Definition of Screen:

  1. Test (a person or substance) for the presence or absence of a disease or contaminant.

  2. A stock selection strategy in which an investor evaluates a company based on a set of fundamental analysis or technical analysis criteria. Stock screening can be done manually, with Internet-based tools or with specialized software available for that purpose.

  3. Project (a photograph or other image) through a transparent ruled plate so as to be able to reproduce it as a halftone.

  4. A fixed or movable upright partition used to divide a room, give shelter from drafts, heat, or light, or to provide concealment or privacy.

  5. Conceal, protect, or shelter (someone or something) with a screen or something forming a screen.

  6. A transparent, finely ruled plate or film used in halftone reproduction.

  7. A large sieve or riddle, especially one for sorting substances such as grain or coal into different sizes.

  8. A detachment of troops or ships detailed to cover the movements of the main body.

  9. A flat panel or area on an electronic device such as a television, computer, or smartphone, on which images and data are displayed.

  10. Show (a movie or video) or broadcast (a television program).

  11. Pass (a substance such as grain or coal) through a large sieve or screen, especially so as to sort it into different sizes.

Synonyms of Screen

Partition, Divider, Room divider, Dividing wall, Separator, Curtain, Arras, Blind, Awning, Shade, Shutter, Canopy, Windbreak, TV, TV set, Act drop, Advocate, Aegis, Alibi, Analyze, Apology, Apply to, Arabesque, Arm, Arm guard, Armor, Art film, Asbestos, Asbestos board, Assort, Awning, Backdrop, Backstop, Basketry, Basketwork, Batten, Beach umbrella, Becloud, Befog, Blanket, Bless, Blind, Block, Block out, Bolt, Bolter, Border, Box, Buffer, Bulwark, Bumper, Camouflage, Cancellation, Canopy, Categorize, Champion, Cinema verite, Clarifier, Clarify, Classify, Clear, Cloak, Close, Cloth, Clothe, Cloud, Coat, Colander, Collate, Color, Compass about, Conceal, Concealment, Contraceptive, Contradistinguish, Cope, Copyright, Cordon, Cordon off, Coulisse, Counterweight, Cover, Cover story, Cover up, Cover-up, Coverage, Covering, Covert, Coverture, Cowl, Cowling, Cradle, Crash helmet, Cribble, Cribriformity, Cribrosity, Cross-hatching, Crossing-out, Cull, Cull out, Curtain, Curtain board, Cushion, Cyclorama, Dashboard, Decor, Decrassify, Defend, Demarcate, Demark, Depurate, Device, Differentiate, Discriminate, Disguise, Dissemble, Distill, Distinguish, Distract attention from, Divide, Dodger, Drape, Drapery, Draw the curtains, Draw the line, Drop, Drop curtain, Eclipse, Edulcorate, Elute, Ensconce, Enshroud, Ensure, Envelop, Essentialize, Evaluate, Examine, Excuse, Expurgate, Extract, Facade, Face mask, Feint, Fence, Fend, Fender, Filigree, Film, Filter, Filtrate, Finger guard, Fire curtain, Flank, Flat, Flipper, Foot guard, Fret, Fretwork, Front, Fuse, Gauge, Ghettoize, Gin, Gloss, Gloss over, Goggles, Governor, Gradate, Grade, Grate, Grating, Grid, Gridiron, Grille, Grillwork, Group, Guarantee, Guard, Guard against, Guardrail, Guise, Hachure, Hand guard, Handle, Handrail, Hanging, Harbor, Hard hat, Hatching, Haven, Helmet, Hide, Honeycomb, Hood, Housing, Insulate, Insulation, Insure, Interlacement, Interlock, Intertexture, Intertwinement, Interview, Isolate, Keep, Keep apart, Keep aside, Keep from