Why Is My Flashlight Not Working?

Why Is My Flashlight Not Working? The phone flashlight is sturdy, so unless you’ve hit it with a hammer, it’s unlikely to experience any hardware issues. My Android phone’s flashlights have frequently stopped functioning, and there was a software problem each time.

Why Is My Flashlight Not Working?

Fixes for Android Flashlight

Reset Your Phone

The mother of all fixes has helped me solve this issue numerous times, and it will likely help you as well. A quick reboot should resolve conflicts between a specific app or process and the Flashlight.

Select “Power off” from the menu while holding the power button. Then, after 10 to 15 seconds, turn it back on. Most of the time, this ought to resolve the issue.

Delete the Camera App’s Data

Resetting the camera app’s data may help if the Flashlight stops functioning when you’re taking photos or recording movies. It is how you do it.

Below are instructions for removing camera app data.

List Steps
1 Go to “Settings” on your phone.
2 Press “Applications” once.
3 Click “Camera” in the search box here.
4 Tap “Storage” now.
5 Click “Clear data.”

Your camera app will be reset, which can also resolve the flashlight problem. After this step, you will need to re-adjust your camera app settings since they will be reset.

Examine Android in Safe Mode

Android offers a safe mode that prevents other applications from interfering with the phone’s functions, much like previous operating systems. It should operate safely if a certain app stops the Flashlight from functioning.

On Android, safe mode may be accessed in a variety of ways. See this tutorial to learn the precise steps to enter safe mode on your Android smartphone. Once in safe mode, activate the camera app and the Flashlight using the buttons on the notification bar.

A freshly installed app must interfere if the Flashlight begins operating safely. Remove each newly installed program one at a time to identify the offender.

The typical procedures to switch on safe mode on Android are mentioned below.

Numbers Procedures
1 Hold down the power button while pressing it until your screen displays the power off option. Then turn the gadget off.
2 Once again, press and hold the power button until the Samsung logo displays.
3 After leaving the power button down, press and hold the volume down button.
4 Holding it down is required until the computer starts up.
5 Let go of the button when “safe mode” shows up at the bottom of the screen.

Delete All App Preferences

Additionally, it’s possible that you misconfigured an app’s options, which might make the flashlight stop functioning. App preferences cover default applications, disabled apps, and app permissions. How to clear app preferences is as follows:

The instructions for the remaining app preferences are shown below.

  • Go to “Settings” on your phone.

  • Press “Applications” once.

  • Select “Reset app preferences” by tapping the three vertical dots menu in the top-right corner.

  • Your app preferences will be reset if you accept the message.

Your settings will be reset if you have disabled unnecessary applications and established custom app permissions. After this procedure, you’ll have to manage all your options again.

Change Your Flashlight Application

Using a third-party app could help if the notification bar button doesn’t function to turn on the Flashlight. There are hundreds of flashlight applications in the play store. However, I suggest you try the Android app called Flashlight.

The software works well and does not slyly request any permissions. But you’ll have to put up with advertisements. If utilizing a third-party program resolves the problem, the next suggestion on this list should address similar software bugs.

Phone Factory Reset

Although it’s a drastic remedy, it’s worth attempting before giving up when nothing else works. All the data on your phone will be deleted, and your choices will be reset. Your phone will be refreshed, and almost all software problems that can prohibit your Android flashlight from functioning will be resolved.

Back up your vital data before cleaning your phone, so you don’t lose it. After it is finished, adhere to the guidelines below.

List Guidelines
1 The phone’s “Settings” menu.
2 Select “General Management” by tapping it.
3 Then click “Reset.”
4 Select “Factory data reset” from the menu now.
5 At the very bottom, press the “Reset device” button.

The reset procedure should take five to ten minutes, and your Android phone will restart. You will need to set up your phone after it has been reset.


If software problems exist, the abovementioned remedies should solve the Android flashlights. If the Flashlight on your Android device is still not functioning, there may be a hardware problem.

For Android, Use Reboot to Fix Software Problems

If you’ve tried the solutions listed above, but your issue is still not resolved, system software problems may be to blame.

ReiBoot for Android may fix them by repairing the system. With the help of Reboot for Android’s functionality, you may clear the system’s cache and fix problems like Android app crashes, system freezes, and Samsung logos.

It offers free access to fast boot, recovery, and download modes for your phone.

The instructions for rebooting for Android to fix the program are shown below.

  • Install ReiBoot on your computer. Download and install ReiBoot on your PC to fix your Android. Tap “Repair Android System” after Android is connected to the PC.

