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While the first motivation behind the Flashlight is to light up the encompassing so the camera can take better photographs around evening time, it has advanced to turn into a convenient and helpful torchlight. On account of the above applications, you presently have different approaches to rapidly turn on the Flashlight when you need it.

The flashlight has for quite some time been an element of telephones, utilizing the camera LED glimmer to assist you with exploring dull spots. There’s an electric lamp include worked in to Android, however it a few swipes to get to. Peruse on to learn faster approaches to kill the spotlight endlessly your phone.

How to Turn OFF Cam Flash Light in Laptop?

Generally, the camera can be incapacitated in the PC’s BIOS. Whenever impaired at this level, it ought to never trouble you again.

In any case, a few cameras are essentially important for the USB dispersion all through the PC, and the BIOS doesn’t mind that a camera possesses one USB “port”. For this situation, you go into the Device Manager (if Windows) and debilitate the gadget. There is no reason for erasing the driver since Windows will re-introduce one the following time you reboot.

A definitive final hotel is a piece of tape. On my PC, there is a printed name in the position that would typically be involved by a camera. As there is no camera, the mark is my resource following number.


You should go into your BIOS and discover your camera setting under the gadget menu.

The manner in which entering BIOS is extraordinary.

For most PCs, push F2 or F1 when your PC is ■■■■■■ up.

For ThinkPad, F2 or Fn+F2 simultaneously

For inheritance ThinkPad, (Before Ivy Bridge), F12.

It very well may be done however requires a decent degree of rebuking abilities and exceptional programming to access the dll.

There is an article expressing that the FBI had done this and there are a few sites that clarify how it tends to be finished.

Obviously, this is illicit and whenever got - prison. Ash has been in jail+, not a decent spot.

How do I turn off the light on the web camera?

Open the application that you use to open the web camera, from the alternatives select exit. Check if the light on the web camera is turned off or not.

It will be incredible on the off chance that you will give us more insight regarding your PC, so we can help you in a superior manner.

You may allude to this connection: Use a webcam to rejuvenate your texting

Can I turn off Webcam Light?

This light is known as the “webcam light”. It is sparkling while turned on. To kill the light, you should kill the webcam. In the event that you need to turn it off:

  1. Go into Control Panel.

  2. Snap-on Hardware and Sound.

  3. Snap on Device Manager.

  4. Go to Imaging Devices, and double tap on the webcam passage that shows up beneath it.

  5. Go to the Driver tab, and snap Disable. Affirm it whenever requested to do as such.

This should kill the webcam, just as the light. In the event that you need to empower it later on, adhere to similar five directions above. Simply click Enable rather than Disable.

These means should take care of you. In any case, kindly give your outcomes.

How to Turn Flashlight Off on Android

The Flashlight has for quite some time been an element of telephones, utilizing the camera LED flash to assist you with exploring dim spots. There’s an electric lamp include incorporated into Android, yet it two or three swipes to get to. Peruse on to learn faster approaches to kill the flashlight endlessly on your phone.

Fortunately, there are a lot of smart approaches to empower the flashlight quicker on your Android phone – from shaking your telephone to voice enactment – and we’ve assembled them for you here.

How to turn off the flashlight on your iPhone in 2 different ways

How to turn off the flashlight on an iPhone with Control Center

  1. Wake up your iPhone’s screen by tapping the screen, squeezing the lock catch, or squeezing the home catch. Note that you don’t have to open it or go to the home screen where the entirety of your applications are obvious to utilize the spotlight application.

  2. Swipe up from the lower part of your screen (for iPhone 8 or prior) or down from the upper ideal (for iPhone X or later) to raise the iPhone’s Control Center.

  3. Tap the spotlight symbol, which will be featured when being used, so that it’s not, at this point featured and gets dull dim. Your electric lamp is currently turned off.

The electric lamp catch will be a dull dark when it’s turned off.

How to turn off an iPhone by swiping to the Camera app

In the event that the abovementioned, extremely direct strategy for killing your iPhone’s spotlight isn’t straightforward enough for you, there’s a much simpler stunt you can use to take care of business.

Essentially awaken your iPhone’s screen and swipe somewhat left as though you planned to open the iPhone’s camera (which will likewise kill the flashlight).

