Definition of Refrigeration:

  1. Substances designed to keep items below room temperature, stored in the system, or refrigerated or frozen. The most common form of cooling is provided by systems (ie refrigerators) that use chemical refrigerators to remove heat from the contents of the system.

Synonyms of Refrigeration

Stuffing, Curing, Corning, Potting, Marination, Desiccation, Dry-curing, Irradiation, Freeze-drying, Salting, Quick-freezing, Fuming, Embalming, Tinning, Freezing, Canning, Taxidermy, Brining, Pickling, Evaporation, Jerking, Seasoning, Smoking, Drying, Bottling, Anhydration, Dehydration, Mummification, Blast-freezing

How to use Refrigeration in a sentence?

  1. Without using all these chemicals to dissipate heat, our new refrigeration system is perfect for keeping your food in the danger zone or at room temperature. It uses substances that are 100 bi biodegradable.
  2. These items had to be cooled before being put in the oven, as they were not very fresh when we got home.
  3. When you get a large consignment of cold products, you need to get enough refrigerators.

Meaning of Refrigeration & Refrigeration Definition