  • Select “repair now” from the menu. The computer screen will provide a “Repair Now” option. To fix the Android, choose this option. Next, you must choose your Android’s brand, series, model, and other relevant data.

  • The firmware package will be downloaded after choosing the device’s details.

  • Select “Repair Now” after installing the firmware package on your machine. This procedure will take around 10 minutes to finish.

  • Make sure your phone is still plugged into the computer while this is happening. The phone will be available as usual after the repair procedure is finished.

Utilize an External Flashlight App

You may utilize a third-party application to solve your issue if the notification bar button does not appear to function to turn on your Flashlight.

There are many apps on the Playstore, but we suggest downloading the Flashlight app first. The nicest feature of this one is how easily it operates without requesting permission.

Turn Off Automatic Mode

The application’s auto mode may also be turned off and manually turned back on. It will check whether the sensor or your application’s auto mode is having any problems.

Check for Camera Obstructions

A protective coating in front of the sensors may be the issue’s source. If you discover that this is the issue, you must delete it to determine if the problem has been fixed or not.

Look for Burned-Out Flash Bulbs

You may verify after switching the Flashlight. Additionally, you may check the torch’s capacitor for the kind of water and physical difficulty. If it is broken, you must replace it.

Avoid Installing Several Third-Party Apps

There is a potential that your smartphone may act strangely if you are using a lot of flash applications at once. You should only choose one and not more than two applications.

Run a Software Update for Bug Fixes

Because you’re using an earlier version of Android, certain applications don’t function properly. You must review the app’s specifications before installing it to see if it is compatible with your current version.

Is Your Flashlight Functional Once More?

Every repair for the broken Android flashlight has been provided! It has been a highly disruptive issue for many people who use their cameras to flash for business or to retrieve things like misplaced keys or other important objects in the dark.

Additionally, some users have experienced messages like “Flashlight unavailable” that won’t go away. It can resolve by using a few of the suggestions above.


If the methods above are unsuccessful, system software issues may be at fault. The auto mode of the app may be turned on and off. It examines potential sensor or auto mode problems.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

The main questions connected to this subject are listed below.

1 - Why Isn’t My Phone’s Flashlight Functioning?

A quick reboot should resolve issues between a specific program or process and the Flashlight. Select “Power off” from the menu while holding the power button. Then, after 10 to 15 seconds, switch it back on. Most of the time, this ought to resolve the issue.

2 - Can an iPhone Flashlight Burn Out?

The question “Can my iPhone flashlight burn out?” is often asked. If the iPhone battery runs out, your Flashlight will cease to function, and even then, only until you recharge the iPhone. There is no reason to be concerned about the iPhone flashlight dying.

3 - How Can I Make My Flashlight Function?

  1. The Quick Settings icons are accessible by swiping down from the top of the screen.

  2. Locate and touch the “Flashlight” icon. The Flashlight ought to turn on right away.

  3. Tap the Flashlight symbol a second time to turn it off.

4 - Why Has My Flashlight Gone Dark?

When you slide up while using Instagram to reach the flashlight icon, you will see that it is greyed out since iOS won’t let you activate it when an app is using your camera. To use your Flashlight, exit out of the Instagram or other camera app you’re now using.

5 - How Can I Get My Iphone’s Flashlight to Work?

From your Home or Lock screen’s top right corner, swipe downward. Toggle the Flashlight on by tapping the symbol. To turn the Flashlight off, tap the flashlight symbol once more.

6 - Why Won’t My Iphone’s Camera or Flashlight Work?

It’s possible that the iPhone flashlight won’t turn on because it’s locked in the camera app. You should open the Camera app and choose the flash icon under the video area. Ensure that the flash is entirely closed by turning it on and off, then try opening the iPhone flashlight again.

7 - How Durable Are iPhone Flashlights?

Most contemporary LEDs have a 20,000–50,000 hour rating. I still sometimes wonder whether the old bulb would break or something similar, using the old bulb logic. LED differs. The lifespan is around 50,000 hours or more.

8 - How Much Time Does a Flashlight Have?

Batteries for LED flashlights may last up to 50 hours on low and 1.5 to 7 hours on high, depending on the power demand.

9 - Does the iPhone Battery Be Drained by the Flashlight?

I, too, have a similar problem. I use my iPhone X as a flashlight when I walk my dog. Usually, using Flashlight causes my phone’s battery to drop from 60% to 30% in 15 minutes.

10 - Why Won’t My iPhone 13’s Flashlight Work?

That could be the situation here. System flaws are often resolved by just resetting your device. Your iPhone’s battery is running low; a low battery level will also make it impossible for the Flashlight or torch to turn on.