Simply beginning to open your camera will kill the Flashlight. Jennifer Still/Business Insider

Swiping completely left on your screen opens the iPhone’s camera. For this situation, you’re not swiping far enough to open the camera, yet your telephone doesn’t realize that, so it kills the LED flashlight at any rate. Pretty cool, huh?

How to Turn Off the Flashlight on the iPhone 5

Your iPhone 5 got a flashlight work when you refreshed to iOS 7. It is an extremely helpful component that is not difficult to empower. You can even turn on the electric lamp without opening your home screen.

In any case, in the event that you have not utilized the flashlight previously and it was turned on either by someone else or unintentionally, at that point, it very well may be hard to turn it off. You can follow our short guide underneath to figure out how mood killer the iPhone 5’s flashlight.

Turning Off the iPhone Flashlight

This instructional exercise will accept that your iPhone spotlight is as of now on. Note, nonetheless, that the strategy for both turning on the electric lamp and turning it off is something similar, so you can likewise utilize the means beneath to turn on the spotlight in the event that you so decide.

Stage 1: Press the Home catch under your iPhone screen to show your lock screen. On the off chance that your iPhone screen is as of now on, you can avoid this progression.

turn on the iPhone screen

Stage 2: Swipe up from the lower part of the screen to show the Control Center.

Stage 3: Touch the electric lamp symbol to kill the flashlight.

contact the flashlight symbol to turn it off

Notwithstanding a flashlight, you can likewise utilize your iPhone 5 as a level. This is a truly accommodating element that works really hard of utilizing the iPhone’s implicit accelerometer.

The quickest way to turn off the iPhone’s flashlight

turning the flashlight on your iPhone utilizing Control Center is so 2013. All things considered, utilize this accommodating tip to rapidly turn it off.

Control Center on iOS 7 added an advantageous technique to utilize the blaze on an iPhone as a spotlight. From any screen, including the lock screen, iOS 7 clients can raise Control Center and turn on the spotlight with simply a tap. It was an invite expansion to the stage, yet a little one, and killed the requirement for an outsider application to be introduced on the gadget.

Regularly I have ended up utilizing the electric lamp long enough for my iPhone’s screen to kill. The cycle to kill the spotlight back is equivalent to turning it on, expecting you to press the home or wake button, raise Control Center, and afterward tap on the electric lamp symbol. Adequately straightforward. Because of a tip posted on Mac OS X Hints, the cycle to turn the flashlight can be accelerated to only one tap.

Whenever you’re utilizing your iPhone as a light, turn off the flashlight by tapping on the lock screen’s camera symbol. You’ll see that the flashlight in a flash turns off, with no further activity required on your part.

iPhone 7 And iPhone 7 Plus: How To Turn OFF Flashlight

For those that own an Apple iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, you should realize ■■■■■■■■■■■ the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus as an electric lamp. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus spotlight is no LED Maglight substitution, yet it will do in an incredible occupation in aiding in occasions that you need a light hotspot for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

How to turn off iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus as a flashlight:

Turn on your Apple iPhone on iPad in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

With your finger, swipe up from the lower part of the screen.

Select on the Flashlight symbol in the lower-left corner of the screen

To turn off the flashlight, you can tap the very symbol that you used to turn on the spotlight.

How to turn off Flash-light on iphone8

1 . Swipe up from the lower part of the home screen. This opens the Control Center.

  1. Tap the flashlight symbol. Since the spotlight is on, the symbol ought to be blue. Tapping the symbol should turn the symbol white.

In the event that you don’t see the Flashlight symbol, see this strategy.

3.Long-press the Flashlight symbol to change the splendor. On the off chance that you need to make the electric lamp more splendid, drag the slider to one side. To diminish the light, drag the slider to one side.

At the point when you’re trapped in a dim or faintly lit spot, the iPhone’s inherent spotlight can prove to be useful.

Regardless of whether you’re attempting to discover your keys at the lower part of your tote following a night out, or attempting to see under the sofa when you can’t track down the distance, it’s a component that the majority of us utilize pretty consistently.

You probably realize how to turn your iPhone’s spotlight on, however, how would you turn it off when you’re finished utilizing it? Fortunately, it’s comparably basic. This is what you need to know (alongside a clever stunt to make going dim again considerably faster).

