dispersal, Disperse, Dispersed, Dispersion, Display, Dispread, Disseminate, Disseminated, Dissemination, Dissipate, Dissipated, Dissipation, Distance, Distance across, Distribute, Distributed, Distribution, Divaricate, Divarication, Diverge, Divergence, Divergency, Divide, Division, Drag out, Draped, Draw out, Drop head, Dropline, Eatables, Ecumenicize, Edema, Edibles, Eiderdown, Elevated, Elevation, Emanate, Emptiness, Empty space, Enamel, Encompass, Enhanced, Enlarge, Enlarged, Enlargement, Enlarging, Entertainment, Environ, Epigraph, Evaporation, Evulgation, Expand, Expanded, Expanding, Expanse, Expansion, Expel, Export, Exportation, Expulsion, Extend, Extended, Extending, Extension, Extent, Extradite, Extradition, Fan, Fan out, Fan-shape, Fan-shaped, Fanlike, Fanned, Fanning, Fanning out, Fare, Farm, Fast food, Feast, Feed, Field, Find vent, Fissure, Fitted sheet, Flabelliform, Flare, Flared, Flaring, Flat, Flood, Fly about, Fly open, Food, Food and drink, Foodstuff, Fragmentation, Fullness, Gain, Gain strength, Galactic space, Gauge, Generalize, Get about, Get abroad, Get afloat, Get ahead, Get around, Get exposure, Gild, Girth, Glaze, Globalize, Gloss, Go, Go about, Go away, Go forth, Go off, Go out, Go the rounds, Go up, Greatening, Greatness, Groveling, Grow, Growth, Gush, Hand forward, Hand on, Hand over, Hanger, Have currency, Head, Heading, Headline, Health food, Height, Heightened, Herald, Hike, Hiked, Hiking, Hold, Holding, Homestead, Impart, Import, Importation, In circulation, In print, Incise, Increase, Increased, Increasing, Increment, Infinite space, Inflated, Inflation, Ingesta, Intensified, Intensify, Interchange, Interstellar space, Issuance, Issue, Jam, Jazzed up, Jelly, Jump, Jump head, Junk food, Kitchen stuff, Lacquer, Landholding, Lap robe, Largeness, Latitude, Lay, Lay on, Lay open, Lay out, Layer, Leap, Legend, Length, Lie, Limits, Linen, Lolling, Lounging, Lying, Made public, Magnification, Magnified, Magnitude, Make a generalization, Make known, Make over, Make public, Mantle, Margarine, Mass, Meal, Measure, Measurement, Meat, Mess, Metastasis, Metastasize, Metathesis, Metathesize, Metempsychosis, Migration, Motto, Mount, Mounting, Multiplication, Multiplied, Multiply, Mushroom, Mushrooming, Mutual transfer, Nothingness, Oleo, Ope, Open, Open up, Osmosis, Outer space, Outspread, Outstretch, Outstretched, Overgrow, Overlay, Overline, Overrun, Overscatter, Oversow, Overspread, Paint, Part, Pass, Pass on, Pass over, Pass the buck, Passage, Passing over, Paste, Patchwork quilt, Patulous, Peddle, Peppering, Perfuse, Perfusion, Periodical, Pillow slip, Pillowcase, Place, Plantation, Plaster, Plate, Preserve, Prime, Printing, Proclaimed, Procumbent, Productiveness, Profusion, Proliferate, Proliferated, Proliferating, Proliferation, Prolong, Promulgate, Promulgation, Prone, Pronounce, Propagate, Propagated, Propagation, Property, Proportion, Proportions, Prostrate, Protract, Provender, Provision, Public, Publication, Publicize, Publish, Published, Publishing, Push, Put, Put and call, Put apart, Put out, Quilt, Radiate, Radiation, Radius, Raise, Raised, Raising, Ramify, Ranch, Range, Ray, Reach, Reach out, Recite, Reclining, Recumbent, Refection, Refreshment, Regale, Regalement, Reinforced, Relay, Rent, Repas, Repast, Repeat, Reported, Reposing, Resupine, Retail, Rift, Right, Rip, Rise, Rive, Robe, Rub, Rubric, Rug, Run, Run up, Running head, Running title, Scale, Scarehead, Scatter, Scattered, Scattering, Scatterment, Scope, Screamer, See the light, Separate, Separation, Set, Shed, Sheet, Sheeting, Shoot up, Shotgun pattern, Size, Slap on, Slather, Slip, Slit, Smear, Smear on, Smooth, Snowball, Snowballing, Sow, Sow broadcast, Sowing, Space, Span, Sparse, Spatial extension, Spattering, Sphere, Splay, Splayed, Splaying, Split, Sporadic, Spraddle, Spraddled, Spraddling, Sprangle, Sprangled, Sprangling, Sprawl, Sprawled, Sprawling, Sprawly, Spread about, Spread like wildfire, Spread on, Spread out, Spread with, Spreadhead, Spreading, Spreading abroad, Spreading out, Spring open, Sprinkling, Stated, Stiffened, Stock option, Straddle, Straggling, Straggly, Strap, Streamer, Strengthen, Strengthened, Stretch, Stretch out, Stretched-out, Strew, Strewing, Strewn, Strip, Strown, Subhead, Subheading, Subtitle, Superficial extension, Superscription, Supine, Surface, Surge, Surround, Sustenance, Swaddle, Sweep, Swell, Swelling, Swing open, Switch, Swollen, Table, Take in, Tap, Tar, Tear, Tear open, Telecast, Telecasting, Televise, Televised, Throw, Throw open, Thrust out, Tightened, Title, Title page, Tract, Transduction, Transfer, Transfer of property, Transfer property, Transference, Transfuse, Transfusion, Transit, Transition, Translate, Translation, Translocate, Translocation, Transmigration, Transmigration of souls, Transmission, Transmit, Transmittal, Transmittance, Transplace, Transplacement, Transplant, Transplantation, Transposal, Transpose, Transposition, Travel, Treat, Trumpet, Tucker, Tumescence, Turn over, Undercoat, Unfold, Unfolded, Unfurl, Universalize, Unroll, Up, Upping, Upsurge, Upswing, Uptrend, Upturn, Utter, Varnish, Vastness, Ventilation, Viands, Victuals, Vittles, Void, Volatilization, Volume, Wash, Wax, Waxing, Wide-open, Widen, Widened, Wideness, Widening, Widespread, Width, Wrap, Span, Width, Extent, Stretch, Reach, Lay out, Open out, Unfurl, Unroll, Roll out, Shake out, Expansion, Proliferation, Extension, Growth, Mushrooming, Increase, Escalation, Buildout, Advance, Advancement, Development, Bedspread, Bedcover, Cover, Coverlet, Throw, Afghan, Spread, Pâté