11 - Can a Flashlight Be Overcharged?

Overcharging may shorten battery life when a battery or gadget is connected to a charger after it has achieved full charge. According to Battery University, nickel- and lithium-based batteries should be kept at a 40% state of charge.

12 - How Often Should a Flashlight’s Batteries Be Changed?

If you don’t use your Flashlight or lantern for lengthy periods, DO change the batteries in it every few months. It guarantees that the batteries are new and functional and avoids battery leakage.

13 - Which Mobile Device Has the Greatest Flashlight?

The spotlights of the LG G5, Nexus 5X, and Samsung Galaxy S7 edge were among the brightest models. These three handsets were held up after several ocular tests. Who won the award for having the finest Flashlight at home? The Galaxy S7 edge was lost to the Nexus 5X by a razor’s edge.

14 - Has Flash Stopped?

Beginning on December 31, 2020 (the “EOL Date”), Adobe will no longer support Flash Player, as was originally stated in July 2017.

15 - Can the Flashlight’s Led Be Changed?

Bring the LED Flashlight into a hardware shop if you need a new bulb. Only experts can change the bulbs in LED flashlights instead of incandescent ones.


There are several causes for this issue, but software issues are by far the most prevalent. Try the previously mentioned fixes, including restarting the phone, clearing the camera cache, activating safe mode, and using ReiBoot for Android to fix the system and quickly fix the issue.

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Why is my flashlight not working? While this might appear glaringly evident, as a general rule, the guilty party is the batteries. Often, it is not difficult to recognize a perishing battery. As batteries release, they discharge less and less power, making most flashlight’ lights blur gradually from splendid to diminish before going out altogether. The Android flashlight is vital, so if you’ve hit it with a mallet, it will probably not encounter any equipment issues. My Android flashlight has often stopped working, and there was a product issue each time.

Fail Flashlight Switch

A flashlight switch has two metal contact strips. When you push the change to the on position, the strips contact the light and the batteries, finishing the circuit and making the bulb light up.

In some cases, these contacts become consumed because of openness to dampness; forestalling either of the contacts takes from making a perfect association. When this occurs, the electrical flow won’t go through the consumed metal to finish the circuit. These contacts may likewise become bowed or harmed, keeping the contacts from contacting either the battery spring or the light.

If you can get to the contact strips under the switch, clean them with vinegar and check to ensure they haven’t become harmed or twisted.

Android Flashlight is not Working

For the android flashlight, below are the steps you need to follow.

1- Reset your Android

The mother of the relative multitude of arrangements has worked on various occasions for me to fix this issue so that it might work for you too. If a specific application or cycle clashes with the flashlight, a straightforward reboot should fix it.

It ought to fix the issue as a rule. Pause the power button and select “Power off” from the menu. Presently stand by 10-15 seconds and betray.

2- Remove the Camera App’s data

Resetting the camera application’s information might help if the flashlight quits working while you’re taking photographs or recording motion pictures. It is how you make it happen.

The following are guidelines for eliminating camera application information.

1- Go to settings on your Android.
2- Then press applications.
3- In the search box, click Camera.
4- Now tap storage.
5- Clear data now.

3- Test Android’s safe mode

Android offers an experimental mode that keeps different applications from impeding the telephone’s capabilities, similar to past working frameworks. It should work securely if a particular application prevents the flashlight from working.

On Android, the experimental mode might be used in various ways. Once in the practical method, actuate the camera application and the flashlight utilizing the buttons on the notification bar. See this instructional exercise to gain proficiency with the same moves toward entering protected mode on your Android cell phone.

A newly introduced application should meddle if the flashlight starts working securely. Eliminate each recently introduced program in turn to recognize the guilty party.


1. Hold the power button while squeezing it until your screen shows the power off choice. Then, at that point, switch the Android off.
2. Indeed, press and hold the power button until any android logo shows.
3. After leaving the power conservative, press and have the volume down button.
4. Holding it down is expected until it fires up.
5. Relinquish the control when “safe mode” appears on the lower part of the screen.

4- Delete all preference apps.

Application inclinations cover default applications, impaired applications, and application consents. Also, it’s conceivable that you misconfigured an application’s choices, which could make the flashlight quit working. Step-by-step instructions to clear application inclinations are as per the following:

The directions for the excess application inclinations are displayed below.

No. Procedure
1. Go to “Settings” on your phone.
2. press “Applications” once.
3. Select “Reset application inclinations” by tapping the three vertical spots menu in the upper right corner.
4. Your application inclinations will be reset, assuming you acknowledge the message.