Switch on your Apple iPhone

Swipe up beginning from the lower part of the screen with your finger

In the lower-left corner of the screen, select the Flashlight symbol

You can tap on the very symbol that you used to turn on the spotlight to kill the electric lamp

For the individuals who asked “Where to go on the electric lamp on iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus?” the directions above should help answer the inquiry.

iPhone X: How To Turn OFF Flashlight

The Apple iPhone X has likewise become a piece of our need in light of the highlights it offers to fill our hearts with more joy simpler. Yet, the most fundamental thing and an astonishing component of the iPhone X is the electric lamp. Spotlights have become an SOS instrument for the vast majority particularly when the force is out surprisingly and the solitary thing you’re holding or close to you is your iPhone X. The iPhone X has no LED Maglite substitution except for its spotlight will work really hard when you are needing the wellspring of light.

Do you realize that the iPhone X electric lamp is an implicit gadget on the smartphone? All iPhones have the spotlight highlight which likewise incorporates different units from iPhone 5 and iPhone 6, also more current models, for example, the iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone X. In the event that you need to know the easy route on how you can kill on and the iPhone X light component or the electric lamp as a gadget, look at the guide underneath.

How to Turn Off iPhone X Flashlight:

Switch the Apple iPhone on iPad in iPhone X on

Show the Apple Control Center by swiping your finger up from the lower part of the screen

Tap on the Flashlight symbol set on the lower left piece of the screen

To turn the electric lamp on or off, simply tap the symbol as it fills in as a switch

Isn’t it obvious? It is extremely simple to get to the electric lamp highlight of the iPhone X. All you require is in the iPhone X Control Center and it’s only one swipe up away. Expect this will help you!

How To Turn Off Flashlight On iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, And iPhone 11 Pro Max

In the event that you are utilizing the iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11, and iPhone Pro Max and you would need to turn ON or OFF the Flashlight, the method requires comparable advances. On the off chance that you are inexperienced with the iPhone Flashlight highlight, at that point don’t stress since we will come there later on.

Prior to our subsequent stage, if this is the first occasion when you are finding out about the Flashlight on your iPhone; don’t expect that this is a LED impact. Follow the means beneath to figure out ■■■■■■■■■■■ Flashlight on iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Apple clients allude to the Flashlight include as a gadget, and it is an ordinarily utilized gadget, as indicated by the engineers. Truth be told, this is the motivation behind why it is among different highlights recorded inside the Apple Control Center that is perceptible when you swipe on the home screen from the base to the top, on the screen.

How to Fix Flashlight Not Working on iPhone after iOS 11/11.1 Update

1. Close Camera/Flashlight App

Totally quit the Camera application or the Flashlight application by twofold tapping on the Home catch, and discover it and swipe up to close Camera or Flashlight application. At that point open the application and check on the off chance that it is working at this point.

Tip 2. Take Some Photos with Flashlight On

Open your iPhone Camera, and turn on spotlight to shoot a few photographs. From that point onward, check if the electric lamp is working.

Fix iPhone Flashlight Not Working

Tip 3. Turn on LED Flashlight for Alerts

A few clients find that LED spotlight not working when warnings come. You should ensure you’ve empowered LED Flashlight for Alerts: Go to Settings >General > Accessibility > Turn on LED Flash for Alerts.

Fix iPhone Flashlight Not Working on iOS 11

Fix iPhone Flashlight Not Working on iOS 11

Tip 4. Turn on Show on Lock Screen in Notifications

Ensure you’ve turned on show notices in the lock screen, or the LED electric lamp won’t working when new notices come and your iPhone is bolted. Go to Settings > Notifications > Under the ALERTS area, turn on Show on Lock Screen.

Tip 5. Mood killer Do Not Disturb and Airplane Mode

On the off chance that you turned on Do Not Disturb or Airplane mode, the LED streak alarms won’t work. So ensure you’ve crippled Do Not Disturb highlight and Airplane mode on iPhone.

Tip 6. Mood killer Low Power Mode

On the off chance that your iPhone is in low force mode it might influences the LED streak cautions, so you can kill Low Power Mode to have an attempt: Settings > Battery > Turn off Low Power Mode.

Tip 7. Reset All Settings on iPhone

You can likewise take a stab at resetting all settings on iPhone to fix iPhone electric lamp not working issue after the iOS 11 update. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings.