harm, Keep under cover, Knee guard, Knuckle guard, Lace, Lacery, Lacework, Lacing, Lame excuse, Laminated glass, Lattice, Latticework, Lay aside, Lay on, Lay over, Leach, Life preserver, Lifeline, Light shield, Lightning conductor, Lightning rod, Lixiviate, Lixiviator, Locus standi, Make safe, Mantle, Mark the interface, Mask, Mesh, Meshes, Meshwork, Movies, Mudguard, Muffle, Nestle, Net, Netting, Network, Nose guard, Nouvelle vague, Obduce, Obfuscate, Obscure, Obstruct, Occult, Ostensible motive, Overlay, Overshadow, Overspread, Pad, Padding, Pall, Palladium, Parasol, Partition, Patent, Percolate, Percolator, Pick out, Pilot, Plexure, Plexus, Police, Poor excuse, Porosity, Porousness, Pretense, Pretension, Pretext, Preventive, Process, Project, Prophylactic, Protect, Protection, Protective clothing, Protective umbrella, Protestation, Public motive, Purifier, Purify, Put aside, Put on, Put-off, Qualify, Quarantine, Raddle, Rag, Rank, Rectify, Refine, Refiner, Refinery, Refuge, Register, Reticle, Reticulation, Reticule, Reticulum, Riddle, Ride shotgun for, Rocker, Safeguard, Safety, Safety glass, Safety plug, Safety rail, Safety shoes, Safety switch, Safety valve, Scan, Scene, Scenery, Screen out, Screening, Scum, Seat belt, Seclude, Secure, Segregate, Select, Semblance, Separate, Set apart, Set aside, Set off, Sever, Severalize, Shade, Shader, Shadow, Sham, Shelter, Shield, Shin guard, Show, Shroud, Shut, Shut off, Shutter, Side scene, Sieve, Sieve out, Sievelikeness, Sift, Sift out, Sifter, Silver screen, Size, Slur over, Smoke screen, Sort, Sort out, Sorter, Spiritualize, Sponge, Spread over, Stage screw, Stalking-horse, Strain, Strainer, Stratagem, Subdivide, Sublimate, Sublime, Subordinate, Subterfuge, Subtilize, Sun helmet, Sunblind, Sunshade, Superimpose, Superpose, Tab, Tableau, Teaser, Television, Television receiver, Televisor, Telly, Texture, The cinema, The movies, The pictures, The screen, The silver screen, Thrash, Thresh, Tissue, Tormentor, Tracery, Transformation, Transformation scene, Trellis, Trelliswork, Trick, Try, Umbrage, Umbrella, Underwrite, Varnish, Veil, Vestment, Vet, Wall, Wall off, Wattle, Weave, Weaving, Web, Webbing, Webwork, Weft, Whitewash, Wicker, Wickerwork, Windscreen, Windshield, Wing, Wingcut, Winnow, Winnowing basket, Winnowing fan, Winnowing machine, Woodcut, Wraps, Sieve, Riddle, Sift, Strain, Filter, Sort, Winnow, Conceal, Hide, Mask, Shield, Shelter, Shade, Protect, Guard, Safeguard, Veil, Cloak, Camouflage, Disguise, Display, Monitor, Visual display unit, VDU, Cathode-ray tube, CRT, Sieve, Riddle, Sifter, Strainer, Colander, Filter, Winnow, Show, Present, Air, Broadcast, Transmit, Televise, Put out, Put on the air, Telecast, Relay

How to use Screen in a sentence?

  1. HMS Prince Leopold and HMS Prince Charles sailed for Shetland with a screen of four destroyers.
  2. Granulated asphalt—manufactured to 40 mm down or screened to 28 mm & 14 mm down.
  3. Her hair swung across to screen her face.
  4. The show is to be screened by HBO later this year.
  5. Outpatients were screened for cervical cancer.
  6. A television screen.
  7. The halftone screen used to create the greys for the text was terrible, and you could see dots with the naked eye.
  8. A room with a red carpet and screens with oriental decorations.
  9. The material retained on each sieve screen is weighed in turn.

Meaning of Screen & Screen Definition