Your settings will be reset, assuming you have debilitated superfluous applications and laid out custom application authorizations. After this strategy, you’ll need to deal with every one of your choices once more.

5- Flashlight App Change

Play store is full of flashlight applications. Utilizing an outsider application could help if the warning bar button doesn’t work to turn on the flashlight. Notwithstanding, I propose you attempt the Android application called flashlight.

The product functions admirably and cleverly demand no authorizations. However, you’ll need to tolerate ads. If using an outsider program settles the issue, the following idea on this rundown should address comparative programming bugs.

6- Android Factory Reset

Even though it’s an intense cure, it merits endeavoring before surrendering when nothing else works. Every piece of information on your telephone will be erased, and your decisions will be reset. Your telephone will be revived, and practically all product issues that can preclude your Android flashlight from working will be settled.

Please back up your imperative information before cleaning your phone so you don’t lose it. After it is done, comply with the rules below.

No. Guide
1. Go to “Settings” on your phone.
2. Then tap on reset.
3. From the main menu, tap on factory data reset.
4. Tap on the reset device button at the bottom.


The previously mentioned cures should settle the Android spotlights if product issues exist. If the flashlight on your Android gadget is not yet working, there might be an equipment issue.

iPhone flashlight is not working

For an iPhone flashlight that is not working, some steps are below.

1-Disable Power Mode

Low Mode incapacitates a few elements on iPhone to monitor the Battery. When it’s actuated, the shade of your battery level seems yellow rather than green. The Low Power Mode brief naturally comes up when your battery rate falls under 20%. However, in many cases, your iPhone’s flashlight is one of those highlights that get debilitated by this mode.
Go to the Settings app, select Battery, and tap Low Power Mode to turn it off.

2- Keep Your iPhone Charged.

Indeed, even after you switch off Low Power Mode, you might find that your iPhone’s flashlight doesn’t work. It might be because your gadget needs more battery power left to help the component at that point. This way, you ought to plug your iPhone into a power source and begin charging it.

3- Keep Your iPhone Cool

The flashlight on your iPhone might stop working if it gets too hot. Keeping on utilizing an overheating iPhone is not prudent. If your gadget surpasses a specific temperature limit, it will ultimately close down until it chills. You’ll also see a warning on the screen if the temperature is excessively high.

Place your iPhone in an excellent, dry spot away from direct daylight to typically allow your gadget’s temperature to rise. Try not to endeavor to place your device in the refrigerator, as this will harm it. Find someplace that is usually cool and obscure. When your gadget chills off, your iPhone’s Spotlight should begin working again.

4- Control community should be rid of flashlights

One potential If your iPhone’s flashlight isn’t working is eliminating the flashlight choice from the Control Place and adding it back again.

How it’s done:

1- In the Settings application. Select Control Place.
2- In Included Controls, tap the red short (- ) symbol for the flashlight (or light, in certain areas). Tap Eliminate to affirm.
3- Look down to the More Controls segment to add the flashlight back.
4- Tap the in addition to the (+) symbol for a flashlight.

5- Turn off Your iPhone’s Camera Application

iPhone’s Camera’s blaze capability involves a flashlight-like light. On the off chance that the Camera application is opened, it’s generally expected to see the Control Community’s electric lamp symbol turned gray out. It is because you can’t utilize the two elements simultaneously.

Leave the Camera application and reaccess your Control Community to address this. Yet again, you ought to see that the electric lamp button can be chosen to no one’s surprise.

6- Reset All Settings on Your iPhone

When in doubt, the prior arrangement you can endeavor is to reset your iPhone’s settings. Ensure you don’t click Eradicate All Happy or Settings - this will erase every piece of information on your gadget. If you don’t do that, have confidence that you will not lose any satisfaction with your iPhone.

Observe that the restart cycle can consume most of the day, particularly assuming you have a ton of information on your iPhone. So, if you’re trapped in obscurity and need a flashlight, don’t depend on resetting your iPhone not too far off afterward!


Should your iPhone’s flashlight fail to work, we trust this rundown of fixes has successfully assisted you with settling the issue. Nonetheless, assuming the problem continues, you should contact an Apple Approved Specialist co-op. An expert will inspect your gadget and decide on the necessary equipment fixes.

Flashlight Practical

Each maintenance for the wrecked Android flashlight has been given! It has been an exceptionally problematic issue for some individuals who utilize their cameras to streak for business or recover things like lost keys or other significant obscure articles.
Moreover, a few clients have encountered messages like “flashlight inaccessible” that will not disappear. It can determine by utilizing a couple of the ideas above.


If the strategies above are fruitless, framework programming issues might be to blame. The auto method of the application might be turned here and there. It analyzes expected sensor or auto mode issues.