Reward Tip to Get Back Lost iPhone Data on iOS 11

In the event that you need to get back lost or erased information from the iPhone iPad in the wake of refreshing to iOS 11, you can have to take a stab at Primo iPhone Data Recovery. With it, you will not have to reestablish your iPhone from reinforcement, and you can straightforwardly examine and recuperate lost photographs, messages, notes, contacts, and more from your iPhone. Download it to have an attempt.

flashlight on iPhone 12:

Firstly, In this article, we at iLounge will manage you on the best way to kill the Flashlight on iPhone 12. The means are simple which can be found beneath.

4 Ways to Turn Off the Flashlight on iPhone 12:

The camera LED flash on the iPhone serves as an electric lamp and may prove to be useful in your regular day-to-day existence. You can utilize the flashlight or light on your iPhone to enlighten a dim zone or a room with low lighting. Whatever the utilization case might be, the flashlight on iPhone is sufficiently brilliant to help you much of the time. Maybe, on the off chance that you have recently got another iPhone, do check this manual for utilizing the electric lamp on iPhone 12.

How to turn off Flashlight on iPhone 12:

There are various approaches to kill the Flashlight on or on the iPhone 12, 12 Mini, or 12 Pro. Other than iPhone 12 arrangement, you can utilize the underneath techniques on iPhones with Face ID support including iPhone 11, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone X, or an iPad Pro. How about we begin.

1 Using the Control Center

1 Swipe down from the upper right corner of your iPhone to open the Control Center.

2 Tap the Flashlight catch to turn on the spotlight. The light symbol becomes blue when the spotlight is empowered.

3 Tap the Flashlight symbol again to kill the electric lamp.

TIP: You can likewise change the splendor of the electric lamp if necessary. To do as such, press and hold the Flashlight button in Control Center and drag the splendor slider up or down.

2 From Lock Screen

A generally simpler path is to get to the electric lamp from the lock screen itself. This way you can straightforwardly turn on the electric lamp on iPhone 12 without the need to open the gadget either utilizing Face ID or Passcode.

To divert on the Flastlightlight from the Lock Screen on iPhone 12, follow the means beneath.

1 Use ‘Raise to Wake’ or ‘Tap to Wake’ highlights to awaken your iPhone screen. Or then again press the Side catch (on the correct side) to get to the Lock Screen.

2 Press and hold the Flashlight button in the base left corner of the screen. You will feel a slight vibration and the round catch will become white, demonstrating the electric lamp is on.

To kill the electric lamp, just tap and hold the flashlight button in a similar way.

TIP: If you have permitted admittance to Control Center on the iPhone Lock Screen, at that point you can open the Control Center to change the flashlight brightness.

Shockingly, even in iOS 14, there is no alternative to eliminate the flashlight from lock screen. I for one wish for this setting as now and again the Flashlightlight turns on without anyone else when the iPhone is in the pocket or unintentionally.

3 Using Siri

Instead of exploring across your iPhone, you can essentially request that Siri flip the flashlight on or off.

To get this working, first dispatch Siri either by saying “Hello Siri” or press the Side or Home catch on your iPhone. At that point utilize one of the beneath voice orders to complete the assignment ease.

  • Switch on my Flashligh.

  • Turn the flashlight off.

  • Turn on the light.

  • Switch off my light.

4 Add Flashlight to Home Screen on iPhone

iOS has an underlying Flashlight application, in any case, this is no real way to control the spotlight straightforwardly from the home screen. Fortunately, you can put the spotlight on your iPhone Home Screen utilizing the Shortcuts application in iOS 14 and without utilizing an outsider application.

Here’s the means by which you can include a Flashlight alternate way iPhone running iOS 14.

Go to Shortcuts and tap the “My Shortcuts” tab. Alternate routes application on iPhone

Tap the + button at the upper right corner.

Tap “Add Action”.add activity in easy routes

Type “Light” in the pursuit bar at the top and select “Set Torch”.add light alternate way on iPhone 12

Tap “Turn” and select “Switch” from the Operation menu.

Discretionary: Tap the “Show More” drop-down and set the default splendor power for the spotlight. This is to guarantee you get precisely the same brilliance each time you utilize the spotlight by means of Shortcut. You can change the brilliance level thereafter as well).

Tap the 3-dab button at the upper right. Give your alternate way a name, for example, “flashlight”.

Tap “Add to Home Screen”, select a home screen name and symbol for the flashlight easy route.

add a flashlight to the home screen on iPhone

Tap “Add” at the upper-right corner and hit Done.