How to use Spread in a sentence?

  1. Low-fat spreads.
  2. The males antlers can attain a spread of six feet.
  3. I spread a towel on the sand and sat down.
  4. Warmer temperatures could help reduce the spread of the disease.
  5. He sighed, spreading jam on a croissant.
  6. When you are dealing in the commodities market knowing the spread can help you figure out where the big profits may lie.
  7. A double-page spread.
  8. She stood at the window looking at the town spread out below.
  9. Using the spread will allow you to dig deeper into a companies situation and find the right places to invest your money.
  10. Ken knew there would be some discrepancy in the stock price, but was surprised that the spread was so significant in just three months time.
  11. A patchwork spread.
  12. A wide spread of ages.

Meaning of Spread & Spread Definition

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Definition of Spread:

A simple definition of Spread is: The difference between the purchase price and the security sale price.

The difference between the two prices, usually the purchase price and the selling price.

Meanings of Spread

  1. Expand (slightly) to increase its area, width, or length.

  2. Spread over a large or growing area.

  3. Apply (substance) in the same layer on an object or surface.

  4. Set the table.

  5. The fact or action of spreading an area.

  6. The width, width or extent of an object.

  7. Limit or change of something.

  8. A soft paste that can be applied as a topping to bread or other foods.

  9. An article or advertisement that covers several columns or pages of a newspaper or magazine, especially on two opposing pages.

  10. The food was delicious and spacious.

Sentences of Spread

  1. I spread the towel on the sand and sat down

  2. He stood by the window and looked down at the city

  3. Spread the jam on the croissant

  4. High temperatures can help prevent the spread of the disease

  5. Male horns can grow up to two meters in length

  6. Different ages

  7. Spread less fat

  8. A mosaic


Spread Meanings:

Spread means, It can be used in many contexts to mark margins on financial matters. Spreading an option, for example, is the difference between the market value of the shares in the history of the exercise and the price of the option.


How To Define Spread?

Spread means, Differences in letters and in and in titles.

The difference between the two is mainly buying and selling.

Spread means, It can be used in many contexts to show the progress of financial matters. Option spread, for example, the difference between the market value of a share on the date of exercise and option E.

Meanings of Spread

  1. Spread (something) in such a way that it spreads over an area, width or length.

  2. Apply (substance) to an object or surface in a uniform layer.

  3. Prepare the table.

  4. The process of revealing facts in an area.

  5. A wide area, wide or covered with something.

  6. The range or type of something.

  7. A soft paste that can be applied as a coating to bread or other foods.

  8. An article or advertisement that includes several columns or pages of a newspaper or magazine, especially one of the two-faced pages.

  9. The food is delicious and surprisingly extensive.

Sentences of Spread

  1. In northwestern Scotland, rain will spread to the southeast as the day progresses.

  2. Ah, spread the jelly on the croissant.

  3. High temperatures can help reduce the spread of the disease.

  4. Male horns can reach about two meters in length.

  5. Her mother is lying in a large room.

  6. Extensive music

Synonyms of Spread

large/elaborate meal, variety, nosh, straighten out, blowout


Spread Meanings:

  1. Meaning of Spread: It can be used in many contexts to show the progress of financial transactions. Option spreads, for example, the difference between the market value of a share on the date of exercise and option E.

Meanings of Spread

  1. Area covered by area, width or something.

  2. A soft paste that can be applied to bread or other foods as a coating.

  3. An article or advertisement that covers several columns or pages of a newspaper or magazine, especially one of the two front pages.

  4. The food is hearty and surprisingly extensive.

Sentences of Spread

  1. In northwestern Scotland, rain spreads to the southeast as the day progresses.

  2. Inhale, spread the jelly on the croissant.

  3. Male horns can grow up to about two meters in length.