Facebook Account Locked

Facebook has a great many clients who access their profiles consistently. We love to use Facebook for sharing every moment of our life with friends, colleagues, and loved ones.

Envision at that point attempting to login into your record and seeing the ‘Account Disabled’ message. Facebook can actually lock or disable your account at any time and restrict you from using the platform at all. There could be a number of reasons behind this kind of issue on Facebook, but you can try a few things to resolve this.

If your account is temporarily locked, you can reactivate using the steps we’ve given below.

Let’s get started.

Resolve Facebook Account Temporarily Locked Issue

Wait out the Punishment period – If your Facebook temporarily locked your account for some illegal activities, then you have to wait out the punishment period. There could be a ton of reasons why your account got penalized. You may have spammed a couple of profiles on Facebook or sent an excessive number of companion demands.

No matter what the reason is, you can wait out the punishment period. Normally, the discipline time frame for this sort of brief lock is 96 hours from the time your record got hailed. Now, you shouldn’t try to login into your account in those 96 hours. Because the timer would reset after you’ve tried to login and then you’d have to wait for another 96 hours after that.

Submit a Request – If you think, you’ve been wrongly targeted and you’ve done nothing wrong to violate the Facebook terms and conditions, then you should submit a request. To submit a request, you need to open the ‘My personal account was disabled’ page from the Facebook help section.

Now, you will see a contact form in there, fill it out and submit it. To start with, you should enter the username of the record and afterward present the motivation behind why you are reaching the Facebook group.Then, you need to attach some government ID proof to verify the authenticity of the account. Once all that is done, you can click on the Send button to submit the request.

After the request is submitted, the Facebook team will reply within 2-3 days via email and inform you about the outcome of your request. So, you need to be on the lookout for that email from Facebook.

Why Facebook Temporarily Locked Accounts

There could be a number of reasons why Facebook might consider locking your account. But here is the list of the most common reasons why your account is temporarily locked.

⦁ You are not using the real identity on your account and someone might have reported it.
⦁ You’ve joined too many groups recently and are trying to spam them with irrelevant posts.
⦁ You’ve started posting spam in groups, walls, or messenger and that is why users have reported
your profile.
⦁ You have requested too many people on Facebook to be your friend, it could be one of the
⦁ You may have been posting some offensive content from your wall and people are not liking it.
⦁ Your account has been hacked or tried to gain access to it illegally. In this case, you will be able to
verify your identity and regain access to the account.
⦁ If your system has been affected by malware, then you may not be able to access your account.

So, these are the reasons why you are not able to login into your Facebook account and it is temporarily locked. In any case, don’t stress, you can sign on to the onlinegeeks.net innovation blog to thoroughly understand it. You will find a solution to all kinds of Facebook-related problems on this blog.