For Android Programming Issues

Assuming you’ve attempted the arrangements recorded above, however, your problem is still not settled; framework programming issues might be at fault.

Reiboot usage

ReiBoot for Android might fix them by fixing the framework. With the assistance of Reboot for Android’s usefulness, you might clear the framework’s reserve and fix issues like Android application crashes, framework freezes, and Samsung logos.

It offers free admittance to quick boot, healing, and download modes for your phone.
The directions for rebooting for Android to fix the program are displayed below.

1- Introduce ReiBoot on your PC. Download and introduce ReiBoot on your PC to fix your Android. Tap “Fix Android Framework” after Android is associated with the PC.

2- Select “fix now” from the menu. The PC screen will give a “Fix Now” choice. To fix the Android, pick this choice. Then, you should choose your Android image, series, model, and other pertinent information.

3- The firmware bundle will be downloaded after determining the gadget’s subtleties.
Select “Fix Currently” before introducing the firmware bundle on your machine. This method will require about 10 minutes to wrap up.

4- Ensure your telephone is connected to the PC while this is happening. The phone will be accessible as expected after the maintenance methodology is done.

External Flashlight App

You might use an outsider application to tackle your issue if the warning bar button doesn’t seem to work to turn on your flashlight.

There are numerous applications on the Playstore, yet we propose downloading the flashlight application first. The most pleasant component of this one is how effectively it works without mentioning consent.


Since you’re utilizing a prior rendition of Android, specific applications don’t work as expected. It would be best if you audited the application’s determinations before introducing it to check whether it is viable with your ongoing rendition.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

The main questions connected to why my flashlight is not working are listed below.

1 - How Might I Make My flashlight Capability?

The Speedy Settings symbols are available by swiping down from the highest point of the screen.
Find and contact the “flashlight” symbol. The flashlight should dismiss on the right.
Tap the flashlight image for a second chance to switch it off.

2 - Why Has My flashlight Gone Dim?

When you slide up while utilizing Instagram to arrive at the flashlight symbol, you will see that it is turned gray out since iOS won’t allow you to initiate it when an application is utilizing your Camera. To use your flashlight, exit the Instagram or other camera application you’re currently operating.

3 - How Might I Get My Iphone’s flashlight to Work?

From your Home or Lock screen’s upper right corner, swipe descending. Flip the flashlight on by tapping the image. To switch the flashlight off, tap the flashlight image again.

4- Is there any valid reason why My Iphone’s Camera or flashlight won’t Work?

It’s conceivable that the iPhone flashlight won’t turn on because it’s secured in the camera application. You should open the Camera application and pick the blazing symbol under the video region. Guarantee that the glimmer is wholly cut off by turning it on and, then, at that point, take a stab at opening the iPhone flashlight once more.

5 - How Solid Is the iPhone flashlight?

I still, at times, keep thinking about whether the old bulb would break or something almost identical, utilizing the old bulb’s rationale. Driven varies. Most contemporary LEDs have a 20,000-50,000 hour rating. The life expectancy is about 50,000 hours or more.

6 - How long Does a flashlight Have?

Batteries for Drove flashlights might endure as long as 50 hours on low and 1.5 to 7 hours on high, contingent upon the power interest.

7 - Does the iPhone Battery Be Depleted by the flashlight?

I, as well, have a similar issue. I utilize my iPhone X as a flashlight when I walk my canine. As a rule, using a flashlight makes my telephone’s battery drop from 60% to 30% quickly.

8 - Why Isn’t My Telephone’s flashlight working?

A speedy reboot should determine issues between a particular program or interaction and the flashlight. Select “Power off” from the menu while holding the power button. Then, following 10 to 15 seconds, switch it back on. More often than not, this should determine the issue.

9 - Might an iPhone flashlight at any point Wear Out?

The inquiry “Might my iPhone spotlight at any point wear out?” is frequently inquired. Assuming the iPhone battery runs out, your flashlight will quit working, and, surprisingly, at that point, just until you re-energize the iPhone. There is no great explanation to be worried about the iPhone flashlight passing on.

10 - Could a flashlight at any point Be Cheated?

Cheating might abbreviate battery duration when a battery or device is associated with a charger after it has fully charged. As per Battery College, nickel-and lithium-based batteries ought to be kept at a 40% condition of charge.


There are a few foundations for this issue. However, programming issues are the most common by a long shot. Attempt the recently referenced fixes, including restarting the telephone, clearing the camera reserve, initiating experimental mode, and involving ReiBoot for Android to fix the framework and immediately fix the issue

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