Definition of Scroll:

  1. Move displayed text or graphics in a particular direction on a computer screen in order to view different parts of them.

  2. The earliest format in recording business transactions.

  3. Cause to move like paper rolling or unrolling.

  4. A roll of parchment or paper for writing or painting on.

  5. The facility which moves a display on a computer screen in order to view new material.

Synonyms of Scroll

Cylinder, Tube, Scroll, A string, Aldine, Aldine book, Amati, Cremona, D string, E string, Elzevir, Elzevir book, G string, Strad, Stradivari, Stradivarius, Account, Agenda, Annals, Article, Autograph, Bass, Bass viol, Beadroll, Blank, Bow, Brainchild, Bridge, Bull fiddle, Cadastre, Calendar, Catalog, Cello, Census, Census report, Checklist, Checkroll, Chirograph, Chronicle, Cirrus, Codex, Coil, Composition, Computer printout, Contrabass, Copy, Copy out, Corkscrew, Correspondence, Cradle book, Crowd, Curl, Curlicue, Docket, Document, Documentation, Dossier, Double bass, Draft, Dramatis personae, Draw up, Early edition, Edit, Edited version, Enface, Engross, Engrossment, Essay, Evolute, Fair copy, Fiction, Fiddle, Fiddlebow, Fiddlestick, File, Final draft, Fingerboard, Finished version, First draft, First edition, Flimsy, Form, Gyre, Head count, Helix, History, Holograph, Honor roll, Incunabulum, Inscribe, Instrument, Inventory, Involute, Jury list, Jury panel, Kink, Kit, Kit fiddle, Kit violin, Legal document, Legal instrument, Legal paper, Letter, Letters, Lineup, List, Literae scriptae, Literary artefact, Literary production, Literature, Lucubration, Make a recension, Make out, Manuscript, Matter, Memorial, Muster, Muster roll, Nonfiction, Nose count, Official document, Opus, Order of business, Original, Palimpsest, Paper, Papers, Papyrus, Parchment, Pen, Pencil, Penscript, Personal file, Piece, Piece of writing, Pipe roll, Play, Poem, Poll, Printed matter, Printout, Production, Program, Property roll, Push the pen, Put in writing, Questionnaire, Rare book, Reading matter, Recense, Recension, Record, Recording, Register, Registry, Relic, Remains, Returns, Revise, Rewrite, Ringlet, Roll, Roll call, Rolls, Roster, Rota, Screed, Screw, Scribe, Scrip, Script, Scrive, Second draft, Soundboard, Spill ink, Spiral, Spoil paper, String, Superscribe, Swirl, Table, Tax roll, Tendril, Tenor violin, The written word, Token, Trace, Transcribe, Transcript, Transcription, Tuning peg, Twirl, Twist, Type, Typescript, Version, Vestige, Viola, Violin, Violinette, Violoncello, Violoncello piccolo, Violone, Violotta, Volute, Volution, Vortex, Whirl, Whorl, Work, Writ, Write, Write down, Write out, Writing

How to use Scroll in a sentence?

  1. He held out a papyrus scroll, bound with papyrus reeds.
  2. She scrolled through her file.
  3. If scroll is enabled, the window scrolls down.

Meaning of Scroll & Scroll Definition