That is it. An electric lamp symbol will currently show up on your iPhone home screen.

put the flashlight on the iPhone home screen

Driven Flashlight symbol on iPhone home screen

To stop on or the spotlight, simply tap the Flashlight alternate route symbol from the Home Screen.

Everything you Need to Know About Camera Flash

Flash is a valuable wellspring of fake light in photography. In the beginning of photography, when there was no power the picture takers utilized powdered magnesium, which they used to consume to deliver a ‘blaze of light’!

Except if you’re an expert photographic artist, the odds are acceptable that the camera you’re utilizing – regardless of whether film or advanced – has an underlying glimmer. Normally, when shooting inside, the blaze will work sufficiently if the subject you’re shooting is inside ten to twelve feet. In spite of the fact that your underlying glimmer will allow you to snap a picture in a low-light climate, it won’t give a similar impact as normal lighting. Or maybe, pictures taken with an on-camera streak will in general appear to be comparable, since the blaze delivers a level light that limits surface surfaces.

When you’re caught in a dark or dimly lit place, the iPhone’s built-in flashlight can definitely come in handy. Whether you’re trying to find your keys at the bottom of your purse after a night out, or trying to see under the couch when you can’t find the remote, it’s a feature that most of us use pretty regularly.

You likely know how to turn your iPhone’s flashlight on, but how do you turn it off when you’re done using it? Thankfully, it’s just as simple. Here’s what you need to know (along with a nifty trick to make going dark again even quicker).

How to turn off the flashlight on an iPhone with Control Center

  1. Wake up your iPhone’s screen by tapping the screen, pressing the lock button, or pressing the home button. Note that you do not need to unlock it or go to the home screen where all of your apps are visible in order to use the flashlight app.

  2. Swipe up from the bottom of your screen (for iPhone 8 or earlier) or down from the top-right (for iPhone X or later) to bring up the iPhone’s Control Center.

  3. Tap the flashlight icon, which will be highlighted when in use, so that it’s no longer highlighted and becomes dark gray. Your flashlight is now turned off. The flashlight button will be a dark gray when it’s turned off. William Antonelli/Business Insider

How to turn off an iPhone by swiping to the Camera app

If the above, very straightforward method of turning off your iPhone’s flashlight isn’t simple enough for you, there’s an even easier trick you can use to get the job done.

Simply wake up your iPhone’s screen and swipe very slightly left as if you were going to open the iPhone’s camera (which will also turn off the flashlight). Just starting to open your camera will turn off the flashlight. Jennifer Still/Business Insider.

Swiping fully left on your screen opens the iPhone’s camera. In this case, you’re not swiping far enough to open the camera, but your phone doesn’t know that, so it turns off the LED flashlight anyway. Pretty cool, huh?

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• If you’ve ever discovered that the flashlight on your iPhone was suspiciously turned on after pulling the device from your pocket, you are far from alone.

• Some people have been alerted by strangers on the street that the mini searchlight on their phone is beaming for the world to see. Others report having looked down to discover the flashbulb shining through their clothing.

• Either way, no one is ever thrilled to find out that their expensive smartphone’s battery is being unwittingly drained by a feature that can’t be uninstalled.

• So far, 488 iPhone users have reported the problem to Apple, asking the tech giant how to remove the fussy shortcut from the main screen entirely. If you don’t have this problem, you probably have a pre-iPhone X device – and more control of when you let your little light shine.

• Sacramento comedian Morgan Lujan, 28, said that the flashlight on his iPhone XS Max seems to turn itself on at least once a day. “It’s interesting that the camera shortcut on the other side of the phone is never triggered. For some reason, it’s always the flashlight.”

• Toussaint Campbell, 21, of Pembroke Pines, Florida, said that he accidentally triggers the flashlight on his iPhone XS “all the time. When I’m just walking with my phone or holding it, my hand just so happens to be all over the screen. People ask me all the time, ‘Do you know your flashlight is on?’ I’ve gotten used to it.”

• Other iOS users have taken to Reddit and MacRumors to express their grievances over the easily triggered light beam.

• Twitter is also a hotbed of commentary on the topic:

• “The flashlight on the iPhone X turns on by itself. Then you have to turn it on and off to get it to go off. I’m so confused,” writes Twitter user @ericasaysyes.

• “Having an iPhone X makes me feel like an old lady because I’m always accidentally turning on my flashlight,” writes Twitter user @glnchlochlo.

• “My fav feature of the new iPhone is how simple it is to accidentally turn on the flashlight,” writes Twitter user @Nickwiger.

• Solution to Apple’s iPhone problem? It just needs lower pricing, analysts say

• The problem seemingly started in 2017 with the release of the iPhone X, when Apple installed the hard-pressed flashlight and camera shortcuts right on the lock screen.

• The issue continued in 2018 when Apple introduced the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR to the masses.

• The ever-present flashlight icon is located at the bottom left-hand corner of your smartphone, so when you grip the phone face-up with your right hand, your thumb can easily come in contact with the shortcut, whether intentionally or not.

• Your palm comes in contact with the screen when you grip the phone face down, which can also trigger the flashlight.

• So, what’s the solution?

• Currently, there’s no way to remove the flashlight icon from the lock screen – we’ve tried. However, there are a few ways to turn the light off quickly if you turn it on accidentally.

• For one, you can ask Siri to turn it off. Any of the following commands will do:

• “Hey Siri, turn on/off the flashlight“

• “Hey Siri, enable/disable the torch“

• “Hey Siri, flashlight on/off“

• “Hey Siri, torch on/off“

• However, the voice assistant does need an internet connection to interpret flashlight commands.

• An even faster and more discreet way to kill the torch is by slightly swiping left on the lock screen. A half-swipe is enough. If you use too much motion, you will open the Camera app.

• Lastly, when the flashlight shortcut is activated, you can simply hold down the icon until the flashlight turns itself off.

• Does your smartphone do something weird? Let Dalvin Brown know on Twitter: @Dalvin_Brown

• It’s just the light on the back of your iPhone, yet that flashlight is remarkably flexible — and there are so many ways to turn it on or off quickly.

• Apple first added an LED light to the back of its iPhone 4 in 2010. Before then, you could get apps that turned your iPhone screen bright white. And after then you could apps that made the LED stay on instead of just flashing as you took photos.

• It wasn’t until iOS 7 in 2013 that Apple built flashlight controls into the system. But since then, you’ve had a fully-functioning and surprisingly versatile flashlight right there in your iPhone.

• The flashlight is versatile enough that you’ve probably switched it on from the lock screen by accident. But it’s also hidden enough that you may not have seen how to alter it, or how it can fit in with both Shortcuts and accessibility options.

• How to turn on the flashlight on the iPhone

• Tap on the lock screen to wake your iPhone, and then at bottom left there is a flashlight button. Tap and release it to turn on the flashlight.

• It’s a tap and release movement: the flashlight doesn’t switch on until you’ve released the button. And when you do, you also get a haptic confirmation that you’ve turned it on.

• You switch it off the same way, assuming you’re still on the lock screen. If you hold the iPhone too long, you’re likely to unlock it with Face ID and lose this option.

• In that case, you need to use Control Center for either turning the flashlight on or off. You can do this from the lock screen too, and there are benefits to it.

• You can rearrange some Control Center controls to put the flashlight where you want

• But chiefly what Control Center does is give you the ability to turn the light on almost as quickly as you can from the lock screen. Swipe down on your screen from top right and tap on the flashlight icon to turn it on or off.

• If the light is off, that icon is a black button with a white flashlight on it. If the light is on, it’s a white button with a blue flashlight icon.

• There is one more direct option for using the flashlight. You can say “Hey, Siri, turn the flashlight on,” and it will do exactly that. Or off, if you ask.

• What more you can do with the flashlight controls on the iPhone

• The lock screen has no controls for the flashlight beyond on and off. However, if you use Control Center, you can press and hold on the icon to get a finer control.

• Specifically, if you press and hold then you get the option to adjust the brightness of the light. There are five settings, from nothing to the brightest, and you set the one you want by swiping up and down.

• Note that whatever you set the flashlight to with this control, that’s what you will get each time you use it until you positively choose to change it again. That includes whether you turn the flashlight on from Control Center, or the lock screen.

• Extra options for turning on the flashlight

• The lock center icon is quick, and the Control Center one doesn’t lag far behind. There is a quicker way to have the flashlight turn on, though, and that’s via a Back Tap.

• If you have an iPhone 8 or later, and it is running iOS 14, then you can set it so that tapping two or three times on the back of the phone will immediately turn the flashlight on.

• You need to create a Shortcut to do it first, then tell the phone you want to run that when you tap.